XDiary - what it is

XDiary is your personal organizer that combines the functions of a desktop calendar, an appointment book and an alarm clock. XDiary will help you keep track of your meetings, appointments and plan your time.

XDiary is a Motif/X Windows application which allows you to manage one or more calendars with a 'few clicks with the mouse'.

XDiary can be used as a stand-alone tool but it also contains all the functions necessary to be used as a group calendar. As a group calendar, XDiary will help you to plan meetings, distribute information to specific groups etc.

XDiary contains the following:

See the README file for technical details about XDiary Version 3.0.1.

XDiary - what it looks like

Main window

Image of main window

Day view

Image of day view

Appointment editor

Image of appointment editor

There are many other windows which are not shown here.

XDiary - how it evolved

Nobody could describe the history of XDiary better than the author, Roger Larsson.

XDiary has a long history as an internal IBM tool. I started developing XDiary in January 1990, the goal was to learn Xt/Motif programming and to provide the AIX installation in the IBM Research Laboratory in Rueschlikon, Switzerland with a calendar program.

A first version was running in March and released within the laboratory. Most of the users were positive and lots of useful feedback was provided. My manager at that time, Ernst Rothauser encouraged me to continue working on XDiary (on my spare time :-), and after some enhancements, it was released internally within IBM.

A few more people and IBM sites picked up XDiary and even more feedback dropped in and I continued enhancing XDiary. The tool was also noticed by people outside of IBM but since it was still 'IBM Property', it could not be released outside of IBM and it was not clear what IBM wanted to do with it. After lots of going back and forth, it was decided in August 1993 that XDiary could be released to 'registered users' and XDiary was for the first time distributed outside IBM (at least officially).

In spring 1994, I decided to leave IBM for another job (with a bank this time). Since XDiary still belonged to IBM, it was left with the company but this time without a "parent". IBM still didn't know what to do with XDiary and in September I was offered the ownership of XDiary and it was mine again!

The problem was that at this time, I was pretty "tired" of XDiary and didn't have the energy to do anything and it was just sitting there. Finally, during the winter of 1994-1995, I started to look at what would be needed to release it to the public domain. After fixing a few bugs and re-packaging XDiary, the result is now what rests on your hard-disk. If you decide to compile and install XDiary, you can also enjoy the results.

As you see, XDiary has a long history but now it starts a new life as a surfer of the (still almost free) Internet.

Happy XDiarying from

Roger Larsson
Thalwil, Switzerland, February 1995

XDiary - where you get it

XDiary was originally developed by Roger Larsson while he was working at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. It became widely used throughout IBM, and eventually it was made available even to registered users outside IBM. After the author had left IBM, ownership of XDiary was transfered to him.

XDiary software is now owned by the author Roger Larsson <llg@ubszh.net.ch>. IBM makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, nor does IBM assume any liability with respect to the reliability and/or functioning of XDiary and the lack of defects in the program. Also, IBM does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of XDiary.

All questions, proposals concerning improvements etc. shall be sent to the owner directly.

XDiary Version 3.0.1 is in the public domain, and a copy can be obtained, subject to certain restrictions, as specified in the corresponding copyright notice. It is available from the Internet at ftp://ftp.x.org/contrib/office/ (look for xmdiary*), and maintained by the author Roger Larsson <llg@ubszh.net.ch>.

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