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The History of Orangeism

This section details the history of Orangeism in its widest sense dealing with the historical events of the 1688-91 period together with the birth, growth and development of the Orange Order.

The Glorious Revolution
  The events of 1688/1691 in the British Isles.
King William In Ulster
  The story of 12 days in June 1690.
The Williamite Wars
  The campaign of 1688/91 in Ireland.
The Legacy of King William
  The life and times of William III Prince of Orange.
The Orange Institution - The Early Years
  The first 100 years of Orangeism.
The Order's Fight For The Union 1886-1921
  The struggle against Home Rule in Ireland.
Orangeism And The Military
  The Order's role in the service of freedom.
Orange Expansion
  The growth of the Orange Order across the world.
The Orange Institution and the Ulster Unionist Council
  The background to the relationship between the Order and the U.U.C.

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