Oil Field Days

 oil rig, dawn

By popular demand, some images from my days in the oilfield.

I used to work in the oil field. I spent six years--from March 1980 to June 1986--employed by Schlumberger/The Analysts., later Anadrill. Anadrill is an oilfield service company, and I worked for them on wells in the Gulf of Mexico region. I was mainly offshore Texas, but also worked on some land rigs as well as some out of Lousiana.
I've put these pages together to answer all my friends questions about working out there. It seems to fascinate people, and it's also somewhat difficult to explain what it was like, so I thought I'd create a sort of virtual tour of some of the oil rigs I was on.
Some caveats, though. These pictures are between twelve and fifteen years old. The technology has changed, so don't take this for gospel truth about how things are done today. Also, my recollections are beginning to fade a bit, so forgive me if I confuse the rathole with the mousehole, or the Texas deck with the monkey board.
And yes, the guy with more hair and less fat is me.

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All Photographs unless otherwised noted copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 Phil Gavenda

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