Tantalum capacitors Tantalum capacitors
Tantalum capacitors are essential for the stable supply of electricity in components such as mobile phones and PC's. We meet diverse needs with advanced technologies and a rich product lineup.
Lithium ion rechargeable battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
It is ideal for the use in small and compact mobile component as is has high energy density and high operating voltage. In addition to our variety of lineups, we are developing battery pack with built-in safety circuit.
NeoCapacitor NeoCapacitors
A standard item in broadband application commercialized in response to greater processing speed demand in electrical equipments; the world's first. It has high noise absorbing characteristics and features conductive polymer negative electrode.
Niobium Capacitor Niobium Capacitor

The world's first conductive polymer-type solid electrolytic capacitor fabricated using niobium for its positive electrode and dielectric material.

Supercapacitor Supercapacitor
Electric double layer capacitor available in small size with high capacitance. They are utilized in OA, A&V; equipment and telecommunication equipment as environmentally safe back-up power supply.
Proton polymer battery Proton polymer battery
Based on NEC TOKIN's original design concept, we have developed a new battery device Proton polymer battery using conductive polymer for electrodes.
Hypercapacitor Hypercapacitor
Using the originally developed solid active carbon electrode, high capacitance yet low ESR is realized in this capacitor. It is an energy storage/supply device that can lower the environmental damage, as it uses no heavy metal.

Miniature Relays Miniature Relays
These relays fulfill leading demands for compact and thin, light relays with low power consumption. We are proud of being the word's leading supplier of this product to communications and automotive markets.
Non-contact IC card reader/writer Non-contact IC card reader/writer
This device can be built into various components with low cost. It enables the easy construction of user-friendly non-contact IC card system with easy maintenance.
Connectors Connectors
Metric connectors for printed circuit boards. They are ideal for connection between boards in communication and controlling device that needs high function and high-density packaging.
Non-contact IC tag reader/writer Non-contact IC tag reader/writer
This reader/writer is installed with anti-collision system that enables high-speed identification of multi tags. Tag features thin, food hygiene law qualified material thus making it possible to be utilized in the check out of shops and cafeteria.
Optical network device Optical network device
Commencing with the compact and high performance optical isolator, we lineup optical attenuator, optical isolator and various optical modules. They serve as the backbone of optical networking such as DWDM and optical fiber amplifier.
IC combined magnetic card reader IC combined magnetic card reader
This reader/writer features soft landing contact that reduces the damage to the card. It best suites for the combination system of IC card and magnetic card.
Antenna for mobile phone Antenna for mobile phone
Tokin's multi-band applicable antenna utilizes our originally developed super elasticity alloy, Memoalloy. They are lightweight yet durable against bending and breaking.
Magnetic card reader Magnetic card reader
With in-house developed F2F decoderIC and magnetic head, we lineup highly reliable yet low priced magnetic card reader.
ADSL POTS splitter ADSL POTS splitter
The ADSL POTS splitter enables simultaneous use of telephone and high speed internet linkage using ADSL modem by mixing and separating digital signal and analog signal.
Magnetic card reader terminal Magnetic card reader terminal
Employing various interfaces, this card reader terminal can be connected to any kind of personal computer. Both motor driven auto type and manual type are available.
Non-contact IC card & Room entry/exit management system Non-contact IC card & Room entry/exit management system

IC card can exchange data by just approximating it to the antenna. Its high security and easy operation can be utilized for managing signing in/out and cafeteria system


Memoalloy Memoalloy
Sensitive and highly flexible nickel-titanium alloy "Memoalloy®" holds center stage as the material with many potential that can be applied to many field of technology.
Anechoic chamber Anechoic chamber
We produce easy to use anechoic chamber through the development of high efficiency radio absorber and site design concept based on various standard and regulation.
Permanent magnet Permanent magnet
Our lineup include Lanthanet: a rare earth magnet featuring high-energy-product,Ferrinet: a ferrite magnet featuring high coercivity and plastic magnet that features high workability.
Sensors Magnetic Direct Current Sensor(MDCS®)
“MDCS®”(:Magnetic Direct Current Sensor) is a kind of sensor, which can monitor and detect the current value high-precisely.
Electromagnet/Electromagnet applied product Electromagnet/Electromagnet applied product
Based on the customer's individual demand, NEC Tokin can build excellent industrial and experiment/development electromagnet using our material development, design and production integrated technology.
Sensors Thermal Sensors
NEC Tokin's thermal sensors are curie temperature-based temperature controlling device that utilizes self-developed thermal magnetic material Thermorite.
Ferrite core Ferrite core
In addition to existing material B25 (up to 300kHz), we now lineup coreloss characteristic improved BH1/BH2 (up to 300kHz) and B40(500kHz-1MHz) that are ideal for high frequency range application.
Sensors Sensors
Based on material technologies in magnetic, piezoelectric and optical field, we develop and manufacture thermal sensors such as thermal reed switch, current sensors and magnetic sensor.
Magnetic shield room/ Magnetic shield Magnetic shield room/ Magnetic shield
Featuring one of the best technologies in the world, we design and build various types of magnetic shield room for semiconductor lithography, SEM and biomagnetic measurement.
3D Motion Sensor 3D Motion Sensor
An integration of ceramic gyro, acceleration sensor and terrestrial magnetism sensor, this sensor unit detects the position and the angle of installed unit in real time. It can be connected to Windows PC system via USB.
Transformer/Choke coil Transformer/Choke coil
We lineup various transformers and choke coils such as toroidal structure type with low heat affect to surroundings based on our unique technology.
Piezoelectric ceramics Piezoelectric ceramics
Our piezoelectric ceramic lineup has lead zirconate titanate based Nepec (NPM) and barium titanate based VPT as the material.
EMI countermeasure parts EMI countermeasure parts
We produce wide variety of SMD device, EMC filter, transformer, choke coil, inductor, and noise filter based on our unique material technology.
Piezoelectric inverter for cold cathode tube Piezoelectric inverter for cold cathode tube
We lineup 1W-10W type inverter for LCD back light using piezoelectric transformer. Our integrated technology from material to circuit board realizes high efficiency yet compact and low profile design.
Flex-Suppressor Flex Suppressor and Film Impeder
They are noise suppressors in a form of thin, flexible sheet. Both are highly effective in suppressing the noise in wide, high frequency range that has been impossible for ferrite and ceramic material.
Multilayer piezoelectric actuator Multilayer piezoelectric actuator
Multilayer piezoelectric actuator is a ceramic device that converts electric energy to displacement and mechanical energy. Its application is expected in optical telecommunication field.
Reed switch applied component Reed switch applied component
Commencing with the high reliability reed switch that is made by sealing two ferromagnetic reeds with inert gas, we manufacture reed switch applied products such as proximity switch and shock sensor.
Multilayer ceramic capacitor Multilayer ceramic capacitor
This low temperature sintered, high electric constant ceramic capacitor is world's first to be put in to practical use. It utilizes NEC Tokin's unique low temperature sintering ceramic material. As the temperature characteristics, our lineup includes Y5V, Y5U, X5T, Y5S, BJ and Y5P.