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Thursday, September 18, 2003

12:40PM - bleh

Fox are retarded. The channel has postponed the terror alert bs and has moved on to Hurricane Isabel today. Wow, never saw that coming! And there is a show called Dayside and they have people on the docks of Virginia Beach getting blown around and trying to do a damn report in it. Not only is it a bit stupid, but people in the audience of this show are laughing at anything. They think this guy is trying to be funny when he says "The hurricane is blowing my pants off." Big laughter. Then you see the camera man wipe the lens of the camera with a rag and some people laugh again. What the hell? People really are stupid, arent they? YES! I didnt even need to ask it. Ive known. I hate my brother for liking the channel so much. The whole channel is republican/conservative. Maybe one campaign ad and Colmes are the only things not so "Fox News". Ill take the BBC or the word of mouth anyday.

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Im not sure why people, no, why I do this, but I sometimes have too much faith in people. Like when I expect something will be done or believe in a promise. Recently Ive had to give up on a friend. I hate having to realize that someone is never going to be there again. I just found out today and it sucks. Id wait forever as long as I got the impression they cared, but they dont. So thats that. Never again I suppose. Anyway, I didnt do much today but play some video games, do the laundry, and go down to Coralville with Craig and Matt to eat. Tomorrow I should be getting a check from Mike tomorrow in the mail, which isnt going to last that long at all. Mike and I have a sort of plan for me living in Seattle. Mike got the okay from Amy, their other roommate, but Im not sure if he will get to Travis any time soon. Amy sounds really nice indeed. Mikes friend Lynzie is really cheerful as well, which I like, but she also steps up to the honest plate, which rocks. Travis mentioned to me before that he wouldnt like a fourth roommate, but we will see. I guess everyone has been positive about me moving there. It is supposed to be easy enough to get a job there, so Ill just have enough money to get there and pay the first months rent, maybe a bit more. Maybe I should aim for two months? Yah, probably a good idea, but Ill probably play it by ear. Whats to happen to me? It bothers me when I feel like Im becoming the bad guy, my voice sounds different to everyone, and Im getting emotional while watching movies all at once. Not just movies, childrens anime. Just horrible lately. I dont know whos giving up on who. I get the vibe Kristin is a bit annoyed with me, Toni has been distant, and I think my other friends are sort of becoming scarce as well. Whats going on? Am I the only person that doesnt know something? Bah, I hate being in this shit mood. Ive been really cheerful for the longest time, ya know? I really dont wanna mood my happy mood, but its happening. I guess after having the subject of Thea shoved down my throat, feeling like a real jerk because of it, and at the same time dont care its getting to me. I really dont know what it is. Thea is a decent person, but she brings so much with it. So much I dont know how to deal with. She is very worried about others opinions. To the point where she wont leave the house during the day and she wont ever go out without a fight. She also pretends that nothing is wrong, but then she will let the problem "slip" out of her mouth. Its so irritating! Nothing is wrong, then after she lets it slip, she is messed up openly for a day or two and then she denies it ever happened and pretends all is just fine. I cant even try to compliment and comfort someone that much. Its not that I cant do it at all or even a lot, but if the girl I am with thinks she is disgusting, crazy, and abnormal 24/7, what am I supposed to do? Im not in to committing someone, but I wont dedicate myself to that either. Basically this whole speech is for those who wont let the subject go and want me to get back with her for some reason. Its never going to happen. I promise you. I Janine Garafalo (Back in the day) was cuuute. Great face, let me tell ya. She has the best eyes and lips! anyway, I also wont be set up by anyone. I think thats basically Tims reasoning for it. Wants to be able to tell people that he is the reason for two people getting together. At this rate he is only tempuring the decision Ive made. I wont mention her or this subject again! Done with it and her, and every other girl that smokes regularly. I just cant do it. Oh, did I forget to mention she smoked? I couldnt stand kissing her! Im not lying when I say I just got the shivers. ALL DONE! So now Im just concerned with figuring out what Im going to do with Seattle and myself. It seems Im destined to be a bad guy and have a new start, so maybe I should work from that angle? lol, Im too goofy for that. I think too many things are cute, I sleep on Powerpuff sheets, and I have a panda umbrella with two ears coming out of it. Im like a little kid that swell up....but not in a painful way. Really though, just watch how Janine G's mouth moves. Its great! Hmm, I forgot to mention Alicia was in the hospital and I just got out today after being in there for a few days. She had her gall bladder removed and some problems with her pancreas as well. I was there when she got out of surgery and she looked so horrible. Not sure if it was the drugs or the time she went without food or sleep, but I just found it so hard to look at her. Her friends and her dad we nice. Which makes me wonder....Lately Ive been taking notice of handshakes and strength of hands. Why is it that a man must try to make a stronger grip when he can feel a strong grip on the other end? Is it to show some sort of dominance? It just makes me think to myself that Im fine with my sturdy, firm grip. ugggh, Grease 2! Who ever came up with that pile of crap? Im ashamed to have watched some of it. Ah well. Its getting late. Ive been on for a long time and I should stop.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I think I really want to be in Seattle. Its so dull here! I guess if I ever did something interesting with some different people now and again, Id be fine, but all of the people that want to do something are basically full of shit. Up in Seattle they are having fun, going out, finding jobs easily, and things are working nicely. Here, Im bored, my car is shit, and Im being pressured to move to Virginia, which is the last place I want to live. So I think in November, Ill be heading up to Seattle. Ill be the guy in the living room if I can. Although I will be putting up some walls or something and making a bit of an office for myself if room permits. I will keep the whole bed thing simple. The floor sounds decent and I could see sleeping on a mat or something. Grab a tv here, a dvd player there, or just take my little portable combo and Im done! I dont need much besides a floor to sleep on and a clean ass. LOL, wow how colorful! But seriously people. You must always keep a clean ass. Hmm, perhaps I should also invest in a straight razor for my head shaving. That puppy would make the job a lot easier. Though Id have to shave in the house alone....Id be scared to use it while others were around. Ugggh, that could be messy. So Mikes new roommate has a decent ass indeed, not the best, but what can yah do? Next goal is to get a photo of Sarah and Lynzie to keep around....meooow...actually I havent seen lynzie, but I hear good things. She also mentions kitty ears....nice. So whats the deal? I really dont know. Ill be hanging out a bit with Matt today. Maybe catch a movie, maybe just play a game or two. Wooo, how fun! Id rather be sleeping in Seattle or in the hospital in Hong Kong. INSERT CUTE ICON HERE! I think you can only see it on the friends page though. Well, someone who has me listed as a friend!

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Monday, September 15, 2003

3:17AM - bleh

I really cant stand people who think they know everything. Just because they are in college means that the extra money they are dumping into simple knowledge out of a book gives them the right to be more protentious or something. A person told me today that Buddha himself had faith and desired to reach enlightenment. The persons whos word and life has been a representation of true sight and the world as it is. The person who didnt believe because he didnt need to. The person who didnt believe himself great or any greater than anyone else. There are stories on top of stories about how people will never reach Englightenment by trying. A young monk was kneeling and another monk walked up and asked what he was doing. He other monk replied he was meditating to reach enlightenment. The older monk sat down next to him and started polishing a tile. When the young monk asked what he was doing, the old monk said he was going to polish the tile into a mirror. The young monk said no matter how long he sat there polishing the tile, it would never be a mirror. And the older monk told him that it was just the same with his meditation. You cant desire or make any attempts to become englightened. Englightenment is realization. AHA! To be able to see things as they are, even if they would normally be hidden to someone who wasnt able to see. To have someone BELIEVE they were right about Buddha having beliefs and faith and that the teaching of the Buddha Dharma are about the desire to reach enlightenment and the false hope of belief mixed in is almost an insult. I dont mind admitting Im wrong. When Im wrong. I also got in a debate with this person over christ, his death, and the religion to follow. I dont know everything about it, but I made that clear when I said I read this and and I saw that. Ive read the bible, but read it from the outside. A story book. I could have given him/her credit for their knowledge on that. But when you tell me that the englightened got their due to their faith, belief, and desire, I cant take that sitting.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.

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Friday, September 12, 2003


Lastly, I should mention that broken promises are annoying. Its not that I really care about gifts on my birthday, but I think many people say they are giving me gifts just to say it. Ya know? Like oh its his birthday, better tell him now and perhaps he will forget sometime along the line and forgive me now for not having one. Jeezy people, just dont say anything if you arent going to get me something. It will show better on your character for future encounters. But I think Ive got a sibling and friend or two that just say stuff like that so they sound nice. Besides the whole gift thing, broken plans are really annoying too. If you say we are going to do something, if you say youre gonna call, just do it. Or have a good reason beside my mom wants this and I didnt wake up that. Oh and I miss Seattle a bit. But I think I will remain here for a while. I dont feel like moving to a place where Id have to commit to 3 other people and deal with new surroundings all at once. I think I should stick it out here until things develop more.

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Did a bit of a workout tonight. situps, stomach rolls, and pushups. Over 50 pushups. I dont really keep count after I do a bit of em. I also am interested in joining a Tai Chi class. I hear there is a good one for just 20 bux a month in town. Im not sure if thats the correct price, but I will probably join anyhow. Im not very interested in Hapkido because it is a defensive art and the way the class runs, it seems it doesnt prepare you to defend yourself as well as you would like to believe. There is no sparring in class and all the practice is quite slow. I worry that if I took it and really had to defend myself, I would be greatly disappointed when I couldnt move properly. I believe Tai Chi would teach me something more valuable. It could also open up more to me. Its a very patient and fluid art, so I could gain health and knowledge from it and perhaps learn how to defend myself as well along the line.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

10:51PM - bleh

Today was a pretty okay day. I woke up at 10am and stayed up all day! Matt got here and we got Hardees for lunch. When we got back, it was long before UPS showed up with my Game Boy player for GameCube, and with my package. In the package I got a Crisp Choco, a free box of fortune cookies, a tin of mooncakes, The new Studio Ghibli movie "The Cat Returns", and a free t-shirt for being one of their most careless customers. I do spend quite a bit of money there and I have for years now. The Cat Returns was sooooooo cute and funny! We were both laughing and crying so hard because of the silly and unexpected humor in the movie. I really enjoyed it a lot. And the animation was fantastic. After hanging out with Matt for a bit, he had to leave cos his completely lame sister was crying over her own stupid mistake. She saw a warning on her pc warning her that she didnt have any space left on her hard disk, but she chose to ignore it. 20 pages later on her lame mystery novel, she saves and turns off her pc. She returns and finds that its not there anymore. So she freaks out, cries, and calls the world about it. I would have been more sympathetic if it didnt happen due to her own stupidity. But yah, Matt had to leave because of it and he went to comfort her. Im over it, but its a bit annoying cos something always has to pull Matt away from something he is doing and its always his family. After he left and Gabe stopped over because he heard I wasnt staying in Seattle and was back in town, and was stopping to confirm the rumor. After Matt and he left, Anthony got home and we headed to Gabes to grab him and then we went to Hapkido class. I just watched. Anthony tested for yellow belt and Gabe pressured me a little bit to join the class. I am oddly flexible and am not bothered by pressure points and such. I might give in, but I dunno. I think tomorrow I may treat myself to a movie. I really dont wanna go alone, but what else can I do? Im always bored. Prolly catch Matchstick Men tomorrow. I cant wait for Underworld though!! Damn it, come out!!!!

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12:21AM - lalalalaaa

Today I didnt do much but hang out. I went out with Craig, got some Wendys, did my laundry, catch up on emails and such, but nothing much past that. I got in a bit of a sudden IM conversation with the lovely Toni and then talked on the phone with Mike for a few, then got on the phone with Kristin for a while. Its great talking to her. Something about that girl....yummmmm. Anyway, she was kind and tired tonight, but normally Im dodging teasing attacks from her, which is actually pretty cool. I like evil, brutal people. Shes all kinds of fun. She wants to have me check out a Chinese Buffet in IC, but not sure Ill like it as much as she does. She also mentioned having Aoshe, which sounds damn good to me as I havent had it and it is Japanese. But yah. My only plans tomorrow are to stay at home all day until I get a package from UPS and then Matt will be coming over sometime tomorrow to hang out. Im only taking my car out for interesting rendevouz and the like until I have my brakes fixed. Yup, my car is the bitch of the automotive world. CIAO!

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Saturday, September 6, 2003

11:33PM - Ah, not much time.

Today was an ok day. Nothing too special, but still a bit of fun. We got up, had breakfast, which for me consisted of some interesting Chinese/Japanese snacks. It really upsets me that I purchase 1 of the things I enjoy the most. Ramune Drink is the most tasty drink for sale! Also peach soda. YUMMMM! After that, we wasted an hour trying to get something Mike needed from a guy who promised it to him, but didnt follow through. Then we went to Tims, Sarahs, and Nikis. Lemme tell ya, those sisters are nummy themselves. Wish Niki talked a bit more, but Sarah is so cute and polite. All of us, plus two other guys went out. We went down to the coast and walked around a bit after purchasing tickets to the Seattle Underground. We saw two mummies and a muffified rat as well. Oh, that wasnt in the underground, but this odd collecters shop. They had the mummies, shrunken heads and such, but I found some OLD Chinese coinage. It was awesome to see. I wish I could have some. It was stuff that youd only see in movies and hasnt been used for hundreds of years at least. The tour was ok, but just the Historical stories really kept me interested. Actually being there only played a small part. There is quite a bit down there and people probably dont know what they are walking on and all the history of Seattle. Its really interesting. After that we got some food and beer and rented "O Brother! Where Art Thou?" which is an awesome movie. We then came home and that is that. Im about to go to bed and hopefully waking up to a wonderful last day in Seattle.

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Around noon or so we headed up to Canada. Mike, Tim, Travis, and I. I was a bit annoyed on the trip for a bit cos of the endless talking and annoying music. Im very picky with my music indeed. The border control going in was bullshit. They need passports or birth certificates and I left both in Iowa. Mike had his, but the others didnt have either. Besides the extended stay at the line office due to that, the first two people we delt with were total asses. Worst and rudest people ever. Inside the country was another story. Vancouver is great! I wanna visit there a bit if I get to move here. They have lovely Asian people and awesome Asian stores, of which I paid a lot of attention to. I picked up close to $40 on stuff in one store. Sodas, candies, chopsticks, snacks, etc. Fun stuff. I visited my very first Hooters, where only a couple sets of breasts were noteworthy, but omg to the asses in that joint. Yummmmmm! I am all about it! We visited a Virgin music store, a little cafe/bar by the water and the best thing was say "Hey piss off America!" and bought and smoked a Cuban Cigar. wooo. It wasnt the best, but the actual smoking offered us a bit of liberation. Also! Mountain Dew, which I normally hate, looked a bit different to me and damnit it tastes SOOOOO much better in Canada. I really enjoyed it. I could see spending more time there if I get my passport or birth certificate up here. I really think there is a chance of me living here. It was a decent day. Tomorrow will be Dim Sum day and then we will be takeing a Puget Sound Ferry and then hopefully hitting the Seattle Underground. Space Needle? Nah, not unless we get done with everything else and get bored. Monday I would like to have a simple dinner amoungst friends or maybe just a movie night to say goodbye to Mike, Tim and Travisti Executive...IIll miss them, but I hope we can work something out to where I can stay with them if I choose to live here. Ill be home Tuesday night.

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Friday, September 5, 2003

4:26AM - Seattle and the such...

The trip up here was lousy. I drove for just a third of the trip, but it really seemed like I got the bad hours and areas to drive through. Wyoming and Montana through the pitch black, with no street lights and the worst set of headlights in production. I was terrified for a while at night because of the sudden turns I had to make and not being sure what was coming next. I really havent done much up here besides hang out and help Mike with stuff. Driving around to pick up stuff and getting him settled. Im not complaining, but it wears me out. Today he got a King Size water tube bed, which is a bit of hell to set up. We hung out with Tim every night so far, and its pretty great. He has some awesome roommates and its nice to relax over there. Watched Kingpin and True Romance tonight, both great movies. Tomorrow we are going to Vancouver, Canada, which is just 2-3 hours away. We are going to spend a bit of time there and then come back and do a bit of sightseeing in Seattle as well if we find the time. Space Needle, Seattle Underground, etc. Tonight there was a huge accident on I-5 and because the roads were so unpopulated, we got to go in the reverse direction on the freeway! Its just nice to say Ive done it. I was a bit annoyed tonight when a pot conversation came up. Hey, do it if you want, but I dont think its conversation worthy. The legalization of marijauana isnt going to happen in this country. Yes it may happen in Canada and it is legal is Amsterdam and fuckle else, but it wont be here and Im glad. Its because other countries are populated differently and also have an entire different set of laws, rules, and upbringings. They can handle wine at 6 and nudity right off, but we are so damn immature about shit like that. People in other countries glance at what we stare at. If you think you need pot, youre rediculous. Maybe if people didnt give a shit, they might actually get what they wanted. I dont see the big complaint anyway. The stuff is practially legal and any other law doesnt even matter until you get caught for being stupid. No one is going to get busted for smoking pot in their home unless they are careless. Maybe if people wouldnt include the drug at loud raves with underage drinking and a fight their chances of enjoying what they want so much would be legal. I cant stand people even bringing up the legalization of pot. Ask five people tops and youll get some. Its not hard to get, its not hard to keep secret, but it is stupid to bring it with you through an airport or any other public place with security. Personally, Id not do the drug. I dont need an escape, I know other ways to relax, and Im plenty of fun without it. Like I said, I wont be bothered by people who do it, but I dont want to be around it and I really dont want to hear about dogshit complaints about it not being legal. Oh, its not a medicine either. I guess I wouldnt be complaining about it right now if Mike and Tim decided to end the conversation as soon as I offered rebutle for their point. I know people who say they need it to take off the edge they have, and some people who want to just have some fun, but as soon as they find their own personal reason, they stop. Bah, this entire subject is retarded. It wont be legalized cos it has been legalized! Just smoke it and shut up. Besides that stuff, Ill be going back to China Town (which is for some reason called the International Discrict even though there arent really any other cultures mixed in) and having Dim Sum hopefully by Monday. Ill be returning to Iowa on Tuesday and getting home late that evening. Thank you.

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Monday, September 1, 2003

3:33AM - Longest night ever....beh

Ive got a bad feeling right now...bah I hate when I get this feeling...each time I do there is an accident, someone ends up sick or there is a big mistake to happen. Im not going to curse myself by thinking of it because it could pass, but I have that feeling right now. Anyway, this is a most horrible night. Im basically here alone at Mikes place. Well, Dani's place more than anything now. Mike IS leaving it. Im not really alone I guess, but they are both sleeping and I cant sleep for several reasons. I hate sleeping on the floor, I want to sleep but arent tired, and I have to stay awake so we can have proper driving shifts...Mike takes the first leg for 8-10 hours, then I get the second leg, than he will probably take the final leg unless we want to be creative. I will be spending the next 30 hours driving from Iowa to Seattle. Bleh, but hey I get to fly back! We are renting...teeheehee, a power modulator for the car and some rf connectors from Best Buy so we can use my dvd player and also play PS2 games on it. Just a few games though. Only interested in playing Final Fantasy X but cant because I dont have my memory card, so that leaves me with playing Tekken 4, which is doable for a bit. We have quite a few movies and I brought some good stuff, so it should all be good. BAH! Im so bored! Stinkin Kristin with an I was too busy for me, so ick....well, cant expect her to be up at 3am or whatever, but still grrr because I want to pretend. Ive been watching Kodomo No Omocha (Childs Toy) on Mikes pc and have been somewhat entertained, but Ive been at it since like 10pm and am about worn out. Excellent anime too! Im on episode 12 right now. Ill be on 16 when its time to leave unless I can find something else to do. yup, Mike wants to sleep till 5am so he gets enough sleep and so I will be ready to pass out and sleep in the car...bah...fat chance of that...Ill be covered in the sun! Im cranky right now I guess. But nevermind me....just want to sleep. Ill be back home on September 9th at 10:45pm. So feel free to meet me at the Cedar Rapids Airport then! lol, yeah right....

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Sunday, August 31, 2003


So here I go...To Seattle on Tuesday. Only for a week though. I just wanna have a bit of fun and if finances allow, Ill be heading up to Alaska, or at the very least, Canada. I love Canadians. Why? I dont have a flippin clue. Just a strange attraction I suppose. Tegan and Sara rock my socks. Anyway, Im going up and hopefully will get to see a lot of cool stuff and Im gonna get some Cherry Blossoms to press and bring back. Maybe even not press some. I love em! MIKE, dont forget to remind me! Also I hope to see crater lake and a Starbucks! WOOO! haha, right, as if anyone alive hasnt seen a Starbucks. Anyway, Ill be returning on the 9th. byebye till then! Well I may still get to update this and chat now and again with people, but Ill expect emails!

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My brother mentioned last night that he had a present for me but just didnt pick it up today. Well today, he picked up Soul Calibur 2. Im not sure if he intended it to me my present or not, but ever since he had it home he has been playing it. Thats six hours straight, and Ive been trying to nap for the longest time, but he has been swearing his head off as he sucks at the game after playing it for an entire quarter day! If this is the gift he intended for me, he is a really lousy person. Just a bit lousier than before. I didnt want the game or any game in the first place, nor did I ask for anything, but it would be pretty lame...

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2:23PM - my birthday

Last night was pretty fun. Mike and I went to the restaurant and found that we didnt need to wait very long at all as they had everything set up for us. We went shopping at a video game store and then Target, but then went back to the restaurant after that. Everyone was a bit late, but some people were right on time, or even early! I was worried that people wouldnt show up, but all but two did! The best part was that Cj came. I was happy to see her there. Luke had me worrying that she was going to a festival in another state for my birthday even though she told me she would be there. I was worried, but Luke told me that she called and said she was coming. I really know I am important to her because she always is kind to me and wouldnt break a promise to me. It was great that so many people were there. There was soooooo much food and they also toasted me, which was a bit of alright, even though I really didnt wish to toast myself. I was completely full after all the sushi, so I had to finish as much of my food as I could and Luke, the bottomless pit of a man, ate many of peoples left, it is so horrible to think of the stomach problems he must have. I received only a couple of gifts, but they were nice. lol, I received more promises of gifts than gifts, but it doesnt matter. I got a gift card for Target from Matt, mints (hmm) and a robo-panda from Mike. lol, its name is chop and is a bit scary/cute at the same time! And lastly a movie from Luke. I really never ask for gifts and it is unimportant to me. Better to have friends than own a toy. After the dinner everyone chatted for a bit and played with Chop, but everyone soon parted. I wish I could spend a bit of time with Cj and everyone else, but it didnt work out quite as well. Mike, Luke, and I rented some movies and had a realllllllly good time watching Bowling for Columbine at Lukes. We had a looooong discussion as the movie went on, but also even longer after the movie ended. Mike left and Luke and I watched They. They was a dumb, pointless movie. That was my evening. It was a fun time at dinner with friends. Ive had worse.

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2:04PM - Me doing this?

Things about Mike

Name: Mike
Nicknames: Really dont have any....
Born: August 30
Born in: Kansas, US
Good student?: For a time!
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Shoe size: 12 US

Last time you...
Had a nightmare: yesterday while napping, but it wasnt that bad, someone just took our reservations for dinner --_--
Dyed your hair: 2 years ago
Brushed your hair: hehe, dont have enough to brush right now. Im a bit shaved bald!
Washed your hair: well I shampoo even though I dont have much on top at the moment. Last night.
Checked your e-mail: minutes ago.
Cried: sad cry, last april. happy cry? perhaps a few weeks ago.
Called someone: 1 hour earlier.

Smiled: not long ago
Laughed: 3am or so with Luke.

Do You ..

Smoke?: never
Do drugs?: never
Drink?: just a bit, but rarely.
Sleep with stuffed animals?: VERY rarely
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: When I am very sick, I sometimes do. I also have a lot of celebrity dreams.
Remember your first love?: Saw her last night.
Read the newspaper?: Nope.
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Both
Consider love a mistake?: I can be, but Im always careful.
Like the taste of alcohol?: umm, just a few types, but mostly no.
Believe in God?: Nono, much prefer philosophy.
Pray?: No
Go to church?: No
Have any secrets?: Not many I keep.
Have any pets: 1 cat, 3 hamsters and kinda a rabbit, though it isnt kept here.
Wear hats?: In cold weather, Ill wear my Kangal hat!
Have any piercings?: nope
Have any tattoos?: Sometimes think of getting one, but it must be very special to me. Nothing in the moment.
Hate yourself?: Sometimes I think it, but dont think I really do.
Have a secret crush?: Yup
Have a best friend?: I really dont like to say it, but Luke is probably it. Though I have many other close friends.
Like your handwriting?: lol, no!
Have any bad habits?: Sometimes sleep very little and never really think of it.
Care about your looks?: I worry about my hands not being strong and my lips not being nice.
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: Personality is so much more important. I think attraction can change easily.
Believe in witches?: Not as most people think of them, but yes.
Believe in Satan?: Nope.
Believe in ghosts?: Yes, and Im completely terrified of seeing one! Im such a wuss...

[ Dress ] black t-shirt and blue boxers
[ Mood ] Not bad at all.
[ Make-up ] haha, never
[ Music ] Soul Calibur 2 music...
[ Hair ]
[ Smell ] Nothing
[ Book ] When you Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden, by Bill Maher
[ Worry ] future with career and family.

Last Person:

[ You Talked to ] My brother
[ You Hugged ] Toni, she dressed in something quite nice for me last night!

[ You Instant messaged ] Shisei!
[ You Yelled At ] lol, really yelled? haha, I would take assault to get me upset....
[ You Had A Crush On ] Not sure.
[ Who Broke Your Heart ] Myself seems to be the correct answer.
[ You Kissed ] Dont want to talk about it...

[ Food ] Chinese and Japanese food.
[ Color ] Black, dull grey-blue, blending greens
[ Candy ] Gummies and gumdrops? (Like dots) and Bit-O-Honey, but I rarely have it. People always steal my bit-o-honey....
[ Animal ] Dolphins, penguins, pandas
[ TV Show ] Real Time with Bill Maher, Coupling, Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
[ Movie ] Not so simple. I like many, but hate many more.
[ Song ] So much by Faye Wong and Ben Folds.
[ Vegetable ] potato, tomato, carrot
[ Fruit ] Mango, lychee, Orange.
[ Cartoon ] Miyazaki movies, South Park, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangalion

Who do u want to..
[ Kill ] eeek, no no no.
[ Slap ] Really dont think I could do it.
[ Tickle ] Oh no, its something I hate and its very painful!
[ Talk To ] CJ and Emily.

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

1:26AM - laaaaaa

Two happy birthdays so far. The first and most special I think will be from my friend Tim. He called me from Seattle to wish me a happy birthday and was on the phone with me purposely waiting for the minute. Pretty cool of him. Then Alicia, Gabes ex who seems rather flirtatious recently, and also a bit drunker as the night went on, wish me the same. I do really well at parties and get togethers. My honesty isnt something everyone likes, but it comes into use when Im in such circles. Adam Witlatch, or who we like to call "The Latch" likes its some horrible STD because he is so dirty, made a fuss about how Gabe never uses the bathroom at his apartment. After Gabe went through this whole thing about how he was trying to be polite and all, I called em on bullshit for his long winded story. I told Adam the reason I wouldnt use it is because they are some dirty bastards. Plain and Simple. Ive heard some horrible stories indeed, but have witnessed his dwellings myself as well. Not pretty. We really didnt spend too much time there because my brother was tired and because Gabes roommate seems to be sort of crazy when he gets drunk. He gets upset easily and he really like drama. Bah, I hate drama. Anyway, tomorrow...rather today, is the day. I must organize my own birthday party, which doesnt bother me. Its cool so many people will come together for me. I suppose inviting everyone who wants to come to Three Samurai would be a good idea? Well, why not? Stop by after 6:30 if youre interested. Not sure who reads this who would anyhow. Well, perhaps 1-2 people who werent invited. If you wanna get a hold of me before 4:30 call me at 366-4323, or after at 621-6759. lol, Im sure Mike wont care. We will probably be going to the bars in IC or heading up to a place to get together and have a bit of fun.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

6:31PM - erm

Tomorrow sounds like it will be a mess. Dont know if Cj and Josh are going, but it seems Ive got more people than expected. Ive got to get a table for 15 tomorrow. Me, Gabe, Mike, Matt, Melinda, Anthony, Cailinn, Luke, Melissa, Craig, Shannon, Thomas, and Toni are definately coming. Thats thirteen without any questionables. Well, I suppose Matt is. Because he is a pushover and gets no respect at work, he has gone as far as paying someone to work for him. Its his fault as much as it is bullshit. Sometimes youve got to say no and sometimes you need to disagree. I really dont know what the plan is past dinner tomorrow. Will it be the bars? I doubt it. Really dont know if Im in the mood to be in such a crowded hot place after filling up with sake and sashimi. Id like to get together somewhere, but we dont have a place to do that yet. Ill ask the peeps tomorrow. You know what sounds good? Well if anyone is looking to get me a gift for my birthday, which if you havent guessed is tomorrow, get me like 12 large bottles of Orangina. YUMMMMMM!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

2:12PM - I have writers block for titles...

Bah, Three Samurai says they cant take reservations for 12 in regular seating. Which means that we will either have to sit at the frying tables or someone will have to go really early to get a table at 5-6 pm for 12 people. bah....I guess it will have to be me. Unless people agree to the frying table, Im gonna call ahead of time and then go in as soon as I can. I was planning to do it at 7pm, but looks like it will have to be earlier. Lately all Ive done is play RO. Im getting really friggen tired of it. I have been actually annoyed with the game recently. bah, Kristen needs to quit closing windows! Ive given her my number a few times and she finds a way to close the window! Here it is! Where it shall live forever! 366-4323. :0P She is probably scared of losing a debate. mwahahaha... Annnnyyywaaayy...I am gonna go take a shower with the works. Shower, Shave, Face cleansing. ya know...the works.

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