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Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! There is a broken FreeDOS installer on the CD-ROM that is shipped with ASUS P4PE motherboards: Technote196

2003-09-13 - We are currently in a "patch and cleanup" cycle. Aitor has updated the "TODO" list of things that seem missing. See the v.1.0 TODO list.

2003-09-01 - Bernd Blaauw has released the FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release 2 distribution. Get it at ibiblio.

2003-08-25 - New Creations has updated their custom distribution of FreeDOS: The FreeDOS NC3 is available for download. Note that FreeDOS.org is not associated with New Creations - if you have problems ordering your NC3 distribution, you should contact the New Creations Webmaster.

2003-07-14 - Steve Nickolas posted FreeDOS ODIN 0.4 on ibiblio. FD-ODIN is a one-disk installation of FreeDOS.

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Sep 23 2003 by aitor
DISPLAY/PRINTER 0.09 drivers are ready. As you know, these enlarge existing devices with Codepage capabilities (currently no PRINTER binary, only DISPLAY binary in the form of a TSR, but both share sources).
It comes with a MODECON.EXE utility to interact with it, and with the reduced codepage pack 1.20 by Henrique Peron.
Features: hardware adapters supported: EGA, VGA, LCD; better documentation, status information and error reports; you choose the buffer to fill; interaction with other DOS components: KEYB, PRINT, GRAFTABL, ARABIC/HEBREW; you can specify subfonts to save resident memory
You can download it at binary and source.

PC INSPECTOR e-maxx and FreeDOS
Sep 22 2003 by jhall
Todd Brown wrote: From the web site: "PC INSPECTOR e-maxx is the new professional data deletion program from CONVAR. Using the new direct DMA support, data can be deleted from hard drives in high speed mode with speeds up to 3.3 GB per minute" and "PC INSPECTOR e-maxx also meets the strict deletion requirements of the US military" and uses the FreeDOS kernel!

FreeDOS kernel 2032 is released
Sep 21 2003 by jhall
Bart Oldeman writes: FreeDOS kernel 2032 is out: (web site) some features and bugs fixed: * Fix bug #1670 (unexpected crash on ctrl-break) * Fix bug #1702 (fprintf(stdprn,...) calls output to screen) * Use local disable/enable A20 instead of global disable/enable A20 (fixes problems with NIOS, bug #1456) * Fix input buffer overflow that caused problems with GNU patch * Fix problem with GRUB for DOS * Fix problem with xmsdsk on ram drives > 32MB * New sys 2.8 which allows to relocate boot sectors and to boot a partition beyond 8 GiB, and with metakern detection. * New ability to use fullscreen boot menus (using MENUCOLOR, see config.txt) * Writing to the console now only checks for ctl-s/ctl-c once for every 32 characters (much faster in certain configurations) This release has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

The stable UDMA v2.9 is out
Sep 20 2003 by jhall
Lucho writes: Jack and I are proud to announce the first stable, multi-chipset compatible release of the GPL-ed UDMA driver for DOS, available at my site. This version (2.9) has a vastly improved compatibility. It has been tested and found to work on the following "south bridges": Intel FW82371AB/EB, 82801AA, FW82801BA, 82801DB; VIA VT82C686B, VT8235; SiS SiS5513; ALi M5229. We hope it successfully runs on many others, as long as they support UltraDMA (ATA-33 to ATA-133). Please let us know if it runs on other "south bridges" so we can update our hardware compatibility list. Thanks in advance, and... enjoy your full sustained hard disk data transfer rate in DOS! The UDMA driver has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

flat assembler 1.49
Sep 18 2003 by jhall
Tomasz Grysztar writes to announce: The latest release of flat assembler is now available also as a completely separate DOS package - the new version of interface layer for DOS allows it to run both in real and protected mode (for the second one DPMI services are needed), it also supports now the long file names (where available). As it is no longer combined with the Win32 console version (which has been moved to separate package), the size of executable is smaller, and only DOS-related example sources are provided. Download it from the official website.

FreeDOS in the news
Sep 15 2003 by jhall
Thomas Hirsch writes: Just found FDOS mentioned and distributed with a German PC magazine named COM! (which claims to reach 707.000 readers). They distribute 2 CDs with the magazine. One of them holds 'PC Inspector Clone Maxx 1'. In an article about this product, it's mentioned that the bootdisk uses FreeDOS. At their product page there is a FreeDOS image linked to FreeDOS.org.

OpenWatcom 1.1 released
Sep 14 2003 by jhall
Lucho writes that OpenWatcom 1.1 compiler is out and available for download since the beginning of this month. From the OpenWatcom site: Open Watcom C/C++ and FORTRAN provides a comprehensive development environment with the tools, SDK's, and libraries you need to create powerful 16- and 32- bit applications for popular PC platforms. Open Watcom C/C++ and FORTRAN supports a wide range of host and target platforms including Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000/XP, OS/2, extended DOS and Novell Netware. This impressive platform support is amplified by the powerful cross-platform capabilities of the IDE and tools, which enable building applications for a wide range of target environments from any of the host systems. For example, from Windows XP you can build and debug Windows 98, 32-bit DOS and 32-bit OS/2 applications, in addition to Windows XP applications. This extensive cross-platform support helps you to exploit the capabilities of your host platform. Yes, OpenWatcom supports 16- and 32-bit DOS.

FreeDOS32 0.0.2 is out
Sep 13 2003 by jhall
Salvo Isaja (of our sister project, FreeDOS32 - a 32-bit version of FreeDOS) makes this announcement: We have just released FD32 0.0.2, our second alpha release. Both binary (floppy image) and source distributions are available through our SourceForge.net project page, based on the latest CVS. The floppy image contains GNU GRUB, FD32 kernel and drivers, Centroid's COMMAND.COM replacement, and of course the FreeDOS kernel and FreeCom from BETA9 if you want to start the 32-bit kernel from FreeDOS. More informations on FreeDOS32 on the web site. This is a bugfix version: we have experienced file system corruption problems that now should be fixed. Moreover we have enabled support for changing the current directory and hacked several internal things. Not very much more than release 0.0.1 from user's point of view, but our work is going on. Again, a word of warning to those who want to try FD32: it is still in a very early stage and may be unstable and dangerous for your data. Anyway, testers, coders and suggestions are welcome.

New floppy-sized FreeDOS distribution
Sep 13 2003 by jhall
Kristaps Kaupe writes: I want to inform that I have created a new FreeDOS distribution that fits into single floppy. It uses 2 MB RAM disk and have basic TCP/IP networking capabilities (but you should manually add packet driver of your NIC to diskette). Bootable FreeDOS (mirrored at ibiblio) contains most of FreeDOS base stuff, except: assign, ATAPICDD (hanged on Bochs with no-IDE), comp (FC can be used to compare files), DISPLAY, edline, EMM386/HIMEM, exe2bin, FASTHELP (I used my own .bat version), fdxms286, Graphics, HTML help, MKEYB, nansi (hanged up under Bochs!!!), shsucdx, mirror/unformat, xkeyb. Then I added basic packet driver utils (pktchk, pktstat, pkttraf, pktwatch and termin), some WatTCP utils (ping, rexec, tcpinfo, tcpport) and SSHDOS utils (ssh2dos, scpdos, telnet). Additional information in technote156.

FreeDOS in books
Sep 13 2003 by jhall
Matthias Paul wote: I just stumbled upon a book mentioning FreeDOS (among many other operating systems like OS/2, BeOS, various Unix, BSD, Linux, etc.) in several places and thought I would post it here as a reference: "The Multi-Boot Configuration Handbook - The extensive and easy- to-follow guide to optimum multi-operating system performance" by Roderick W. Smith (Que, ISBN 0-7897-2283-6, printed 2000-04, ca. 640 pages + CD-ROM, ca. 40,- USD) ... However, what makes it different from many other similar treatises of the topic is that the author mentions some of the differences found in other DOS implementations and specifically mentions DR-DOS 7.03 specialities in quite many places, and also has a few paragraphs about FreeDOS (Beta 3) including its Free FDISK as well as about IBM's PC DOS 2000.

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