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Sex Cheating Makes Marriage Stronger

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People near death see silver cord

We live in digits of pi

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Time travel experiment

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(10/02/03) Captivating woman in front of mysterious animal corpse, for no apparent reason. (Readers can GUESS what animal it is.)

(10/02/03) Biological basis for creativity linked to mental illness. Creative people, like Reality Carnival readers, are open to environmental stimuli

(10/02/03) Slow Wave: a collective dream diary authored by different people, and drawn as a comic strip

(10/01/03) Psychedelic fusion anomaly mesmerizes viewers

(10/01/03) Golan Levin has determined the relative popularity of every integer between 0 and one million

(10/01/03) Return to Eden: Tele-robotics allows us to interact with a remote garden filled with living plants

(09/30/03) Today's hot book: Ecstasy Club: A Novel by Douglas Rushkoff

(09/30/03) Play with my eye

(09/30/03) Strange happenings in a Singapore mall: Before and After

(09/30/03) Very odd mammal (an "almiqui") found in Cuba

(09/29/03) Severely autistic, mute artist obsessed with detailed cityscapes.

(09/29/03) Jonken Bengvall of Lysergic Labs creates psychedelic art

(09/28/03) Nearly nude women wear duct tape bathing suits for no apparent reason

(09/28/03) Guinea pigs (Phoberomys) the size of buffalos!

(09/28/03) Realistic, simulated ball shatter is prank

(09/27/03) Many men drop balls (demos of normal distribution curves). Try THIS demo or THIS simpler approach.

(09/27/03) Man so in love with Star Wars that he tattoos back with dreams

(09/27/03) Obsessed mathematician spend life writing e (2.718...) as a concatenation of prime numbers

(09/26/03) Man invents unusual game. I loved the guitar playing alien in heaven

(09/26/03) Men sign sex contracts before having sex

(09/26/03) Man colors head for no apparent reason

(09/25/03) Very mysterious "game" enthralls viewers. Cosmic experience

(09/25/03) 300 words that will get the CIA, FBI, and NSA to look at your web page

(09/25/03) Engine noise reveals grotesque, ophidian horror under hood

(09/24/03) Discover yourself with 10-second personality test

(09/24/03) Woman sits on statue for no apparent reason

(09/24/03) Today's hot book: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

(09/24/03) Is the Wizard of Oz a metaphor for drug use?

(09/24/03) Today's hot book: The Mathematics of Oz by Cliff Pickover

(09/23/03) Naked bodies are the canvases in new exhibition

(09/23/03) Psychedelic "inner-space exploration"

(09/23/03) Young man obsessed with apocalyptic numbers of the form 2i (i>0) that contain "666".

(09/22/03) Frenchman builds mysterious, silent UFO to shock friends. You can too

(09/22/03) Enter the cosmic gambling parlor, predict the future, and change humanity's place in the universe

(09/22/03) Odd question of the day: "I have more guys� names tattooed on my body now than the girl�s bathroom wall. My problem is that I�m starting to run out of skin. What should I do?"

(09/21/03) What is a parallel universe?

(09/21/03) Mushroom art

(09/21/03) Exotic eye lenses bring people to a new reality

(09/21/03) Are the "Nephilim" in the Biblical book of Genesis really Neanderthals?

(09/20/03) What is the largest living thing in the world? (Hint: scientific name, Armillaria ostoyae)

(09/20/03) What exactly is Nude Messenger?

(09/20/03) A superior intelligence will emerge in the next few decades

(09/20/03) Today's hot book: DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, MD (Physician opens gateway to parallel universe.)

(09/19/03) Long-haired man makes huge wiry spheroid for no apparent reason

(09/19/03) Toyota car displays emotions of driver on hood, in color

(09/19/03) Man stores wife�s body in freezer so he can bring her back to life

(09/19/03) What is reality, really?

(09/18/03) I love sushi: sushi clocks, robots, machines, fugu, and beyond...

(09/18/03) Oh God, Professor Yancey's Viperfish is definitely not on your sushi plate tonight

(09/18/03) Slovenian rock band mesmerizes world

(09/18/03) Smart wings: birdlike wings on futuristic planes

(09/17/03) Now you can determine a person's gender based solely on their writing. Is your secret admirer really the sex you think he/she is?

(09/17/03) Young Polish woman devotes herself to site listing most important women in history

(09/17/03) Today's hot book: Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck

(09/16/03) Man builds largest watergun collection on Earth

(09/16/03) Nominated for funniest URL name: "All-The-Other-Names-Were-Taken.Com"

(09/16/03) Oh my God! Brains everywhere, even gelatin molds and candy

(09/15/03) Universe is a crystal. Buy it today

(09/15/03) Man invents novel 3-D display useful for science, porn, medicine, & more

(09/14/03) What is the strangest, coolest book title you can find at

(09/14/03) 3-billion-year-old manufactured spheroids baffle scientists

(09/14/03) Rotating discs are an illusion

(09/13/03) Man discovers strange artworks & writings of Leonardo da Vinci, including ideas & images that may disturb

(09/13/03) Man discovers quantum Jesus: the implications of quantum theory on Christianity

(09/13/03) Americans debate whether certain bikinis should be illegal to wear in public. Where do you draw the legal line? (Warning: site for those over 18)

(09/12/03) What is the Bilderberg Group?

(09/12/03) Everything you wanted to know about particle physics

(09/12/03) The Falling Man

(09/12/03) The universe is like a guitar (and a woman is a mandolin)

(09/11/03) Who in the world is Pina Conti?

(09/11/03) I Love sells meat-eating foliage to satisfy hunger of flesh eaters

(09/11/03) Someone is planting bizarre messages on tiles embedded in road surface.

(09/10/03) 189,875 US men and 2550 US females named Jesus

(09/10/03) Science, God, science fiction and Robert Sawyer

(09/09/03) I typed "Atomic Goddess" into Google and found this strange page

(09/09/03) Man makes octopus table. Squids & marine worms are next

(09/09/03) Mysterious math box, with strange properties, confounds philosophers

(09/09/03) I wrote Sushi Never Sleeps, describing alternate-reality New York, whose inhabitants are obsessed with mathematics & sex. Today, Amazon rank is 498,177. Will rank change as result of this headline?

(09/08/03) A person calling himself Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, posted in public forums that he was a time traveler from the year 2036

(09/08/03) I typed DMT GIRL into Google and found this woman. Learn more here

(09/08/03) Young man experiments with mathematical zombie universe

(09/08/03) Are we the galaxy's dumbest civilization?

(09/07/03) Unusual electrical device is controversial

(09/07/03) How many colors do you see?

(09/07/03) Answer 50 questions to learn if you are autistic

(09/06/03) Find the man's head within 3 seconds and you're a genius

(09/06/03) Gabriel's horn shocks mathematicians

(09/06/03) Strange camera

(09/06/03) Is lucid dreaming a gateway to higher realities?

(09/06/03) Man believes the dead can be contacted via telephone, computer, and TV, and offers evidence

(09/06/03) Fetal soap?

(09/06/03) Try hypnosis experiment at bottom. Warning: not for those prone to heart attacks or fainting

(09/06/03) Many men obsessed with vampire numbers

(09/05/03) Unusual, omnipresent tattoos on naked mystery woman stir debate

(09/05/03) When a toilet atop the Sears Tower is flushed, do the contents fall 110 floors?

(09/05/03) Numerous people appear to be dead, for no apparent reason

(09/05/03) Man claims that dozens of martyr miracle-workers named Jesus existed during the time of Jesus

(09/04/03) How many horses can you find in this startling rendition?

(09/04/03) Who is this man? What is his significance? Does he frighten you?

(09/04/03) Man obsessed with strange painter Hieronymus Bosch starts fan site

(09/03/03) Man sucks on Salvia Divinorum and sees god

(09/03/03) Man invents $50, intelligent, robot snails

(09/02/03) Man sells bone jewelry, including human vertebra necklaces

(09/02/03) Young Spanish girls race soporofic snails

(09/02/03) Man makes art out of meat

(09/02/03) Man obsessed with cosine 1 prints 15,000 digits

(09/01/03) World's most captivating tattoo. Warning: do not browse at work. For ages 18 and over.

(09/01/03) Man becomes one with machine (Refresh page to see new image each time.)

(09/01/03) Why do we consider images like this beautiful?

(08/31/03) Do any of you have mysterious prodromic dreams? Learn more here and here.

(08/31/03) Do androids feel pain?

(08/31/03) 300 celebrity atheists, all in one place

(08/30/03) Man places Israeli airplane amidst insects: why?

(08/30/03) We've all heard of "crop circles." Now, a man invents Crop Circles: The Board Game

(08/30/03) After 43 years of blindness, man can see -- but can't recognize his children

(08/30/03) Man prays and sees angel in sky

(08/29/03) Man catalogs every sex goddess known to humanity

(08/29/03) Man obsessed with question: Which came first, chicken or egg?

(08/29/03) Little genius, IQ 200, cuts open cadavers

(08/29/03) Computers will replace humans in the coming hyper-human revolution

(08/28/03) Christian woman embarks on lifelong quest to catalogue all living men who look like Jesus

(08/28/03) Harvard brainiac creates system that evolves beautiful poems through natural selection

(08/28/03) Man invents system that always correctly guesses your gender after you answer 50 quick questions

(08/28/03) Man browses the Web using phone dial

(08/27/03) Point to woman's face. See transformation. Be sure to examine bikini photo as well.

(08/27/03) Man makes world's most unusual cakes

(08/27/03) My favorite female mathematicians, together in one place

(08/27/03) Exotic woman emerges from mummy

(08/26/03) Scientists aim to create world's first conscious robot with apelike vision. Creature evolves as scientists search for signs of consciousness

(08/26/03) Oh no! Scientists say Internet is dying

(08/26/03) Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard

(08/26/03) Geek, obsessed with slide rules, presents his beloved darling here, for no apparent reason

(08/25/03) Man invents novel 3-D pornographic viewer. Click image. Hold arrow key. Naked woman turns. (Warning: do not browse at work. Not for viewers under 18.)

(08/25/03) The secrets of MKULTRA: CIA mind control via LSD.

(08/24/03) 74-year-old woman makes bike from 5-year-old butter for no apparent reason

(08/24/03) People send in strange pills

(08/24/03) Scientists perform extremely detailed simulation of monkeys typing Hamlet

(08/24/03) Dear Crystal Meth: "I was emptying my husband's lunch pail last night and found a piece of a burned light bulb with his leftovers."

(08/16/03) Reality Carnival Editor on the Atlantic Ocean from August 16 - 23, with no computer. Please enjoy the headlines below until he returns.

(08/16/03) From microcosmology to the Garden of Eden

(08/16/03) Angie reveals, with obsessive detail, how to make extremely lifelike fruits out of polymer clay

(08/16/03) Scary, brainy creature

(08/16/03) How to use cellophane to make a 3-D computer display

(08/15/03) At least it can't bite

(08/15/03) Stripper removes skin

(08/15/03) Man makes robot lover

(08/15/03) Man discovers self-replicating molecules and the meaning of life

(08/14/03) Naked woman, slightly blue, appears deathlike on grass -- for no apparent reason

(08/14/03) Kids go to camp for Internet addiction

(08/14/03) Unusual man journeys down street on queer circular conveyance

(08/14/03) I love the rainbow snail. Do you?

(08/13/03) Behold the Linux swarm. Defense Dept. funds project to create a 100-robot hive mind.

(08/13/03) The first sex movie with "penetration" scene

(08/13/03) Man invents and patents HoloTouch. Porn applications in future?

(08/13/03) The Lobotomy Club describes a cult whose members perform brain surgery on themselves to see religious visions and a higher reality. Want a free book?

(08/12/03) Hirotoshi Ito makes haunting stone sculptures. Click here, here, or here.

(08/12/03) "Experience California" web site makes viewers nervous

(08/12/03) All the creatures on Earth in one massive web tree

(08/12/03) Reality Carnival Editor publishes The Paradox of God. What can we know about God and omniscient beings?

(08/11/03) Mysterious and secretive man creates strangest "alien encounter" page on the web today. "Abductee 43" eats tarragon: Hears the aliens speak.

(08/11/03) Man falls in love with the square root of 2 and creates most popular square-root-of-2 page on the net

(08/11/03) Beyond Light: What is X-ray art?

(08/10/03) Marina, a fashion model, and Alexei develop haunting art technique

(08/10/03) Intense man devotes life to finding mathematical mistakes, exploring philosophy, and creating 3-D synthetic nudes

(08/10/03) Reality of the devil haunts readers

(08/10/03) Strange sex laws shock readers

(08/09/03) Children use maggots to create art

(08/09/03) Man creates world's largest collection of vintage postcards featuring mermaids

(08/09/03) What are alien jellyfish?

(08/09/03) I have an obsession with Britney Spears misspellings

(08/08/03) Researcher discovers "The Aphex Face," a mysterious entity, in a spectrograph (visualization of the sound spectrum)

(08/08/03) Who is Renee Boje?

(08/08/03) Man takes ibogaine drug. Sees dot, representing death, and transcends space-time.

(08/08/03) Pharaoh's chariots found in Red Sea. 'Physical evidence' of ancient Exodus prompts new look at Old Testament

(08/07/03) Sexual fairies invade cyberspace

(08/07/03) Oceanic photo gives viewers the shivers

(08/07/03) Two-headed moose fetus shocks viewers

(08/07/03) Chtulhu people unite in higher universes

(08/06/03) Mysterious "IXOYE" religious war spreads to Wisconsin

(08/06/03) Baby born with alien features. Deformity or something more?

(08/06/03) Natasha Vita More is a transhumanist

(08/06/03) Noah's Ark: a feasiblity study

(08/05/03) Top 10 reasons why fierce Liberian soldiers where pink, femine wigs

(08/05/03) Possibly sexy computer graphic composite image made from 1431 nudes

(08/05/03) Man offers serious advice on how to accomplish strange goals

(08/05/03) Genius creates robot orangutan with mind of baby

(08/04/03) Ever wonder what Whitley Strieber, bestselling alien encounter author, is doing these days?

(08/04/03) Man uses intellectual primates to program computers

(08/04/03) Animated sex positions by computer graphic entities as an educational motif

(08/04/03) Young genius concisely explains: Why is there something rather than nothing?

(08/03/03) 1000s sign petition against God

(08/03/03) 1000s flock to simple yet compelling Plastic Martian game

(08/02/03) Paul Laffoley spoke his first word, "Constantinople," at 6 months, then remained silent until age 4 (diagnosed as autistic), when he began to paint. Metallic object in his brain triggers ideas

(08/02/03) Unusual woman creates W page for no apparent reason

(08/02/03) Man create art gallery for surreal and for "armor art"

(08/02/03) Man invents cigarette with cheese filter (US patent 3,234,948)

(08/01/03) Rotoscope technology allows Frank Sinatra corpse to perform live concert

(08/01/03) 100s of web pages claim to answer: What is a Vampire Number?

(08/01/03) Man says he knows truth about Islam

(08/01/03) Reality Carnival Editor makes it into Wikipedia and Everything

(07/31/03) Man invents amazing 3-D images for your 2-D computer display

(07/31/03) 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

(07/31/03) Women spell "peace" with naked bodies for President Bush

(07/31/03) Become a part of a flock. Imagine sitting in a park. Without warning, 100 people from all directions suddenly gather, erect a statue, then disperse.

(07/30/03) Buy a galaxy for $20

(07/30/03) Woman will write web site names on her breasts. Send her your message, and she will display it. Warning: some nudity at site.

(07/30/03) Transdimensional deer materialize on power lines

(07/30/03) Outer Limits fans buy Zanti Misfits

(07/29/03) Artist grows third ear

(07/29/03) Visible embryo spiral enthralls viewers

(07/29/03) Man is skeptical of Christianity

(07/29/03) Man creates modern art through democratic voting

(07/28/03) Man creates popular bamboo saxophones

(07/28/03) Grinning creature with hairy legs for mustache

(07/28/03) Everything you wanted to know about UFOs, UFO cults, and odd ideas

(07/28/03) Woman creates insanely popular page focussed on masturbation

(07/27/03) LSD Deity: check out all the artworks here

(07/27/03) Now, they sell video of naked women being shot with paint guns

(07/27/03) Lord's Prayer now in hieroglyphics. Click bottom link for Lord's Prayer in 1221 languages

(07/27/03) Scientists create purple bear

(07/26/03) World's greatest illusion: Cells marked A and B are same shade of gray

(07/26/03) Take the dolphin stress test

(07/26/03) Brain wave entrainmet and fractal music unlock your mind

(07/26/03) Before clicking, can you guess what this is: 9 scenes of the Genesis, 4 pairs of bronze nudes, 7 prophets, 5 sybils, 20 ignudi?

(07/25/03) Resin dolls of the unborn, sculpted at parent's request. Ghostly?

(07/25/03) Wikipedia, an open-source Encyclopedia, educates and delights. Enlighten us with knowledge. What are your favorite articles?

(07/25/03) Ex-porn star working in brothel to feed sex addiction

(07/25/03) Creatures near death create haunting art

(07/24/03) Before women had pubic hair

(07/24/03) Man discovers intelligent beings after consuming DMT

(07/24/03) Create your own snowflake. Press space-bar to clear

(07/24/03) The most influential Americans use online publications rather than TV or newspapers as key source of news and information

(07/24/03) Famous men take photos of smiling women naked before having sex with them -- to avoid possible rape charges later

(07/23/03) Wild clock: each number drawn by hand in real time

(07/23/03) Millionaire builds Holy Land in Florida

(07/23/03) What is the Eternity puzzle? Unemployed mathematician won million-dollar award for solving

(07/23/03) Woman sues over 'alien' stunt

(07/22/03) Sexy album covers please viewers

(07/22/03) Parents buy dolls for children that look exactly like the child. Healthy or scary?

(07/22/03) Using Google, we find only one web site with the phrase "dribbling green penises"

(07/22/03) Obsessed, perhaps insane, man studies psychedelic carotid-kundalini mathematics

(07/21/03) The 15 most famous transcendental numbers

(07/21/03) The women of PETA

(07/21/03) Mystery green children live in perpetual twilight

(07/21/03) Unusual Japanese man watches dog corpse decay and photographs process

(07/20/03) Einstein formulated the theory of relativity. Here's the only web page with the phrase "relativistic penis"

(07/20/03) People using DMT enter hyper-real world and see slowly rotating orange object, nicknamed The Chrysanthemum

(07/20/03) If aliens come, they will kill us. "Humans exploit animals even if they show signs of intelligence."

(07/20/03) What is a rave party?

(07/19/03) Scientists prove masturbation lowers cancer risk. Men & women rejoice.

(07/19/03) James Joyce math sequence intrigues mathematicians

(07/19/03) Listen to scientist's brain: Enter altered reality

(07/19/03) Mystery keyboard: simple to use, prevents muscle ache, but not very versatile

(07/18/03) Famous scientist performs "Waiting for Time Travelers" experiment

(07/18/03) Prolific author conducts remote viewing experiment

(07/18/03) Can electronic voodoo work? People send curses on the web

(07/18/03) Anti-mosquito phone: Customers download special sounds that keep mosquitos away

(07/17/03) Brilliant woman starts Yahoo Group on the "fabric of reality"

(07/17/03) Incredible experiment in synchronization. Be sure to click on horse

(07/17/03) Men pay $1000s to hunt living, naked women. (View the broadcast after reading story.)

(07/17/03) Scientists discover mystery galaxies with no stars

(07/16/03) Scientists discover actual face of Jesus

(07/16/03) Sexy, attractive, naked woman, IQ=160, PhD in entomology. (Read the page carefully before thinking link does not work.)

(07/16/03) Jewish man invents Kosher Google (Koogle)

(07/16/03) Kegelmaster: a device for giving porn stars more intense climaxes?

(07/15/03) Strange robotic creatures are based on Minkisi power figures: material manifestations of spiritual entities

(07/15/03) Come with me and explore a new world

(07/15/03) Meet Asia Carrera, world's smartest porn star (IQ > 150)

(07/15/03) Meet the "Semi-Living Artist," a biocybernetic entity

(07/14/03) Where on Earth is Tatiana's brain?

(07/14/03) Genius motorcycle rider gives recipe for mind expansion: a top-20 science-fiction book list. How many have you read?

(07/14/03) Man invents one-way bulletproof glass. You can shoot out but no one can shoot in.

(07/14/03) Bizarre three-line proof that "I am Dracula"

(07/13/03) People obsessed with Apple computers tattoo their bodies

(07/13/03) Gray goo will envelope us all by 2030. God save us from "global ecophagy by biovorous nanoreplicators"

(07/13/03) Man invents immortality device. Wear a ring and live forever

(07/13/03) Scientists and amateurs experiment with world's largest slinky

(07/12/03) What is Neoreality? Reality Carnival Editor publishes four-book series

(07/12/03) Mathematician discovers living creatures lurking in fractal mathematics

(07/12/03) Naked woman paints body before going for stroll in the city

(07/12/03) How to see God. Literally.

(07/11/03) 69 naked women lie on road in search for truth

(07/11/03) Man plays reality game. Discovers God.

(07/11/03) Genius men do best work in their 30s so women will have sex with them

(07/11/03) Asian invents half-corpse pillow for companion to lonely women

(07/10/03) Stephen Hawking, brilliant paralyzed physicist, falls for sexy stripper named Tiger. (Click Tiger to magnify.)

(07/10/03) Behold the Pentaquark: Physicists discover new class of subatomic particle

(07/10/03) 750 beautiful virgin women hold stimulating convention

(07/10/03) Mathematician discovers that tic tac toe is complicated mathematical fractal, worthy of adoration

(07/09/03) Mysterious women grow from reefs

(07/09/03) Scientist discovers that we are in digits of pi and live forever

(07/09/03) Husband and wife patent "Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement." Extensive testing performed and described.

(07/09/03) People eat living, moving sushi. Why?

(07/08/03) Strange animal-hybrid gallery shocks viewers

(07/08/03) Schizophrenic artist paints cats as he deteriorates

(07/08/03) Only web page in Google's index with phrase "kosher semen." Not sure what page is about

(07/08/03) NASA studies miracle man who lives on light

(07/07/03) List of "Top 10" evil people stirs worldwide controversy, especially among Romanians

(07/07/03) People obsessed with death study burial in excruciating detail

(07/07/03) Rare sea creature discovered

(07/07/03) People obsessed with bananas bring joy to millions

(07/06/03) Complex stoplight mesmerizes drivers. Creates exotic traffic patterns

(07/06/03) Hypnagogic state: where visions & insights greet us

(07/06/03) Ladies make stuffed animals resembling tiny microbes. Million times actual size.

(07/06/03) Indigo children have attention deficit disorder

(07/05/03) Is oral sex kosher?

(07/05/03) Man injects elephant with LSD. Elephant dies

(07/05/03) Man patents hyper-light-speed antenna

(07/05/03) Scientists discover true stucture of male brain

(07/04/03) Russian fashion model seeks fountain of youth via mitochondrial tampering

(07/04/03) Railroad needs Rabbi to remove Kosher oil from car

(07/04/03) Vulcan tourist attraction emerges in Canada

(07/04/03) Man discovers creature in PC

(07/03/03) Celebrities without makeup confound and mystify viewers

(07/03/03) Is human flesh kosher?

(07/03/03) Man breaks sound barrier, creating strange cloud

(07/03/03) Post-It Gallery features artwork drawn on standard yellow Post-It notes. Updated daily.

(07/02/03) People near death see silver cord. What happens if ghostly cord gets tangled?

(07/02/03) Deviant liquid latex excites women of all ages

(07/02/03) Beautiful people use inflatable churches. A sexual and religious turn-on

(07/02/03) Mysterious, alien Internet traffic is exactly 55,808 bits long. What does it mean? Where is it from?

(07/01/03) Physicists say parallel universes resemble boiling water filled with bubbles

(07/01/03) Stonehenge stones are actually arranged to form massive vagina

(07/01/03) Dreaded anti-placebo effect: Students developed headaches when told that non-existent electrical current passes through their heads

(07/01/03) Young lady has extensive, wonderful toilet paper collection










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(06/30/03) Naked woman transforms herself into leopard

(06/30/03) Sudden infant death syndrome is caused by dream

(06/30/03) Winking Jesus shocks viewers. Over 630,000 people witness miracle

(06/30/03) Scientists perform serious research on Playboy photos

(06/29/03) Naked woman turns herself into metallic statue

(06/29/03) Wild people discuss extra-dimensional dreaming

(06/29/03) Spider takes LSD, mescaline, and more. Spins weird web

(06/29/03) Man creates slug death race

(06/28/03) Naked woman stands on bird cage. Holds knife

(06/28/03) Woman says dolphins are gateways to higher realities

(06/28/03) Extremely pornographic letters of James Joyce, world's most respected novelist

(06/28/03) Self-referential story mystifies readers

(06/27/03) Man makes super mushroom drug art. Click to zoom

(06/27/03) Mystery heart attacks that doctors most fear

(06/27/03) "Subtle" sex ad causes buzz in Europe

(06/27/03) Man makes flea circus video

(06/26/03) Man starts lego religion. Entire Bible rendered in Lego -- from the Garden of Eden to the Last Supper of Jesus.

(06/26/03) Rumitone tubular instrument surrounds players and transports them to new universes

(06/26/03) No comet: no Christianity

(06/26/03) Alcohol improves IQ?

(06/25/03) Psychedelic patterns mesmerize viewers. Gaze in awe. Point your cursor. Descend.

(06/25/03) Top 10 levitating saints

(06/25/03) World's smallest guitar is 10 micrometers long -- about the size of single cell -- with six strings each 100 atoms, wide

(06/24/03) Woman makes wonderful asphalt art. See world's largest collection here

(06/24/03) The "top 100" stigmatists, according to Catholic Church

(06/24/03) The true story behind Saudi sex checkups

(06/24/03) The sad story of women zombies

(06/23/03) This is your Reality Carnival Editor speaking. What are your favorite past articles at RealityCarnival.Com? Are there any particular ones that you really enjoyed? What KINDS of topics would you like me to continue posting in the future?

(06/23/03) On the quantum theory of socks

(06/23/03) E-mail mob takes Manhattan. An experiment in organizing people who suddenly materialize in public places

(06/23/03) We know where the Garden of Eden is. Saddam Hussein creates tourist attraction there

(06/23/03) Spam can be useful?

(06/22/03) Odd man turns PC into ant farm

(06/22/03) What is a furilla?

(06/22/03) Wonderfully deranged man and women create horrifying dolls

(06/22/03) Creepy but funny video shocks viewers

(06/21/03) Where is Jesus?

(06/21/03) Carlos Poveda makes strange, unholy, amazing art. (Make sure you select arrows at bottom to see more.)

(06/21/03) Download music improperly, and your PC smokes and burns

(06/21/03) Mathematical genius creates Oriented Matroid: cosmic math sculptures

(06/20/03) Handcrafted glass penis paperweights are all the rage

(06/20/03) Bill Gates wonders: Will Microsoft watch will be a hit?

(06/20/03) Biblical scholars wonder: who were the Nephilim in the Bible? One of the strangest accounts in Genesis

(06/19/03) Eyelash creatures inhabit hidden universe

(06/19/03) 13th century Seljuq Kufic script on human hand hypnotizes viewers

(06/19/03) Can vitamin E cause heart attacks?

(06/18/03) Egypt bans Matrix reloaded

(06/18/03) Obsessive people catalog all mistakes in the Matrix movie

(06/18/03) Early Christians ate hallucinogenic snails

(06/17/03) Jesus and disciples used drugs to carry out miraculous healings.

(06/17/03) Flexible tubular clock enthralls us

(06/17/03) Proof that aliens were in ancient Egypt?

(06/16/03) Bizarre and wonderful street signs mesmerize viewers

(06/16/03) Japanese game requires you to jam finger up someone's ass

(06/16/03) What are all those mysterious background tasks in the Windows operating system?

(06/16/03) Artist Eats Mushrooms. Goes Insane With Technical Drawing Pen

(06/15/03) Pink walls tranquilize virile men

(06/15/03) Wealthy Web entrepreneur has his casket outfitted with wireless camera. Check his corpse

(06/15/03) Psychedelic compounds are instruments of spiritual and scientific exploration

(06/14/03) Hershey's green chocolate syrup shocks parents. Inspired by Heinz green ketchup and the Incredible Hulk

(06/14/03) Futuristic foundation wants to save the world

(06/14/03) Scientists discover that male sticklebacks ejaculate more sperm if stimulated by porn film showing flirting fish

(06/13/03) Gorgeous art from electron flow stuns viewers. (Click images to magnify.)

Six-foot-tall man, with 10 patents, offers sperm to ladies for free

(06/13/03) Today's lesson in evolution

(06/13/03) Humans get a pleasurable buzz from music because of anatomy evolved from sex-obsessed haddock fish

(06/12/03) Canadian artist goes wild with body painting. Sexy and artistic. What are your favorites?

(06/12/03) "Mind-uploading research group" hopes to take your brain and move it to a machine

(06/12/03) Reality Carnival editor publishes Calculus and Pizza today, his 30th book

(06/12/03) Shocking beating heart enthralls viewers

(06/11/03) Man believes you can be regressed to explore your "past lives" using his software

(06/11/03) Scientists say SARS comes from a comet in outer space

(06/11/03) Attack of the Matrioshka Brains -- megascale superintelligent thought machines

(06/11/03) Scientists say semen is an antidepressant. Women agree

(06/10/03) CIA studies Noah's Ark

(06/10/03) Why Jews are geniuses

(06/10/03) Beautiful woman begins obsessive quest for humanoid food imagery. Why not help her out?

(06/09/03) First artist to use the double helix was Salvador Dali. DNA is so beautiful

(06/09/03) Christa Brodnax's art scares adults & chidren. Stimulates them to see ghosts

(06/09/03) Woman-giraffe hybrid (photo lower right)

(06/09/03) The Sex Life of the Psychedelic Toad

(06/08/03) Scientists develop darkest substance on earth

(06/08/03) The meaning of brain waves? Fact or fiction?

(06/08/03) World's most frightening and mysterious tombstone

(06/07/03) Weird man teaches us how to make a tiny insect-powered airplane

(06/07/03) Be a God. Watch your creatures evolve

(06/06/03) Researchers studying Quantum Suicide say you will never die

(06/05/03) Time Travel Fund: Bribing people in the future to come get you today

(06/05/03) Is this chimp part human?

Man takes LSD and draws psychedelic sketches. Want to hang one on your wall?

(06/04/03) Man builds artificial neuron god

(06/04/03) Vanessa Tiegs huge collection of art made from menstrual blood tantalizes viewers

(06/04/03) Strange machines found in ceiling beams of a 3000-year old Egyptian temple. Fraud or reality?

(06/04/03) Insect larva art

(06/04/03) What's wrong with this picture? (Warning: this almost gave me a heart attack. It took about a minute to see what was wrong.)

(06/03/03) Beautiful woman starts vast collection of humanoid food imagery. Interesting hobby?

(06/03/03) Pet mummification all the rage

(06/03/03) Do parallel universes exist?

(06/03/03) Woman experiments with unnatural acts of blood

(06/03/03) Who would believe there's a huge Yahoo group devoted to Tuvan throat singing?

(06/02/03) Bob Shamey carves tiny faces on cherry pits

(06/02/03) The dullest blog in the world

(06/02/03) People afflicted with certain eye diseases give similar reports of beings from parallel universes

(06/02/03) Bizarre music and musical instruments

(06/02/03) Man plays insane musical instrument

(06/02/03) Mother tongues of computer languages explodes

(06/02/03) DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes

(06/02/03) Man carves mosquito's nose

(06/02/03) Man inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage

(06/02/03) Naked shoppers unite

(06/02/03) People inhabit colossal colon

(06/02/03) 20% Chance We Live in a Matrix

(06/02/03) Sushi watches all the rage

(06/02/03) Golden feces put smiles on Japanese faces

(06/01/03) Very tiny, all-white "thing" stands erect

(06/01/03) Man sees shadow creatures

(06/01/03) Scientists send grapefruit probe to earth's center

(06/01/03) Lego tarot cards fortell future

(06/01/03) Vibe Machine

(06/01/03) The fleeting reality of DMT machine elves
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"The nature of reality is this:
It is hidden, and it is hidden, and it is hidden."
--Rumi, 13th-century Sufi mystic