Off the record...

AMITI brings to the Church the notion that Israel is more than a political entity and just a ‘place in our hearts’. Using the Hebrew Scriptures, AMITI brings you fresh insights into our shared destiny as the Commonwealth of Israel. We make it our most urgent business to expose just some of the tactics that the ‘prince of this world’ is using to challenge God’s autonomy; Universalism, fear, pluralism, political correctness and Islam to name but a few…. In the last AMITI tour, the Church in the UK tasted a real Israeli experience and was treated to a 2-hour evening aglow with teaching, testimony and song. People left the building thrilled with what God is doing in Israel, and eyes were opened as folk understood that even the destiny of the smallest country Church is linked to the events in the Middle East.

Here is the venue for the up and coming AMITI tour of the UK. Everyone is invited, so please bring yourself, your friends and enemies; we would like to meet everybody! Meetings are in the evenings unless otherwise stated.  For more details please contact us at leaving your phone and contact details and we will get back to you ASAP


3rd Oct Hollybush Christian Fellowship, Newsham, Thirsk, Yorkshire.
4th Oct North Berwick Abbey Church, North Berwick, Scotland.
5th Oct AM Kirkcudbright Parish Church, Kirkcudbright, Scotland.
5th Oct 6.00PM Nitshill Parish church Glasgow, Scotland
8th Oct Lighthouse Christian Centre, Dumfries, Scotland.
11th Oct Christchurch, Eston, Middlesbrough.
12th Oct AM Thorntree Christian Fellowship, Middlesbrough.
12th Oct PM Lightfoot Grove Baptist Church, Middlesbrough.
14th Oct Comberton Baptist Church, Cambridge.
15th Oct Crown Street Fellowship, Brentwood, Essex.
18th Oct St Luke’s Church, Cranham, Essex.
19th Oct AM Hawkhusrt Baptist Church, Hawkhurst, Kent
19th Oct PM Hawkhusrt Baptist Church, Hawkhurst, Kent
22nd Oct Elim Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight.
23rd Oct Porchester Free Church, Northern Junior School, Porchester.
25th Oct Romford Elim Church, Romford, Essex
26th Oct Marlow Christian Fellowship, Marlow, Bucks

Paul… Up close and personal…
Amiti are honoured that Paul, an internationally acclaimed violinist will be joining most of our evenings. Its-been-a-long-a-time-a-coming but we are thrilled and thankful to Paul and his dear wife for their support and enthusiasm. Welcome aboard folks! We are privileged and blessed to have people of such calibre and integrity on board.

Daniel... Up Close and Personal...
Daniel, like a lot of people in Israel, was not born in Israel. Daniel first came to Israel from the USA as a young boy who hadn’t even started shaving. After spending a few years back in the States - succeeding at basically everything he put his hands too - Daniel is now currently studying at the Israel College of the Bible, Jerusalem, Israel, and is well on his way to ordination. He plays a fine guitar, slaps a great bass and there is even a rumour that when he sings, ‘his harmonies are from heaven’. AMITI is privileged to have such a gifted young man join us with this upcoming tour.

Orna…. Up close up and personal….
Orna, born and raised (or razed!?) in Israel is one of those old ancient pillars in the Body of Messiah in Israel. “Less of the old!” she may cry, but you know what we mean. Orna spends her minutes, hours, days and years relentlessly and diligently translating Christian material into Hebrew for the growing remnant in the land. Aside from running around after her teenage son she also runs a new fledgling project for single mothers, orphans and widows. Where does she get the time? Well, we don’t know either, so please come along and find out and hear first hand of the ups and downs of what it’s really like to serve the LORD in Israel.

Yardena… Up close and personal…
There is a theory that we have arranged this tour just so you can all meet Yardena! This actually wouldn’t be far from the truth. When she was just 6 years old Yardena made the long trek with her family from India to the Promised Land. She is the queen of Israeli and Indian cuisine and will only be too happy to share Asian recipes after the service! Yardena is also the queen of hearts and has the most wonderful testimony to share. We wouldn’t miss it for the world… and nor should you.

Kishkooshay-K… Up close and personal…
or ‘K’s Doodles’. Kishkooshay-K brings to life the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith and among other many teachings shares gems from the Hebrew Scriptures (sometimes with a stunning display of cartoons). Also part of the AMITI music quartet, she is an accomplished pianist and almost solely responsible for the expulsion into exile of the dreaded tambourine, bringing instead authenticity to Israeli Messianic music and of course wherever possible, a toe-tapping touch of jazz.

Pennie… Up close and personal…
Pennie is the heel on the shoe, the spoke in the wheel, the feather on the bird, the mayonnaise in the sandwich… shall we go on? Without Pennie’s tenacious spirit and determination to see truth proclaimed we wouldn’t even be having an AMITI tour, in fact AMITI probably wouldn’t get out of Tel Aviv thank-you-very-much. As well as volunteering her energies to AMITI Pennie heads up her own ministry Enncompass that sheds Scriptural insight and Hebraic thought as to how we ‘tick’ as people. After completing a Biblical Hebrew course in Israel, Pennie is now affiliated and working together with ‘Keren L’karen’ an indigenous Israeli Messianic project linked with the Bible Translators in Israel which seeks to provide emotional and spiritual healing for believers in distress. We all thank Pennie from the bottom of our hearts!


What they said about AMITI......

"I want to say how much I valued and enjoyed the evening. It was a memorable occasion, spiritually uplifting and deeply fun as well! The group are a credit to the Lord and fine advocates for believers in Israel."
Kenneth, minister, Scotland
"The event has changed my whole thinking and I ve been privileged to learn deeper things about the God of Israel"
Susan M. Bristol
"Very very touching to see the heart behind AMITI, a heart that simply wants to bless others"
John G. Shropshire
Mike, minister, Reigate
"We drove over 500 miles to see this and we were NOT disappointed, we just didnt realise there was a gig 40 miles from home. If we had known we would have gone to both!"
Jemima, Scotland

“Oh how arrogant! We know our Bible, we are British… but quite what it has to do with the political situation in the Holy Land is beyond me!”
Very-angry-lady, Oxford, England