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A Short Bibliography
on Islamic Economics

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Other books available at Sound Vision on Islamic Economics:

Banking Without Interest M. Nejatullah Siddiqi  192pp $15.00 1997
Distributed Justice and Need Fullfilment in an Islamic Munawar Iqbal 384pp $14.95 1988
Economic Concepts of Ibn Taymiya Abdul Azim Islahi 285pp $12.95 1988
Economic Development in an Islamic Framework Khurshid Ahmed 24pp $4.00 1994
Economic Functions of an Islamic State S.M. Hasanuz Zaman 392pp $16.95 1981
Economic Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) M. Akram Khan 355pp $10.35 1989
Elimination of Riba form the Economy Khurshid Ahmad 425pp $15.50 1995
Essays in Islamic Economics M. Fahim Khan 264pp $30.00  
Insurance in an Islamic Economy M. Nejatullah Siddiqi 74pp $4.00 1987
Islam Poverty and Income Distribution Ziauddin Ahmad  112pp $7.50 1991
Islamic Approach to Development Khurshid Ahmad 63pp $1.95 1994
Islamic Economics: Sources Vol. I M. Akram Khan 224pp $11.95 1983
Islamic Economics: Sources Vol. II M. Akram Khan 256pp $13.95 1991
Issues in Islamic Banking M Nejatullah Siddiqi 152pp $8.95 1994
Money and Banking in Islam Khurshid Ahmad et. el. 299pp $12.95 1996
Objectives of the Islamic Econimic Order M. Umer Chapra 28pp $4.00 1996
Partnership and Profit Sharing in Islamic Law M. Nejatullah Siddiqi 110pp $12.00 1987
Public Duties in Islam: The Institution of the Hisba Ibn Taymiya 160pp $15.00  
Rural Development through Islamic Banks Mohammad Akram Khan  64pp $6.00 1994
Studies in Islamic Economics Khurshid Ahmed 390pp $12.95  
Towards a Just Monetary System M Umer Chapra 292pp $24.00 1986
Towards an Interest Free Islamic Economic System Waqar Maqsood Khan 126pp $13.50  


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