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FORMATIVE YEARS: I was born and raised on a farm in the mid-west United States in 1951. At age 10, I moved to Southern California with my ten family members. At age 13, I began my freshman year of school at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA where my major was in Industrial Arts. At age 14, I became a student teacher in wood shop and led an advanced construction technology course. At age 15, there were no computers in schools or most businesses so, I began working in the company of where they were by, working full-time graveyard shifts at a nearby employer, i.e. McDonnel Douglas Space Systems Center in Huntington Beach, CA where I performed simple maintenance functions for the N.A.S.A. Mercury spacecraft project. At age 16, and still a junior in high school, I began attending Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA and also began working full-time graveyard shifts at another employer, i.e. Pacific Optical in El Segundo, CA where I performed finishing on optics for the N.A.S.A. Lunar Excursion Module (aka) L.E.M. spacecraft project. Work was about 30 miles away for me. Unlike today, I didn't have Mommy or Daddy to drive me to work so, I began a car-pooling concept in 1968 primarily for my job's security sake. Eventually, I was fired for lying about my age. I graduated high school as a senior class representative in 1969. A very low "C" grade point average kept a scholarship out of the question and my family could not afford a university for me either. I was feeling apprehensive about being unacceptable scholastically and even the military didn't have a thirst for me because my "draft lottery number" was so too high up on the government's list that, I wouldn't be drafted into the Viet Nam war. I decided after two (2) years of deadend civilian jobs that it was time for me to try and break my streak of bad luck or, so I thought. In order to serve the Nation and my future with educational benefits, I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force.

GOVERNMENT: Government service as a weapon control systems electrician in 1971, gave me my first chance to repair onboard computers and troubleshoot counter-countermeasure systems on the B-52 Stratofortress (long-range bombers) and the F-4E Phantom (fighter jets). But, after just a few months after beginning that school, a U. S. Air Force full-bird Colonel had me removed and placed into a different school altogether. I arrived in class four (4) days after the new school had already begun. I was simply told to catch up with the other students. Months later - near Denver, CO - after this school's completion, I was graduating from within a secret basement ceremony room. My fellow classmates and I were told that we were what was officially categorized as, U. S. Central Intelligence Agency (aka) C.I.A. "attaches". But, we were assigned to the U. S. Air Force which, was more than a little confusing to us but, who were we to question the government? What confused us even more was that, a U. S. Navy Lieutenant Commander - dressed in an "all black" uniform - was the only person conducting our graduation ceremony and it was only he who handed us our intelligence operations training certificates as well. Were we C.I.A.? Navy? Air Force? What, then? We were told however, that we were the last intelligence operations class to graduate from a special multi-faceted training program. Our two (2) instructors, i.e. a retired Marine Corps Colonel and the other, a U. S. Air Force Technical Sargent, said that, I was the youngest graduate from their school ever, at only 20. My classmates were "lifers" or "career men" which made it somewhat difficult for me to adjust to because, as just a kid back then, there were no similar aged peer group to relate to or with. Being the youngest, also meant that I was always being picked as the entertainment source of that class, to undego special "lab" exercises. One "not so funny" exercise for me was when my name had been picked from a hat for me to be the subject of a Prisoner Of War (aka) P.O.W. interrogation. My interrogator was a former North Vietnamese Colonel. From his height of nearly 7-feet, he appeared to be of North Chinese extract. He carried the war ravaged face of a well-battled soldier which, looked like a hundred miles of bad road. Did he "scare" me? You betcha! This interrogator assigned to me, had actually defected to the U. S. and was working for our intelligence schools. At the conclusion of my interrogation, I was helped back to de-brief my class on what it was like to be interrogated by him. As I stood there shaking in front of all my fellow classmates and instructors, they laughed at me for they saw that my young lively spirted self was no more. In 1972, I was assigned to Southern California within the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, Combat Support Group and placed in the intelligence section station there, for Viet Nam war plans operation mission training out of George Air Force Base near Victorville, CA. I was an intelligence operations specialist and the only thing I knew was that my office call-sign was called, the Department Of Intelligence (aka) D.O.I. out of Langley, VA. A department which probably no longer exists, at least under that name. My further schooling was, the Air Intelligence University in Washington, D. C..

DOMESTIC: In 1975 at 24, I attended - in addition to a few other colleges - CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY in Orange, CA. I was to begin serving a political internship at the Orange County Republican National Headquarters in Santa Ana, CA as their Assistant Director, when another opportunity crossed my path. I decided instead, to work as an Assistant Campaign Manager for a retired (22-yrs.) C.I.A. officer, i.e. John Lynch, who ran for a Senate position out of Tustin, CA. From 1975 to 1979, I performed some unusual part-time, private-contractoring assignments for four (4) federal agencies: (1) the U. S. Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobbacco and Firearms, Criminal Enforcement Division (on locating a New Jersey mafia politician's fugitive sibling, i.e. Joseph Charles Bisogni in Newport Beach, CA and locating cases of stolen grenades from a group of black militant terrorists in Port Hueneme, CA & Bakersfield, CA).; (2) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (on a Hari Krishna - ISKON political assassain squad in Los Angeles, CA).; (3) the C.I.A. (on a high-tech U. S. computer export firm, i.e. Microcomputer Technology, Inc. (aka) M.T.I. in Santa Ana, CA sending custom-built Radio Shack P-Cs to Club Mediterranean (aka) Club Med in Tahiti, for the former K.G.B.) [ All this was done out of southern California-based offices and all against the rules set forth by the Congressional Oversight Committee on Intelligence ].; and, (4) the National Security Agency (aka) N.S.A., Central Security Service in Fort George C. Meade, MD (on bits-and-pieces relating to attempted Slovakian history-tampering out of Joliet, IL). Now, from time-to-time, I was involved in other miscellaneous operations however, I cannot mention those since they primarily focused on persons still operating in official capacities in southern California to this very day.

RECRUITING: In 1979 at age 28, I started my first computer-related business after buying two (2) high-tech computer companies (paper companies, consisting of mostly boxes of papers, mailing lists and books) from a couple of computer whiz-kids. My firm was, Micro Data Systems in Fountain Valley, CA. I also worked part-time as a bounty hunter for two (2) unscrupulous bail bondsmen, i.e. Manuel ESCALARA BAIL BONDS and Jerry CHENEY TRAVEL in Tustin, CA whose claims-to-infamy were motorcycle gangland robberies, murders and, filling gambling casinos in Lake Tahoe, NV with counterfeit U. S. securities. I returned to focus on the computer whiz-kids so, I recruited them into the U. S. Army, Signals Intelligence (aka) SIGINT corps. While off at SIGINT school, I decided to fumble through the boxes I received from them, months earlier. Picking up a thick blue-colored manual - turned over in the bottom of their boxes - I began leafing through it from back to front. I noticed fold-out pages of electronic schematics and diagrams for what I thought looked like odd types of computer sub-systems. I got bored with it, turned the book over and read its cover. An hour after I got off the phone with the branch office of the Office of Naval Intelligence in El Toro, CA, an agent rang my doorbell. I found myself turning over to him, the "Trident Submarine, Nuclear Missle Telemetry and Guidance System Electronics Manual" which, I discovered to have been actually stolen from a desert-based U.S. Army intelligence library at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. The computer whiz-kids, now U.S. Army SIGINT soldiers were Westminster, CA residents, i.e. David Sparks - whose Father worked the C.I.A. spy-satellite (KH-11) power-thrusting navigation systems inside the TRW building in Redondo Beach, CA - and, Michael O'Connor - whose older Brother had been the thief at the Army intelligence library in Arizona - were both dismissed from the U. S. Army within a month.

OVERSEAS: In 1986 at 35, I accidentally stumbled across two (2) situations which, I tried to handle by myself. One in Dublin, Ireland (an Irish Republican Army - I.R.A. bomber working for the Church of Ireland with links to the former K.G.B. and, a very serious U.S. Embassy ongoing security breaches with a neighboring vendor merchant during a carbomb evacuation). The other in Naples, Italy (a Camorra Mafia family's link-support to the former K.G.B. and that family's shoe factory which, was a front for an "underground" manufacturing facility of counterfeit structural retrofit parts for N.A.T.O. defense aircraft). Now, after all this, absolutely "nothing" was ever done to correct or stop what I had discovered. This simply means that to this very day, these operations are ongoing without any regard for national security interests whatsoever. How do you think anyone could possible feel after having seen with their own eyes and had first hand knowledge of all these security situations and then see absolutely nothing done to handle the matters? Everyone in God's creation who had anything to do with intelligence security was notified by me and still nothing has ever been done to correct it. God Bless America, right? After all this, "my life" only got worse . . .

CLUB FED: Arriving back from Europe via Canada to Southern California, I of all people, was seized by twenty-two (22) U. S. Customs', C.E.T. federal agents at the airport in Los Angeles. I was asked to take and did pass "all" three (3) U. S. Secret Service polygraph exams, based on their false suspicions. Next, I was asked to assist their Foreign Branch and their "on-loan" C.I.A. operative (who I met briefly with) before he went on his new assignment in Naples. The Los Angeles Station Chief for the U. S. Secret Service was not just a total pompous ass who thought I was just another common criminal but, he also failed to heed my warnings for their agent's protection by not listening to my warnings earlier. Consequently the entire operation ended in disaster in Naples on 1986 with, the agent's cover being blown. No one forgot "me" though! I was then subsequently, federally indicted, convicted and, sent to federal prison for years on trumped-up charges I would have never committed nor, that I could possibly defend against after upsetting the Chief of Station. I was released from federal custody in March of 1988 at age 38.

BUSINESS: In 1993 at 42, I attempted my 2nd computer-related business which, opened and bruptly slammed shut, one (1) year later on February 4th 1994. A tornado wiped out my Irvine, CA office there. In 1997, I began work at the MICROSOFT CORPORATION facility and within its close partner, i.e. KEANE CORP. (Tucson, AZ & Boston, MA) as a Microsoft User Support Analyst. In 1998, I finally re-opened my 3rd P-C computer business as a Microsoft IT Professional, performing field services on P-C computers for the general public. In 1999 at 48, I became a private Microsoft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) System Builder of P-C computers.

LOSSES & START-UP: In November 2000, I was left homeless and basically on the streets as a result of a personal tragedy. Returning from a 7-day business trip out of State, I suffered the loss of my Wife, her 2 Sons, our 2 dogs, our riverfront canyon home near the Colorado border, 2 businesses, and what little material gains I had accumulated after nearly 34-years of labor. Since June 2001, I've been struggling to hang on to my fledgling computer business doing P-C manufacturing, sales, repairs, tutoring and, consultancies. I've been on my feet now for almost 1-year living in a very small tin shack, which I still owe about $600 on. Today at 50 years old, I still run my P-C computer service business from my home. My future? I'd like to continue my foreign research and writings but, find myself a long way off from retiring again. I've never been on a vacation, which is something I'd like to try at least once in my lifetime.


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