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Please notice: This page isn't going to be updated anymore. Shenmue has changed platformat if the rest of it's story is ever going to be told in games anyways. It still is a great game and this tribute is due!
This site is, well, about the Dreamcast gaming experience Shenmue really, but especially it concentrates on Chen Gui Zhang, one of the characters in smaller, but important, parts of the game... Game? It can't be just that. We who have drowned into the wonderful, amazing world of Shenmue, the warm-hearted story, the relationships between the characters, who we have got to know, who we are so attached to... It must be something more than that, it must be something bigger... It must be... It's a dream, a dream you wouldn't want to end, wish it would last for forever... The saga has begun.



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Yes, Gui Zhang is not any of the main characters, he appears later on the game. That's why there are so little information whatsoever on him over the Internet, on everywhere, because no-one wants to spoil it up for ya. I understand and appreciate that, but what about us who have already completed the game? Or people who don't care about spoilers, or who actually want to know some more about the storyline before buying the game? Can't we talk about Gui Zhang or other wonderful characters? (Like Rin & Jin Kaido, hehe. I love them!) But, a warning to you if you have NOT completed the game, and do NOT want any SPOILING info regarding the game, meaning happenings, characters etc. coming later in the game, you might want to leave this site. Repeating: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD! Hope that's enough. Now, you can continue exploring the site via the menu. Any comments to my e-mail or to the guestbook are highly valued :)


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