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   Welcome to Distort.us. The site is split into two parts, information on and relating to KCPR's RPM department, and the more random "personal" side. The text bar above links to RPM related bits, and the images below send you off into other, less useful areas. External links will open in new windows, but internal links will stay in this window, for the most part. Now, have at it.
-10/08- Slow days lead to delayed news. I've just now posted Adds & Charts for this week. Also, Urban Landscapes has a spiffy new layout - check it!
-10/05- Now online: the latest playlist. Thanks to all who called in the show - there's nothing like someone calling and saying "great show" to stroke one's ego. Mostly because the KCPR listeneres are often so quiet. Other things: check ccraves.org for the list of all electronic-type shows currently on KCPR - we have quite a few this quarter. Don't forget to come back in a few days (most likely Tuesday) to see the newest of new music which will be going into RPM rotation.
-09/30- Updates: the latest adds and charts are posted. And two new photos - nothing epic. I'll say more later, promise.
-09/28- Updates: new playlist for Saturday (Euphoria now 1-3pm), and there are a few more words. Loads of callers, and loads more electronic music on KCPR! Time for they Yeti Dance! (check out the Darkstalkers video game for the Yeti's winning dance - it's very keen).
-09/23- Skipped out on Euphoria for this past weekend, opting to be social instead. I am rather the social caterpillar, not quite the butterfly yet. That, and seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean again was too good to pass up. But now Adds & Charts are up. By Thursday I should have a proper schedule for Euphoria and the Yeti Lounge (the usual eclectic assortment of KCPR sounds), so come back real soon, won'tcha?
-09/14- Just filling things before heading to sleep. Adds & Charts, and Saturday's playlist are all online. Now I sleep, for tomorrow I get WOWies. (It's not a disease, it's a good thing). I'll post pix from my "faux-lomo", and tweak the site in a week's time. Until then, check out a few stray pix in "photography". I dig them.
check out the playlists
-09/09- New Adds & Charts, missing postponed the latest of playlists, due to minor chaos on the home front. Should be up before my next show .. until then, see what's been added and charted. That's almost as exciting as a new playlist.
    Update: newest playlist is found, and now posted in some rough form. Not all years, labels, and remixes are sure things, but it's up there. Now I can do other things. Like buy more music. "Everyone's a junkie for something" - tru.dat
-09/02- September has started, and school follows soon there-after. Two more weeks of the quiet life, then joyous chaos during the Week Of Welcome, and then -BAM- school. Erstwhile, I'll be spinning tunes every now and again (playing music with the odd possibility of someone listening is great fun, especially when someone calls in and says they're enjoying the tunes). Adds & Charts will keep going as long as I can recieve mail, and this weeks are now posted. Who knows, I may even get to a sight re-design during these odd days between. Stay tuned!
-08/25- Not much to say, just posted to CMJ, and I've finally posted Saturday's playlist, even though I was going to yesterday at 2am. But then again, it was 2am. There'll be at least one more Euphoria next week, and I may take another break for a few weeks. We'll see
-08/24- The time is 2:20am, what are you doing awake? Updating a website? Right. Sleep is taunting me, but I want to get this done. The latest playlist is done, but I should add more for the FabricLive sets. I was sad I couldn't find the Radioactive Man mix - there were some great tracks on that one. I should have Adds and Charts done later today. Much later. After I sleep. But so much good music to keep me awake!
-08/19- Almost a month passed since I've updated the site, but now there's the new adds and charts posted, thanks to Velanche for keeping things updated. It looks like I'm missing a week, but I'll fill that in soon. I'll be blending tracks on Euphoria this Saturday and the next, unless I head south for "Therapy" (tunes spun by Angel Alanis & Michelle Mai). But after hitting up Fabric in London, I may want to sit out for a while. Then again, it was a really packed club, and I had high hopes of checking out U.N.K.L.E, but I think I got the nights mixed up. I'll be back with more soon.
-07/22- Adds & Charts and the Plaid Bandwagon playlist posted, nothing else of note. Minor site reworings to come in the days ahead.
-07/15- Adds & Charts posted, even with CMJ being down for days. Lots of good albums in this week, so not eveything fit into the top 5. Check out the Adds & Charts now to see what's going where.
-07/14- Finally posted the latest playlist. Adds & Charts to come, soon. Maybe even reviews? Hrmm... And I've finally fixed up the archive of playlists, more tweaking of 'em to come.
-07/12- The penultimate Euphoria has come and gone, thus only one more remains before I head off for a three week vacation. It's been fun, and Euphoria will return in Fall. Perhaps there'll be som irregular appearances of the electronica Sasquatch between quarters. We'll see. But there will be more from Urban Landscapes, Global Grooves, The Darkened Hour (tues. 9-10pm) and Audioscapes, as Cal Poly's summer quarter has some weeks left.
    Other things: this looks fsking sweet. And it sounds good, to boot. The MIT Media Lab intrigue me so. The future is keen!
    Also, there are more minor updates throughout the site, including random logo images, random words (Simplex), and a smattering of new links.
-07/09- The newest Adds and Charts are now posted. That's it for the RPM side of things.
    Site-wise, I've revised the layout, trying to simplify things. News on the front page instead of elsewhere, and I rather fancy this layout style. Time will tell if it sticks. And T3: Rise of the Machines is a great action flick, all the better in a theater with decent surround sound.
-07/05- Latest playlist is online. Minor tweaking of of the Simplex button. No, it still doesn't link to anything. It will shortly, really.
-06/30- Updated:Adds & Charts, and the playlist for The Black Dog Bandwagon. Adds & Charts now go back to April 14th, 2003. I may archive back farther, and I will add in the proper label information and some links for all the entries.
-06/29- Nothing much to say, just added a playlist for now. It's 2am, and my show was delayed, due to complications arising from me not being able to pick locks. Instead of being from 7-9pm, Euphoria was from 11pm to 1am. It should be during the "usual" hours; if anything, it'll start earlier, as there is no one for two hours before me. Perhaps I'll show off some mixsets I've been sent. We'll see.
-06/28- More minor site revision, and an updated banner. It should get rotated into the show banners on KCPR's website soon. I've made a cart for my three hour Tuesday set (from 11am until 2pm), but I have yet to finish one for Euphoria. I've gotten quite a pile of vinyl to dig through for today's show (in a mere 1/2 hour), so it should be good fun. Time for dinner .. then to change into DJ Sasquatch. Fun fun!
-06/27- Adding and tweaking continues, (of the site that is, I'm still stable). The above link bar is updated, to reflect the format I'm aiming to get going with this site. The site seems a bit scattered, I may condense sections. We'll see.
-06/17- The site has gotten bigger, if no vast changes. More links, internal goodies. Expect more in the days to come. No Euphoria this next week, and the status of Euphoria for the summer is a bit up in the air. I may head out for an internship ... somewhere. I'll see soon enough.
 -06/13- More layout hacking, and some updates to the playlist appearance. We'll see how it all works. Much more needs to be edited as of yet. Stay tuned!
-06/11- Herein begins a new attempt at a webpresence and such. Third real attempt at making something of nothing, the previous shall be archived in completion later. For now, I will simply re-post playlists as-is.
    In the near future: proper links to everything i plan on doing. Plans, you ask? Yes, I say. Peak around the site, and you should find hints of things to come.
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