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Our Vegetable Garden 2003

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Thursday, March 13, 2003
We are creating this Vegetable Garden site since I think we'll more likely follow though on our plans this way! We're a home educating family of 6. Mummy is Jodi (that's me), Dad is Robert, children are Trevor- age 8, Hayley- 7, Colin-5 and Tristan-3. Two years ago we did a Veg. garden as part of our Home ed lifestyle and I must admit it was a failure! The children were quite young and more plants were pulled up than planted. Last year Hubby decided to garden on his own :-). A new try this year, all the children are fairly reasonable now and a couple of them are quite keen to have their own Veg. patches in addition to helping with the main garden. I'm collecting seed catalogs for them all to look through and for myself I want an herb garden. I would also like to have a rock garden directly out the front as it is a very sunny spot by day and not much grows there as it stays so very dry in summer. Well, we have plenty of time for planning this out since we've still got several feet of snow outdoors. One idea we will try is starting some seeds indoors, not sure what will most lend itself to that method.
posted by Jodi 5:21 PM