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New resolutions for Microsoft Smartphone (320x240) and Pocket PC (640x480) are coming
October 28, 2003 [General]
New resolutions for Microsoft Smartphone and for Pocket PC
(on picture above: the new [green] and old [blue] resolutions of Pocket PC and Microsoft Smartphone represented proportionally)

Yesterday we were reporting about the start of the PDC 2003 conference (see here for more info) and there in the description of one of the sessions there was written: "Preview hardware innovations in screen resolutions". Now more information is known about these new resolutions.

In the overview “Developing for Windows Mobile” session at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference, James Pratt touched very briefly on something that developers will want to think about in designing their Windows Mobile applications: new display capabilities for next generation Windows Mobile devices.
  • Pocket PC will support VGA (640x480), “square”, and “standard” resolutions in both landscape and portrait modes.
  • Smartphone will support QVGA (320x240) and the current “standard” resolution.
... writes Smartphone Thoughts live from the PDC 2003 conference.

More information on this topic of new screen resulutions for Smartphone and Pocket PC is awaited from the session, that will take place today, later on, namely the "Windows Mobile Device Platform Futures (Pocket PC and Smartphone)" session that will be held by Dale Rolf and Ori Amiga.

Please, note that Palm OS based PDAs offer higher than the standard Pocket PC (320x240) resolutions for a longer time already - 320x320 and 320x480, so there was a feeling among users of Microsoft PDAs and cell phones, that Palm is ahead. Now, with introduction of these new resolutions Microsoft is catching up with Palm, and at the same time better prepares itself for the introduction by Nokia of the Series 90 platform for high end cell phones, that will offer 640x320 resolution, together with the support for touch screen.

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