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Year: 1989
Jason H. Cole
Mobile, AL, UMS-Wright Preparatory School
College Plans: Emory University
Working with the elderly in a blurring home visitation program he helped institute through key club, organizing the Spanish club’s food drive as vice president and helping one exceptionally needy family mark Jason as an energetic, motivated and caring young man. His academic career shows the result of persistent hard work – severe advanced placement courses and a straight-A record. A pianist, Jason played varsity basketball and won the State Spanish Oral Competition. He was also sports editor of the yearbook. For fun, Jason enjoys playing “pick-up” basketball or reading a book. He plans to attend Emory University.
Year: 1989
Ashley M. Steiner
Mobile, AL, UMS-Wright Preparatory School
College Plans: Vanderbilt University
Ashley’s organization of an International Day for her school and its brother school is a tribute to her motivation and perseverance. An avid dancer, Ashley has participated in a dance company and on the cheerleaders squad, which she believes is a good way of taking part in the game without actually playing on the team. Nonetheless, she was an enthusiastic “player” as captain of the volleyball team, sports editor of the school newspaper, president of her church youth group, and vice president of education on the student council. Her work in the Presidential Classroom and at New York University’s Wall Street Seminar have prepared her for the social science courses she plans to take at Vanderbilt University.
Year: 2000
Laura E. Carsten
Mobile, AL, Murphy High School
Laura Carsten is a graduate of Murphy High School. She was an International Baccalaureate scholar and an active participant in several clubs, including the YMCA's Government Club, where her team won statewide awards every year, and the Model United Nations club, where her delegation captured the second place award at the annual simulation. Laura was also involved in the school's marching, symphonic, and jazz bands through which she won several honors, including 4th chair oboe in the All-State Red Band and 2nd chair in the All-State Orchestra. Laura is a member of the National and German Honor Societies, a National Merit Scholar, and an All-American Scholar.
Year: 2000
Matthew H. Noble
Chickasaw, AL, Daphne High School
One man can only accomplish so much, but Matt Noble is a man with a dream and a vision. Presidential Scholar, National Merit Finalist, Valedictorian, and Academic All-Star---Matt Noble is so much more. This year he led his scholars' bowl team to a perfect season and pitched every game for his softball team. But that's not all, Matt can sing every song on the Led Zeppelin II album by memory. Matt knows that John Burnett holds the record for hits in a major league game with an unbelievable nine hits. He is also the sexiest man in America. Not John Burnett, Matt Noble.
Year: 2000
David N. Simmons
Geneva, AL, Geneva High School
David scored 1590 on the SAT and was valedictorian of his class. He is a National Merit Finalist, an AP Scholar, a Coca- Cola Scholar and a National Beta Club Scholar. He is a Wendy's High School Heisman Scholar-Athlete and was named the state overall winner in the Bryant-Jordan Scholar Athlete Awards. He is president of the Student Government Association. His Science Olympiad team won the state championship and represented Alabama at the national finals. He is defensive captain of the football team, and a member of the baseball and basketball teams. He represented Alabama at the national tournament on the Junior National Basketball team.
Year: 2001
Jennifer M. Forsythe
Birmingham, AL, John Carroll High School
I have written to entertain myself since I was seven, I have only recently discovered that sometimes other people seem to be entertained by what I write. I write because I like to make people laugh and ask questions. I like writing characters that are people I want to meet. People and words fascinate me. R. Buckminster Fuller said, "Dare to be na´ve!" Those words are some of the best I have ever read. Salvador Dali called one of his paintings "Two Pieces of Bread Expressing the Sentiment of Love." Those words are excellent as well. Also, one time my fortune cookie said, "the weather is wonderful," and when I went outside, it was raining.
Year: 2001
Andrew D. Galanopoulos
Spanish Fort, AL, Daphne High School
Andrew Galanopoulos is a man of passion - not just for one but for all endeavors. He writes poetry with the same zeal with which he runs cross-country. He attacks a math problem in the manner that he plays his guitar - logically, creatively, and ferociously. Andrew's widespread enthusiasm has shaped him into a learned scholar in areas from physics to golf to Led Zeppelin. For this, he has received much recognition - National Merit Scholar, winner of countlesswriting contests, All-American Scholar, All-State Academic Team finalist, and now Presidential Scholar.
Year: 2001
Ashley M. Lott
Citronelle, AL, St. Paul's Episcopal School
Ashley lives in a rural area near the small town of Citronelle, Alabama. She commutes forty-five minutes each morning and night to attend private school in Mobile. She feels her biggest accomplishment has been balancing her job at Hardee's, her academics, and her social life. If Ashley has any time alone, she devotes it to her passion - reading classic literature, particularly Shakespeare.
Year: 2001
Yong-Xuan Qiu
Birmingham, AL, Vestavia Hills High School
I believe life is about experiencing and influencing. My personal experiences range from creative interests such as violinperformance and figure skating to academic challenges such as math team and debate team. As a first-generation immigrant, my exposures to both Chinese and American cultures have taught me the importance of community versus individuality, government versus self-rule, and discipline versus creativity. Within my school, I have worked to increase acceptance and appreciation of diversity through multicultural clubs and personal projects. I also hope to influence the prevalent but often masked plight of women in society by working to increase education, self-confidence, andself-autonomy of women. From the many experiences that others have afforded me, I have learned what beliefs to advocate in hopes of continuing the cycle of influencing others.
Year: 2002
Zachary A. Madonia
Mobile, AL, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
College Plans: University of Notre Dame
As the son of a doctor and of a theologian, I was reared with a firm foundation in academics, integrity, and faith. This backgroundhas instilled in me a strong work ethic, a deep spirituality, and a desire to learn. I am an avid reader, consuming all genres of literature, from classic works to the daily sports page. My passion for all things sports runs deeper than the daily newspaper, however.Basketball, football, and baseball games are fixtures both in my backyard and on my television set. Throughout high school, Iparticipated in track and cross-country. My parents are of ethnic Catholic descent giving me both a strong respect for culturalidentity and an exotic culinary palate. I enjoy writing.
Year: 2002
Nicole A. Oertli
Mobile, AL, Murphy High School
College Plans: Spring Hill College
Nicole counts her experiences in the Murphy High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme among those that have changed her life. The International Baccalaureate program taught her not just to experience, but to evaluate; not just to learn for alocal short-term, but also to analyze and to know on a global scale. Her interest in the international world, stemming from her immigrant father and dual citizenship, combined with her interest in the environment and scientific research, led her to combineadvanced materials with consumer electronics to build a prototype of an inexpensive air-monitoring device which could potentiallybe used to detect pollution in economically less-developed countries. Aside from her interest in science, she enjoys writing, volunteering,and international politics, and hopes to eventually work for the United Nations.