This site is dedicated to Diaries, Journals and Notebooks written in books.
This is not a site for online diaries.

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How This Came About (so far) (Hollie's Story)

Diaries, journals and notebooks are my passion. I'm fascinated by people who write.
I've been writing my whole life. My name is Hollie, these are my books.

I have a lot of dreams and ideas about personal writing.
Surf around a bit and see if any of this gives you ideas.
If it does, I'd love to hear from you.

            ~~~~~~~ Hollie

Dedicated to creating a network of people interested in diaries, journals and notebooks. We're talking books you can hold in your hand!
What's your area of interest? Reading Diaries? Keeping a Journal? Collecting manuscripts? Whatever your passion in this realm, I hope you will find a like minded community here.

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