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Ritual Abuse
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Ritual Abuse
Note: This topic has been archived.
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  Related Subject(s): Ritual abuse ,  Ritual abuse victims
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Articles 21 - 40

9 July 2001
Near Death Experiences
This article describes programming done utilizing near death experiences. Trigger warning: if you are a survivor, do not read without your therapist present or in a safe place.

27 June 2001
A Call for Articles
This is an open letter asking for articles from those who have insight, experience, or interest in ritual abuse and mind control, and healing from them.

23 June 2001
The Source of Real Healing
Trigger warning: this contains a strong Christian message. Here is a discussion of the true source of healing, according to the author.

4 June 2001
Magic Surgery and the Formation of the Inner World
This article discusses programming and the creation of internal worlds in the survivor from the perspective of a Christian therapist who has worked with many survivors.

19 May 2001
Overcoming Denial
Denial can be one of the greatest barriers to healing for the survivor. Here is a discussion of different types of denial, and why they occur.

5 May 2001
mK ULTRA/Assassin Programming
This article discusses assassin programming as done by the Illuminati. Trigger warning: involves graphic detail in discussion.

24 April 2001
Reprogramming the Mind: a Book Review
**Trigger warning: this article contains strongly Christian content*** This article discusses the book "Search for Significance" and the role it has played in my life in undoing the lies the cult taught me.

8 April 2001
Ritual Holidays
With Easter coming up, many survivors struggle with this holiday. I have included a calendar of the major holidays of the year that both survivors and support people can refer to.

21 March 2001
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases
This article written by an attorney addresses the legal issues, as well as the findings that surround ritual abuse cases in our country. It includes an outstanding description of the effects of ritual trauma on young children.

21 March 2001
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases (Part 2)
This article discusses ritual abuse and the findings that occur during forensic investigations of ritual trauma cases. It is written by an attorney with experience in this area.

21 March 2001
Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Cases (Part 3)
This article by an attorney discusses the finding that occur during forensic investigations of ritual abuse cases. This is part three in a series to publish the article in its entirety.

10 March 2001
How to Support a Survivor
This article discusses how support people can help a survivor of ritual abuse.

17 February 2001
Finding A Safe House
This article discusses finding a safe house for the survivor of ritual abuse, including precautions the survivor needs to take.

3 February 2001
Can Recovered Memories Be Trusted?
This article discusses recovered memories, and the debate surrounding them.

23 January 2001
An Interview With Jeannie Riseman
Jeannie Riseman, editor of "Survivorship" and creator of the Ritual Abuse Homepage, shares her thoughts on ritual abuse and healing.

14 January 2001
Surviving Torture
Article describes the documented effects of torture on survivors, and addressing this issue as it relates to ritual abuse. **Trigger warning; mentions severe abuse

2 January 2001
An interview with Brice Taylor (part one of two)
Article is part one of an interview with survivor Brice Taylor, who shares her insights on ritual abuse and mind control, as well as encouragement to survivors

20 December 2000
Who and What is the Illuminati?
Interview with svali done by editor of Centrex news site on the Illuminati: who and what they are.

12 December 2000
The search for a good therapist
Discusses how the survivor can look for a therapist, using a phone interview and questions.

25 November 2000
Are the Illuminati taking over the world?
Discusses whether the Illuminati is working towards bringing in a new world order, with emphasis on a Christian viewpoint of this topic.

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