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I have only sketchy info on our family history. Hopefully we will be able to piece together the missing parts and even go back further into our Italian heritage. What I have learned so far is that it starts with Thomas and Madeline Liguori, in Italy in the late 1800's. Madeline gave birth to Paul Liguori on Sept. 2, 1873. I do not know if there were other siblings. On Sept. 14, 1881 Nicholas & Sarah Mazza, who lived in Teggiano gave birth to Concetta Mazza. Paul and Concetta were married in Italy and then migrated whew! their arms were tired! (or is that immigrated?) to the U.S. in the early 1900s. Concetta arrived in the U.S. on Sept. 6, 1906 on a ship named the "Roma (Click here to see the ship)", a 426' long x 46' wide vessel built in 1902 and flown under the french flag. The Manifest (Click here to see the manifest) for this trip shows she travelled with her 5 children; Gaetano (Thomas) 9yrs old, Giuseppe (Joseph) 7 yrs old, Nicola (Nicholas) 5 yrs old, Maria (Mary) 3 yrs old and Cono 1 yr old. I could not find any definative info on Paul's trip here. I am not sure if he came before or after Concetta.

Concetta & Paul Liguori had nine children in total.  Obviously a happy marriage. Clicking on their links below will bring up each child's individual family tree:


Although it is hard to read, you can look at the whole family tree by clicking on the link below. Don't forget to use the magnifying glass in the toolbar to zoom or use a good pair of binoculars.

Click here to open the Complete Liguori Family Tree

It is quite possible that there are errors or missing information. Here's where we need your help!  Corrections can be sent to the contact email address. Time allowing we will make the changes and update the site.  We are using the program Family Tree Maker 10.0 to put this Family Tree together. There are many features that this program has built in (birthdate, deathdate, Family book,etc.) that we hope to use as time allows. The family tree's are formatted as PDF files. If you have never downloaded Adobe Acrobat you can click below and get it for free.

As is always the case with the information I am able to accumulate for this website, the datafile is available to anyone in the family that wants it. It will not be very useful without the program (Family Tree Maker 10.0) but it only costs $29.95 for those who are interested in maintaining the tree themselves.

Thanks, and remember to check back for updates