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Mids HS Boldero

Midshipman HS Boldero
HMS Boadicea
He was only 15 years old during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879

Zulu Memorial, Isandlwana

Memorial to the Zulu dead in the Battle of Isandlwana taking the form of the Zulu award for bravery in battle - the iziqu
Lieutenant T Melvill
1-24th Regiment
Killed In Action

Victoria Cross

Lt T Melvill

Lieutenant JRM Chard Royal Engineers
Officer Commanding, Rorke's Drift
January 22/23rd 1879
Awarded Victoria Cross

Lt JRM Chard

The Keynsham Light Horse are enthusiasts dedicated to the location of memorials and headstones to those involved in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879. The fruits of that labour are presented on this site with over 1 000 such memorials and headstones online. Such battles as Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, Hlobane, Gingindlovu, Khambula and Ulundi are the framework of the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 but we do not restrict ourselves to the combatants - the support staff are as sought after, as are those at home - such as the wives, some of whom became widows. Our more esoteric 'qualifiers' include the officer in charge of Cape Town Harbour who received the thanks of Parliament after the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 and the civil servant who was sent to Natal to balance the books. Being based in the UK means that most of the memorials to those involved in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 recorded are from there but as you will see there are memorials all over the world.

The bravery of those defending their homeland in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 is also acknowledged but Zulu culture means that physical memorials are much rarer.

Memorials to veterans of the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 take many forms as you will see on this website. In pursuit of memorials to those who were involved in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 thousands of hours have been spent in libraries, museums, record offices and similar places. This work goes into the road trips, two or three a year, where miles are eaten and cemeteries crawled over.....

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