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Internet Gateway Device (IGD) V 1.0

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Printer Device & Print Basic Service V 1.0

Scanner (External Activity V1.0, Feeder V1.0, Scan V1.0, Scanner V1.0)

Basic Device V1.0


WLAN Access Point Device V1.0 

DeviceSecurity & SecurityConsole V1.0

Welcome to the UPnP™ Forum!

The UPnP™ Forum is an industry initiative designed to enable simple and robust connectivity among stand-alone devices and PCs from many different vendors. As a group, we are leading the way to an interconnected lifestyle.

The Forum consists of more than


vendors, including industry leaders in consumer electronics, computing, home automation, home security, appliances, printing, photography, computer networking, and mobile products.

Companies with interests in particular device classes are encouraged to become Forum members and participate in designing schema templates for their device classes.

By defining and publishing UPnP™ device and service descriptions, members of the UPnP™ Forum are creating the means to easily connect devices and simplify the implementation of networks. In doing so, the UPnP™ Forum members are creating new product opportunities for their companies and industries.

UPnP™ technology is all about making home networking simple and affordable for users so the connected home experience becomes a mainstream experience for users experience and great opportunity for the industry. UPnP™ architecture offers pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of PCs of all form factors, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. UPnP™ architecture leverages TCP/IP and the Web to enable seamless proximity networking in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office, and everywhere in between. UPnP™ technology can be supported on essentially any operating system and works with essentially any type of physical networking media - wired or wireless - providing maximum user and developer choice and great economics.

UPnP™ Hot Stories

Devices that play together, work together
The UPnP™ architecture defines common protocols and procedures to guarantee interoperability among network-enabled PCs, appliances, and wireless devices.
EDN Magazine - September 13, 2001 - What is the status of devices on the Internet? And how do you start operations on them? Will the devices notify you when they have a significant event? And is there a simple human interface for the networked devices? The network UPnP™ technology, which Microsoft and the UPnP™ Forum are promoting, might help you find the answers to these questions. more

UPnP™ NAT Traversal FAQ
Hometoys-August 2001 issue-NAT is used in gateway devices that form the boundary between the public Internet and the private LAN. As IP packets from the private LAN traverse the gateway, NAT translates a private IP address and port number to a public IP address and port number, tracking those translations to keep individual sessions intact. Internet Connection Sharing in Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Me operating systems, along with many Internet gateway devices... more


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UPnP™ Forum Creates UPnP™ Implementers Corp. (UIC) and Completes First Certification Standard: Internet Gateways
UIC to certify software and hardware devices conforming to UPnP™ standards for home networking—vendors may then use new UPnP™ mark for certified devices. (November 27, 2001) more

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