Here is where it all began, the genesis of what became known as slash, and would become an art form in itself. If any single work stands as a tribute to the vision and courage of Gerry Downes, this is it. It begins with the gen novella, NEBULA OF ORION, which in fact appeared in STARDATE UNKNOWN #1. Love is clearly stated in that gen story, but is it deeper than friendship, brotherhood? At the end of the gen story the "sub-plot," or "sub-text," as we would call it today, has been broadly hinted at but not yet stated outright.
That statement is made in the EPILOG TO ORION, which was published separately as a "thin, and slash could be said to have begun!
In the interests if coherence, and especially for those readers who desure to collect only the slash part of this collection, we made the decision to combine NEBULA and EPILOG into one still-slender volume, and present the two together as a kind of prolog to ALTERNATIVE. IT's just 80pp at A4, beautifully illustrated, a collection of prose, poetry and art, combined with Gerry's magic touch.
The foundations for ALTERNATIVE are laid right here, and even if slash was not to your taste, the treatment given the relationship between ship's captain and alien commander is so delicate, no reader could fail to be touched.

Cover art for ALTERNATIVE

80pp at Letter/A4 size, beautifully illustrated. Full size type, xerox, coil bound.

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