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Sign up to help with Ten Commandments rallies

One Nation Under God

Thank you so much for your willingness to help RenewAmerica.us and its affiliated groups organize rallies in your area, over the next weeks and months, in defense of our First Amendments rights!

Street address: 


Zip code: 
Home phone:  ()  
Work phone:  ()  
Cell phone:  ()  
Fax:  ()  
*E-mail address: 

Your information will be used only for the purposes of RenewAmerica
and Ten Commandments rallies--to facilitate communication and planning
among RenewAmerica volunteers and staff. The data will be maintained
in a secured list, and will not be given or sold to a third party.

Please do not include personal information that you do
not want shared among RenewAmerica volunteers.

What can you do? (Check as many roles as you like.)
     Lead and organize
     Help with media and publicity
     Write letters to editors
     Do phoning
     Prepare phone banks
     Help with signs and banners
     Make leaflets
     Distribute leaflets
     Arrange for balloons
     Arrange for flags
     Arrange for T-shirts
     Call in to radio talk shows
     Get the word out by e-mail
     Contact churches & clergy
     Contact private & home schools
     Organize local grassroots groups
     Contact conservative organizations
     Help with event fundraising
     Arrange for permits (if needed)
     Arrange for event insurance (if needed)
     Arrange for security
     Arrange for sound system
     Arrange for audio/video recording
     Arrange for photography
     Help coordinate parking
     Help with crowd control
     Help with accommodations of dignitaries
     Write an event follow-up piece


Special skills:

Special contacts:


A note about authority to represent RenewAmerica

Everyone who enlists in RenewAmerica's effort to build public support for restraining the activist courts should consider himself or herself a REPRESENTATIVE OF RENEWAMERICA. Please identify yourself as a RenewAmerica volunteer, authorized to assist in this vital effort. And please treat members of other participating organizations with utmost respect and deference. Our purpose in this concerted endeavor is to help.

After you sign up, be sure to read (and print off) our "Action Guide to Ten Commandments rallies." The guide offers ideas and information to help you organize rallies--of any size--in your area.

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