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Alan Keyes
On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Edward Daley
Don't turn on the "Central Air"

Curtis Dahlgren
Truth or consequences: on chopping down a redwood tree

Mary Mostert
Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

Robert Meyer
Judicial activism & Chicken Little

Jonathan David Morris
Medicare makes me sick

Jerry Bowyer
Lowering the boom: How a strong recovery is threatened by a weak dollar

Stephen Erwin
Full faith and credit

David N. Bass
Democrats play the religion card

Peter & Helen Evans
It's not a difference of opinion; it's war

Andy Obermann
Prescription drugs for votes

Judson Cox
Don't save the whales, save yourself!

Jon Alvarez
Has Hollywood abandoned America?


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Curtis Dahlgren column

Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in the frozen tundra of Michigan's U.P., and his career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton. In the intro to The Fenton Bible, Fenton said:

"I was in ’53 a young student in a course of education for an entirely literary career, but with a wider basis of study than is usual. . . . In commerce my life has been passed. . . . Indeed, I hold my commercial experience to have been my most important field of education, divinely prepared to fit me to be a competent translator of the Bible, for it taught me what men are and upon what motives they act, and by what influences they are controlled. Had I, on the other hand, lived the life of a Collegiate Professor, shut up in the narrow walls of a library, I consider that I should have had my knowledge of mankind so confined to glancing through a 'peep-hole' as to make me totally unfit for [my life's work]."

Curtis is listed as a University of Wisconsin-Madison "alumnus" (loosely speaking, along with a few other drop-outs including John Muir, Charles Lindbergh, Frank Lloyd Wright and Dick Cheney). He has a website at www.jcmquotations.com.

Truth or CONSEQUENCES: on chopping down a redwood tree
Curtis Dahlgren
December 3, 2003

We live in the age of "safe sin" in which anything and everything is tolerated except "intolerance" and anger. I once had the pleasure of attending an "anger . . .

THINK-giving Day and what really made America great
Curtis Dahlgren
November 20, 2003

"From the heart come evil thanks." — Old English translation of Matthew 15:19 Nothing throws new light on a subject like discovering the ancient origins of a . . .

From LaLa Land to Ogallala: The paradoxes of optimism & pessimism
Curtis Dahlgren
November 14, 2003

I tried to e-mail my last column to the Los Angeles Times and their computer sent it back as pornographic. By the way, in the column before that, I said that . . .

Morphing the world: Can you say "JADED," boys and girls?
Curtis Dahlgren
November 4, 2003

"May we, like the Great Burden Bearer, tactfully enter into and share the needs of others. . . . May we remember that kind words can never die."— A.E. . . .

Dedicated to Dutch: The reasons they hate Reagan
Curtis Dahlgren
October 27, 2003

"These are farmers, the Common Clay of the Old West — you know, MORONS!"— Mel Brooks in BLAZING SADDLES In 1963, a couple dropped off their kids at church and . . .

Evolution: The Thalidomide of social silver bullets
Curtis Dahlgren
October 20, 2003

When people say, “It’s not about [such and such],” often that’s the very thing it’s ALL ABOUT. Believers in Darwinism often say that evolution isn’t about . . .

60-second seminar on "turning back the clock"
Curtis Dahlgren
October 9, 2003

Two analogies that describe today’s teenagers: (A) Scientists have discovered a tiny creature that lives in the lips of a North Atlantic lobster; it is unique . . .

A 60-second seminar on anger
Curtis Dahlgren
October 3, 2003

"Anger is better than laughter." — Ecclesiastes 7:3 IF VINCE LOMBARDI were coaching in this day and age, he would probably be ordered to attend "anger . . .

Abortion is killing us
Curtis Dahlgren
September 28, 2003

"We are not sure that words always save, but we know, and are sure, that silence kills." —Doctors Without Borders According to a poll published May 11, 1999  . . .

Whom the gods wish to con, they first make illiterate
Curtis Dahlgren
September 21, 2003

There are some sentences that should never be completed: "America has been good to us, but . . . " "Thanks for the history lesson, but . .  . . .

The 60-second seminar "...a few words now to Republicans"
Curtis Dahlgren
September 15, 2003

Jeremiad, n. A tale of woe, grief or despair; a lament over wickedness or degeneracy; often used sarcastically. — Funk & Wagnalls, 1938 It is not a closely . . .

Is it kosher to be a Jeremiah?
Curtis Dahlgren
September 9, 2003

Never mind, for the moment, why my opinions are so "opinionated," or whether I have my own 'skeletons.' "The world is full of fools," someone once said, "and . . .

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