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Alan Keyes
On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Edward Daley
Don't turn on the "Central Air"

Curtis Dahlgren
Truth or consequences: on chopping down a redwood tree

Mary Mostert
Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

Robert Meyer
Judicial activism & Chicken Little

Jonathan David Morris
Medicare makes me sick

Jerry Bowyer
Lowering the boom: How a strong recovery is threatened by a weak dollar

Stephen Erwin
Full faith and credit

David N. Bass
Democrats play the religion card

Peter & Helen Evans
It's not a difference of opinion; it's war

Andy Obermann
Prescription drugs for votes

Judson Cox
Don't save the whales, save yourself!

Jon Alvarez
Has Hollywood abandoned America?


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Tony DiPasquale column

Tony DiPasquale

Tony DiPasquale is 32 years old and lives in Orlando, Florida, where he is attending Barry Law School. Self-employed in the construction industry, he recently earned a BS degree in political science from SUNY Brockport, where he graduated with a 3.75 GPA and was a member of both Alpha Chi and Pi Sigma Alpha. Presently, Tony's goals for political activity center in grassroots and lobbying. Readers can contact him at americarestore@aol.com

Rush to judgment
Tony DiPasquale
October 12, 2003

Rush Limbaugh shocked the political community this week when he admitted that he was addicted to prescription drugs. Some of the opposition, such as Alan Colmes . . .

You are known by the company you keep
Tony DiPasquale
October 5, 2003

Most of us can recall a time when are parents warned us to "choose are friends wisely." Suffice it to say, they were referring to the way in which others would . . .

Should we kick God out of the country?
Tony DiPasquale
September 9, 2003

Today, a number of Americans, many of them college educated, espouse the virtues of separation of church and state. Somehow our education system has failed, for . . .

Terminating conservatism in California
Tony DiPasquale
August 15, 2003

With the recall of Governor Grey Davis underway in California, voters are being inundated with a plethora of candidates to fill the potential vacancy. One of . . .

Up in smoke
Tony DiPasquale
July 31, 2003

For years, New York residents have been disillusioned as to what freedom is truly about. Administration after administration told us, albeit indirectly, that . . .

The runaway judiciary
Tony DiPasquale
July 18, 2003

Today, we are all too aware that many judges are no longer upholding the law, but in fact legislating it themselves. Even so, no one could have anticipated the . . .

Thoughts on Independence Day
Tony DiPasquale
July 3, 2003

This July fourth marks our country's two hundred and twenty-seventh birthday. What an unbelievable accomplishment it was for the colonists to overthrow British . . .

The looming Republican crisis
Tony DiPasquale
June 24, 2003

Confusion is running amuck in Washington. It seems Republicans have forgotten which side of the aisle they are sitting on. No longer are they espousing the . . .

The era of big government is alive and well
Tony DiPasquale
June 14, 2003

As we speak, a raging debate is taking place in Congress. No, it is not about the affordability of the recent tax cut, nor is it over ways to cut spending in . . .

The Bush Tax Cut: nothing more than a mountain made out of a molehill
Tony DiPasquale
June 4, 2003

Last Wednesday, President Bush signed a $350 billion dollar tax cut into law. Democrats naturally went into a frenzy, suggesting all sorts of negative outcomes . . .

Thoughts on Memorial Day
Tony DiPasquale
May 25, 2003

With the celebration of Memorial Day looming, we should take time to re-evaluate our own contributions to our country. Continually we are reminded that this is . . .

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