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Alan Keyes
On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Edward Daley
Don't turn on the "Central Air"

Curtis Dahlgren
Truth or consequences: on chopping down a redwood tree

Mary Mostert
Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

Robert Meyer
Judicial activism & Chicken Little

Jonathan David Morris
Medicare makes me sick

Jerry Bowyer
Lowering the boom: How a strong recovery is threatened by a weak dollar

Stephen Erwin
Full faith and credit

David N. Bass
Democrats play the religion card

Peter & Helen Evans
It's not a difference of opinion; it's war

Andy Obermann
Prescription drugs for votes

Judson Cox
Don't save the whales, save yourself!

Jon Alvarez
Has Hollywood abandoned America?


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Peter & Helen Evans column

Peter & Helen Evans

Peter and Helen Evans — a husband and wife team — teach a philosophical approach to conservatism. They have helped thousands of adults in more than thirty countries realize more of the best of themselves through responsibility. Peter and Helen have published two books, "Freedom Through Contemplation" and "Manifest Success!" They maintain a website at www.peterandhelenevans.com.

It's not a difference of opinion; it's war
Peter & Helen Evans
December 2, 2003

So many Americans expressed astonishment after 9/11. "Why do they want to kill us?" We, in America, have become so accustomed to the open debate made possible . . .

Gratitude and Thanksgiving, 2003
Peter & Helen Evans
November 25, 2003

Sure, we all look forward to the long weekend, the turkey, the pumpkin pie and visits from friends and relatives. Perhaps we'll even hear stories of how the . . .

The Left, the Right, and "The Reagans"
Peter & Helen Evans
November 11, 2003

The recent cat-fight sparked by CBS's production "The Reagans" has coughed up the twin hairballs of "censorship" and "propaganda." Both these terms, properly . . .

Only half married
Peter & Helen Evans
October 24, 2003

Controversy rages about same-sex marriage, but what does traditional marriage mean anymore? In his essay, "Divorce on Demand" (National Review, October 27, 200 . . .

Interview with Michael Novak: "What is the purpose of the universe?"
Peter & Helen Evans
October 11, 2003

Many have pondered that perennial question: "What is the purpose of the universe?" and not found a satisfactory answer. Yet, in a recent interview with Michael . . .

A call to action
Peter & Helen Evans
October 6, 2003

As we scan the discussion lists, we see a major increase in pessimism on the Right. Some say they're just too depressed to read anymore, or are sure we're on . . .

Having no money doesn't mean you're poor
Peter & Helen Evans
September 27, 2003

There's a proverb about sailing on the notoriously shallow Chesapeake Bay, "If you haven't run aground at least once, either you're not sailing or you're lying. . . .

A nation divided is what we need
Peter & Helen Evans
September 22, 2003

We've been hearing many of the Democratic presidential candidates lamenting that we are now "a nation divided." This is news? Well, yes and no. If that isn't . . .

A return to greatness: Address to be delivered Aug. 17, National Mall, Washington, DC
Peter & Helen Evans
August 15, 2003

PETER: We’re here to celebrate Victorious America. We congratulate our troops, who are in Iraq, right now, rubbing out the last of the tyranny of Saddam . . .

The Mirror of Erised
Peter & Helen Evans
July 31, 2003

A new study about the conservative attitude has recently come out. Entitled "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition," it is obviously not . . .

Individually come together to support our troops and country
Peter & Helen Evans
July 25, 2003

Living here in Washington, DC, we see plenty of protest rallies. Some of them are amusing, many seem pointless, and some — like Tractor Man — are both . . .

Make up or break up? -- America and her allies
Peter & Helen Evans
July 5, 2003

Is it time for international divorce court or can we still repair our aging marriage over a nice, candlelit French dinner? Panelists at a recent Heritage . . .

Re-declaration of Independence
Peter & Helen Evans
July 3, 2003

As we approach our 227th birthday as a nation, it is appropriate to consider the streams of history which, in their confluence, contributed to the occasion we . . .

Victory for affirmative action?
Peter & Helen Evans
June 30, 2003

The big-ticket liberal academics who had gathered at Charlie Rose's round table that night were scared. They circled their wagons around his hospitable campfire . . .

America, the great experiment (part 7)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 29, 2003

Transcript of March 18, 2003, interview with Major Bob Bevelacqua. Bob I'm very outspoken and I don't align myself with any party. When I think it's . . .

America, the great experiment (part 6)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 28, 2003

Transcript of interview with Malcolm Peck, December 23, 2002. Peter Tell us your understanding of the great experiment. We hope you'll elaborate on the . . .

America, the great experiment (part 5)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 27, 2003

Transcript of interview with Washington, DC, Councilmember, Carol Schwartz, December 12, 2002. Helen Could you tell us your conception of "America, the great . . .

NGOs -- the New World Order
Peter & Helen Evans
June 26, 2003

When the dictator, Josef Stalin, first appeared at the brand-new United Nations accompanied by representatives of Soviet "labor unions," other delegates cried . . .

America, the great experiment (part 4)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 25, 2003

Transcript of interview with Patricia Tyson, a Black woman who grew up in Washington, DC, during segregation, who worked her way into the State Department and . . .

America, the great experiment (part 3)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 24, 2003

We met with Akram Elias the morning after he provided the Arabic translation of President Bush's speech addressed to the American Enterprise Institute. Akram's . . .

America, the great experiment (part 2)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 23, 2003

Following is an interview with Akram Elias, Lebanese born American citizen, 33rd degree Mason, Manager of Capitol Communications Group and Consultant to the U.S . . .

America, the great experiment (part 1)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 22, 2003

Following is an interview with Akram Elias, Lebanese born American citizen, 33rd degree Mason, Manager of Capitol Communications Group and Consultant to the U.S . . .

False virtue, or the psychology of the weak
Peter & Helen Evans
June 21, 2003

It seems that it is the same old story... again: those who cannot (or will not) defend themselves are biting the hand that defends them. But, in order to hide . . .

The power of public scorn
Peter & Helen Evans
June 20, 2003

Unusual circumstances have the power to highlight our usually un-noticed habits of belief and attitude. A heavy snowfall here in Washington, DC, recently . . .

What we learned about peace (part 2)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 19, 2003

Many of our readers and students are surprised to hear our current views about peace. With our background as ministers, they assumed we would only talk of love . . .

What we learned about peace (part 1)
Peter & Helen Evans
June 18, 2003

One of our investment projects is buying old houses, updating, then selling them. Usually the most excitement we encounter during one of these projects is . . .

Needy, greedy, or just working
Peter & Helen Evans
June 17, 2003

Most of us respond with generosity to someone who is truly needy, but it's sometimes difficult to decide who is truly in need. We offer some of our experiences . . .

America and slavery
Peter & Helen Evans
June 16, 2003

Recently we visited Monticello, the estate of Thomas Jefferson. After a tour of the home, we encountered a guide on the grounds informing us "surprise!" Thomas . . .

Open letter to Toni Smith
Peter & Helen Evans
June 15, 2003

An open letter to Toni Smith, a college student in Manhattanville, NY, who chooses to turn her back on the American Flag during the playing of the national . . .

"Americans think they can do anything" -- you bet we can!
Peter & Helen Evans
June 14, 2003

America is being criticized for being "Arrogant" and for being "Too Powerful." Yes, we are the richest and most powerful nation on earth, but this hasn't . . .

Bias against guns
Peter & Helen Evans
June 13, 2003

Does the gun-control debate have any connection with the reality of guns in our society? Author John Lott suggests that the answer is “no.” On Monday, May 19th . . .

The true motives of the Left
Peter & Helen Evans
June 12, 2003

In our last article ("A New Class of Slaves -- The Rich") we reported that "the poor" had enslaved "the rich," but it wasn't their fault. The real oppressors . . .

A new class of slaves -- the rich
Peter & Helen Evans
June 11, 2003

How would you describe someone who benefits from the involuntary labor of others? Do you think of feudal kings sitting on their royal bottoms, watching the . . .

Chipping away at freedom
Peter & Helen Evans
June 10, 2003

America was founded on the "self-evident truth" of our right of individual freedom, and our government was instituted to secure that right. The Declaration of . . .

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