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Alan Keyes
On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Edward Daley
Don't turn on the "Central Air"

Curtis Dahlgren
Truth or consequences: on chopping down a redwood tree

Mary Mostert
Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

Robert Meyer
Judicial activism & Chicken Little

Jonathan David Morris
Medicare makes me sick

Jerry Bowyer
Lowering the boom: How a strong recovery is threatened by a weak dollar

Stephen Erwin
Full faith and credit

David N. Bass
Democrats play the religion card

Peter & Helen Evans
It's not a difference of opinion; it's war

Andy Obermann
Prescription drugs for votes

Judson Cox
Don't save the whales, save yourself!

Jon Alvarez
Has Hollywood abandoned America?


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Richard Ferrier column

Richard Ferrier

Dr. Richard Ferrier is president of the Declaration Foundation. He has taught at Thomas Aquinas College since 1978. In addition to the American Founding, his academic interests include classical philosophy, especially physics, and the growth of mathematics during the Scientific Revolution. His writings have appeared in many publications and journals.

Justice Thomas and Mister Lincoln: a thought on the Fourth of July, 2003
Richard Ferrier
July 3, 2003

In the Michigan Affirmative Action cases recently decided by the United States Supreme Court, Justice Thomas cited the Declaration of Independence. I quote . . .

Orwell and Olson: doublethink from the Bush Administration on race preferences
Richard Ferrier
April 14, 2003

Pity poor Ted Olson, Solicitor General for the United States. In the Michigan affirmative action cases now being argued before the Supreme Court, Mr. Olson has . . .

Reflections on Lincoln's second inaugural address
Richard Ferrier
February 12, 2003

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 194th Birthday. I wish to honor him by sharing a few reflections about his Second Inaugural Address, given on March 4th, 1865. Here . . .

California Latino Caucus smears UC Regent Ward Connerly -- Connerly's hard-hitting reply
Richard Ferrier
January 30, 2003

The material I will provide at the end of this piece pretty well speaks for itself. My friend Ward Connerly, who was the chairman of the California Civil . . .

Selling lies about Lincoln--to homeschoolers!
Richard Ferrier
January 11, 2003

Americans of all regions and many political persuasions rightly revere Abraham Lincoln. He is the pre-eminent example of a statesman who took his bearings from . . .

Setting the record straight: Lincoln's wisdom on the politics of race
Richard Ferrier
December 9, 2002

A minor scholar, an economist by the name of Thomas DiLorenzo, has been on an anti-Lincoln Jihad throughout the year 2002. His book The Real Lincoln has led . . .

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