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Alan Keyes
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Don't turn on the "Central Air"

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Truth or consequences: on chopping down a redwood tree

Mary Mostert
Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

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Judicial activism & Chicken Little

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Medicare makes me sick

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Lowering the boom: How a strong recovery is threatened by a weak dollar

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Full faith and credit

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Democrats play the religion card

Peter & Helen Evans
It's not a difference of opinion; it's war

Andy Obermann
Prescription drugs for votes

Judson Cox
Don't save the whales, save yourself!

Jon Alvarez
Has Hollywood abandoned America?


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Curtis Harris column

Curtis Harris

Curtis Harris--a Howard County, Maryland, resident--is an ex-business executive, private investor, and author of Ending Entrenched Power, published by iUniverse.

Spending like there is no tomorrow
Curtis Harris
November 30, 2003

How is this for Congressional logic? Whereas: There is a federal budget deficit caused by recession and war. Whereas: There is a time lag between tax cuts and . . .

Islam's true nature
Curtis Harris
October 27, 2003

The conduct of many Islamic leaders and their zealous followers proves there is a tyrannical and violent side to Islam. Yet many members of the faith . . .

Solving real problems -- Some basics on health care
Curtis Harris
October 5, 2003

The debate over health care in America, as currently conducted, is a waste of time. The debate has no foundation in fundamental human rights and basic common . . .

Post-hurricane thoughts
Curtis Harris
September 27, 2003

Real Power We lost electrical power around 9:00 PM on September 18 as Hurricane Isabel moved into Maryland. We got it back in the late afternoon of the 24th.  . . .

Solving real problems -- Abortion
Curtis Harris
September 14, 2003

In the original column on Solving Real Problems, I identified the abortion issue as the best example of the failure of our entrenched political leaders to do . . .

Solving real problems -- The balkanization of America
Curtis Harris
August 17, 2003

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858. Lincoln was speaking of free states vs. slave states when he spoke these words. . . .

Solving real problems -- Is there a place for God in government?
Curtis Harris
July 24, 2003

I will start with a few facts. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, . . .

Solving real problems
Curtis Harris
July 15, 2003

"When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the . . .

An impression from the Fourth of July
Curtis Harris
July 8, 2003

My wife and I celebrated the Fourth of July holiday this year by picnicking on the Capitol Mall and watching the annual fireworks display. We arrived early to . . .

Should all nations fear America's military power?
Curtis Harris
June 26, 2003

In a previous column, I discussed America's three-front war as being military, economic, and cultural. The military front of this war is the war on terrorist . . .

Surprise! Bill Clinton wants to be President again
Curtis Harris
June 19, 2003

Enough about Bill Clinton, but the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is worth some discussion. Our Constitution created three . . .

Relief from suffering
Curtis Harris
June 13, 2003

As I watch political coverage on television and read it in the newspapers, I am struck by the consistently negative message coming from Democratic politicians, . . .

What is the problem with term limits?
Curtis Harris
June 10, 2003

I am a fan of term limits on elected officials. Several state and local governments enacted term limits in the past twelve or so years, with good results.  . . .

America's three-front war
Curtis Harris
May 30, 2003

Prior to September 11, 2001, foreign policy experts and military planners, along with the pundit class, framed the debate about America's military capabilities . . .

Follow the money
Curtis Harris
May 24, 2003

"Campaign finance reform" is in a class with other nonsensical terminology like "honest career politician" and "altruistic trial lawyer." A new set of rules . . .

The Lords and Ladies of America
Curtis Harris
May 12, 2003

In the 17th and 18th centuries, groups of people left Europe to establish new lives in North America. They were escaping from various forms of persecution and . . .

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