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David Hines column

David Hines

Born in a mill town, David Hines has seen work as a furniture mover, computer programmer/analyst, and professional musician. Observation of politics began as a toddler, since the polls were in his parents' store. He developed a keen interest in history when permitted some independent study time in junior high school.

With a wide range of interests, he is accused by friends of possessing more useless information than any other of their acquaintance. He has officially studied music and psychology, and unofficially nearly everything else. Like many a Mensa member, he can usually be found hip deep in books. Detractors can blame the thin air of the Rockies, where he once lived, for the dearth of brain cells.

Dave can be contacted at david.hines@verizon.net

Protection racket
David Hines
October 27, 2003

Whose job is it to protect the Constitution? In a recent discussion a young friend in the military said it's their job. Indeed, they take an oath to do so.  . . .

Net stalkings
David Hines
October 15, 2003

In medieval times, a serf worked a month a year to pay his dues to the lord. This year we worked through April 14 to pay off the feds. Then there are state, . . .

Take my home, country rogues
David Hines
October 11, 2003

According to some experts, one of the most pressing needs in Iraq is the guarantee of property rights. Under Saddam, title was not very secure. If you own . . .

Cargo cult
David Hines
October 8, 2003

When Allied troops arrived in Pacific islands during World War II, they would build runways. Soon planes arrived, bringing all sorts of goodies. The natives . . .

The more things change
David Hines
October 5, 2003

Dateline Washington, August 13, 2033ó Tensions rose today as President Jenna Bush designated Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden as the "Axis of Discounts."  . . .

An ounce of perversion
David Hines
October 1, 2003

My attention was recently directed to an article about medical marijuana in Canada. The government operates herb gardens in subterranean installations. Some . . .

Road to Babel
David Hines
September 29, 2003

"Civilizationís enemies attack civilizationís foundational idea, the proposition that human nature is not infinitely plastic, that people cannot be socialized . . .

A crass menagerie
David Hines
September 22, 2003

If you've ever wondered why a standing ovation doesn't involve any sheep, take a gold star out of petty cash. A Roman general, celebrating a triumph, sacrificed . . .

Eden by fiat
David Hines
September 19, 2003

This is a very strange year. The fireflies have yet to appear. They're awaiting action in Congress which will specify acceptable colors of light. In accordance . . .

The emperor's new clothes
David Hines
September 17, 2003

Toward the end of the Republic wealthy Romans would spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dinner party, eating rare delicacies such as hummingbird breast and . . .

Looking glass economy
David Hines
September 12, 2003

How shall I rob thee? Let me count the ways. On a computer installation project once, the client, an accountant, asked my boss what sort of degree he held.  . . .

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