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Jan Ireland column

Jan Ireland

Jan Ireland is a freelance writer who lives in Texas. She receives mail at ciscja@hotmail.com.

Gussying up the gun show lie
Jan Ireland
November 26, 2003

What do you do if everything you stand for is a lie, and that gets found out? Anti-gun organizations often just rename themselves, and declare they're . . .

A plastic approach to life and death
Jan Ireland
November 24, 2003

In a sort of reverse number logic, it is the Second Amendment that actually provides for the First Amendment and all other freedoms that Americans enjoy. Gun . . .

Plastic takes a long time to go away
Jan Ireland
November 20, 2003

Democrat gun control advocates have, pardon the pun, shot themselves in the foot at the polls many times, by trying to foist dangerous and ineffective gun laws . . .

Plumber, psychiatrist, or appropriate footwear
Jan Ireland
November 19, 2003

Were the subject matter not so serious, I would freely admit that I've enjoyed some mighty chuckles recently, occasioned by the veritably cascading leaks coming . . .

Spinning to high heaven
Jan Ireland
November 16, 2003

Spin is a word that used to have to do with a top. The strongest workout it got was from a child who wanted to make the top more exciting by blending its . . .

The pod people and effluent puffery
Jan Ireland
November 10, 2003

Decades separated the two events that caused the world to utter the words 'Never Again.' Six million Jews unimaginably persecuted and murdered, occasioned the . . .

What part of "Christian" does the YWCA still understand?
Jan Ireland
October 24, 2003

How did an organization whose very name suggests a moral stance, come to hire as its director a woman like Patricia Ireland? The YWCA knew that she was . . .

The astounding next level of judicial arrogance in America
Jan Ireland
October 16, 2003

Increasingly overreaching rulings from activist judges in recent years, suggests that public schools are inadequately teaching the constitutional makeup of our . . .

Just a half order of Constitution, I'm dieting
Jan Ireland
October 5, 2003

Liberals are approaching the Constitution of the United States as if it were a menu item. They want to order a la carte (do please pardon the French reference) . . .

Hypocrisy thy name is ... ACLU
Jan Ireland
September 29, 2003

I visualize the ACLU lawyers sputtering, as soon as they read that title. Like a vampire reacting to the Cross, I'd expect them to shield themselves from the . . .

Congress should treat HR 2998 as they do...telemarketing
Jan Ireland
September 25, 2003

Congressman Bill Young (R-Florida) informed his House colleagues early in September about certain Americans receiving bills for food they ate while they were in . . .

The "Gray" Lady still channeling Jayson Blair
Jan Ireland
September 22, 2003

Though he is ignominiously gone from the physical building, it seems the New York Times may still be channeling Jayson Blair. The fired reporter's manipulation . . .

Lipstick on the pig
Jan Ireland
September 17, 2003

Like the snake in the Garden of Eden, political correctness has its wily defenses. It isn't considered politically correct to challenge the origins or efficacy . . .

FEC grants special rights for socialists
Jan Ireland
September 14, 2003

Socialist Linda Averill said potential government surveillance or harassment by anti-socialists necessitated keeping her political donors secret. The Federal . . .

The lusus naturae of liberal thinking and children
Jan Ireland
September 9, 2003

Ogres are after America's children. There are several outwardly pleasant, almost-earnest to a fault, clothed in the guise of liberal progressive thinking.  . . .

Unholy narcissism fuels Left and Right extremists
Jan Ireland
September 4, 2003

What do American convicted murderer Paul Hill and Islamic bomber-murderer Raed Abdel-Hamed Masq have in common? There is the obvious, that both are murderers, . . .

What part of "no law" don't they understand?
Jan Ireland
September 2, 2003

Much of the country needs a constitutional lesson, and they need it quickly. The state of Alabama has become ground zero for a constitutional fight, the . . .

Fox News and the monument
Jan Ireland
August 26, 2003

Watch out for a couple of lulus of bad news events in the near future, because the first of what is said to always come in threes just sidled in unexpectedly on . . .

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