FARM Annual Gathering . . .

FARM runs its gathering a little differently than the parent organization's annual conference, or the other regionals. There are no formal showcases, and no informal showcases either. There is one stage where anybody who wants to can sing a song. There are plenty of topical workshops and discussions in the daytime and lots of jamming and song swapping later into the night. Mostly it's people getting to know other people. It's about acquainting and reacquainting friends -- about making personal alliances with other folks. In the process, good ideas are shared and new ways of solving old troubles are sometimes invented. (The above is an excerpt from a column written by Joel Mabus for the North American Folk Alliance's newsletter. The full article is archived at Joel's website.)

FARM Gathering 2003
The 13th annual FARM Gathering will be held at the Aurora University - Lake Geneva Campus Conference Center (formerly the George Williams Conference Center) in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, from October 24-26, 2003. For more info, email Art Lang

Download 2003 Registration Form (PDF).

Special thanks to our FARM Gathering 2003 sponsors, whose generosity goes toward room and board costs of all workshop presenters, panel leaders and mentors at the gathering. Our sponsors are:

Oasis Duplication
Tobias Music
Milwaukee Irish Fest Foundation

A New Tradition
The first Folk Tradition in the Midwest Award was presented to Art Thieme at the FARM Gathering 2000. Art has been part of the region's folk scene for more than 40 years, contributing new songs and finding old songs that still had a story to tell. His collection of river songs is prodigious, and he spent 10 years sharing them on the riverboats Twilight and Julia Belle Swain.