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 H O M E 
Welcome, weary traveler, you have arrived at a place of Spiritual Renewal. Within these pages lie wonderful things for your mind to ponder; things which will challenge your understanding of Life - things which will spark a very dim memory of truth - even things which have never entered your mind, but now having done so, you will never forget them. Visiting here explains the Meaning of Life.

 S Y L V I A ' S   M I S S I O N 
Sylvia is truly on a mission for God. Simply put, she is determined to show the world that the soul survives death. In addition she wants to emphasize that God, both Father and Mother God, are infinitely loving Beings, not full of wrath and hate as represented by many of today's religions. Sylvia feels that all people can reach God by knowledge and reason, rather than relying upon faith alone. For any question your mind can raise, God will provide an answer; the trick is being able to understand that answer - which Sylvia does on a daily basis, and it gets stronger and stronger with each person she counsels.

To help Sylvia on this mission, God gave her a psychic ability that is unmatched by anyone, which is evident to all who have seen her work on television shows. Many times she has appeared on the Montel Williams Show, Leeza, Unsolved Mysteries, etc; where her astonishing insights and communications with the dead are nothing short of miraculous.
 B R I E F   H I S T O R Y 
Sylvia began her professional career as a psychic on May 8, 1973 with a small meeting in her home. Within one year her practice had grown very large and she decided to incorporate her business as the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research. Wanting to make her work as professional as possible, then as now, Sylvia maintains required business licenses, is a member of a national consumer protection agency, and donates a lot of time to charitable organizations and working with police. Her business has remained in the same general vicinity since beginning her work.

Sylvia's family line includes several practicing psychics and mediums. Her maternal grandmother, Ada, was an established and respected counselor and healer in Kansas City MO. This familial psychic talent has also passed on to her son Christopher Dufresne. There seems to be a genetic component necessary to create exceptional psychics, Sylvia's blood line carries that predisposition to excellence. As Sylvia says, "Anyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone is a concert pianist."

A more detailed history is also available.

Sylvia'ssite is constantly being updated. Please check back frequently for new and exciting information.

Please know that Sylvia or her son Chris Dufresne DO NOT endorse nor are affiliated with any Psychic "hot lines," ads in papers for readings, or any 900 numbers. If anyone is calling themselves Sylvia or Chris and are on one of these lines they are a fraud. The only way to get a hold of Sylvia or Chris for a reading is through her office at this number 408.379.7070.

For example, never ever send any funds to The Tide Group in Palm Beach Florida. They are a total fraud group pretending to be Sylvia and Chris.

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 T U   D E S I G N S   J E W E L R Y 
TU Designs has been working with Sylvia to bring you an exclusive selection of fine custom jewelry. Click here to learn more about this exquisitely designed jewelry that conveys a special spiritual message from Sylvia.
 S Y L V I A ' S   L A T E S T 
Visits from the Afterlife. is now available to order.

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 S P I R I T U A L   S A L O N   W I T H   S Y L V I A 
Sylvia will host a very small group (approx. 35 people) who will enjoy intimate conversations with Sylvia on many topics, from philosophy and psychic phenomena to personal questions. Click Here for Details
 M A I L I N G   L I S T 
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 A N G E L   A R T 
Angel Art as featured in Sylvia Browne's book "Prayers".