“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance! Surviving Terrorism is an effort
to explain
the nature of the terrorist threat and, in practical terms, lays out what
the authors believe each of us can do to
thwart terrorism's evil purposes. Get informed. What you learn could mean
the difference
between life and death for you and your family!”

- Alan Keyes, Chairman,
The Declaration Foundation

“We're in a war unlike any America has ever known. It's going to get rough. I highly recommend Surviving Terrorism as the primer— the starting point for your planning.”

- Joseph Farah,
CEO, WND.com

“The threat of renewed terrorism in America is very real and every family should be prepared for any possible crisis. Surviving Terrorism provides practical and reasonable advice to help families prepare for any pending disaster.”

- Bill Bonner, President and Founder, The Daily Reckoning

“Surviving Terrorism is the only resource I know of that provides ordinary citizens with the kind of no-nonsense, step-by-step information that will get them through the tough times ahead. I highly recommend it!”

- Michael Hyatt,
President, MorePrivacy; Author of Invasion of Privacy

“Just a single suggestion from Surviving Terrorism could protect your bank accounts from seizure ... prevent you from being arrested ... protect your health or even save your life in this age of terror.”

- Howard Ruff, Editor The Ruff Times

“Surviving Terrorism helps you keep a low profile and prepare for the next big attack, and the panic that could follow. It covers dozens of urgent topics — from assessing the risk of attack in the town where you live, to extensive emergency checklists.”

- Richard Maybury,
Editor Early
Warning Report

“We are living in critical times. The next terror
attacks are not a question of if, but when. Surviving Terrorism is
exactly what Americans need to protect themselves from the upcoming wave
of attacks. I strongly recommend that every citizen get a copy of this
special report today.”

- Scott A. Lauf, President, Citizens

“While the government has been issuing ever-more ominous warnings about
coming terrorist attacks, they haven't told us what to do to protect our
families and communities. The answer? Surviving Terrorism.”

- Phil Sheldon, President, Conservative

“Surviving Terrorism is an extremely valuable guide for preparing yourself against the dangers of terrorism, runaway government, and the coming depression. The information on preparing for biological, chemical, and nuclear attacks is particularly valuable, and is not readily available to the public in any other handy reference source.

“We have used this book extensively in helping to prepare our own home and office against these dangers.”

- Jim Elwood,
Vice President,
International Society for Individual Liberty

“Surviving Terrorism helps you prepare for a wide variety of man-made or
natural disasters without breaking your budget. Youíll find many of its
resources useful even if you arenít concerned about the possibility of
catastrophic events!

- Dr. Mary Ruwart,
Healing Our World

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge warns:

“Threat level raised to high: Every family must prepare NOW for the next wave of terrorist attacks ...”

In this letter, youíll learn ...

  • How terrorists are now targeting ordinary Americans in their homes and offices with everything from bombs to deadly biological and radiological weapons.
  • Why the FBI says to expect “spectacular” terrorist attacks in the U.S. with “massive casualties” ... including attacks on hospitals in four major cities.
  • Why the Department of Homeland Security’s official recommendations aren’t enough. Yes, you should stock up on water, essential medicines, and even plastic sheeting and duct tape. This is a good first step, but it’s only the beginning.
  • How Saddam Hussein’s “sleeper agents” are already in the U.S. and will launch biochemical attacks in retaliation for invading Iraq.
  • Five urgent, practical steps to take IMMEDIATELY to protect yourself. These steps could save your life!
  • How you, as a friend of Alan Keyes and the Declaration Foundation, can receive a copy of my new 312-page Special Report on protecting yourself from terrorism and martial law—for less than half price!
  • How you can receive four additional bonus reports worth over $230 FREE, but only if you respond before midnight,

From: Jarret B. Wollstein
Re: Special Report, Surviving Terrorism

Dear Concerned Friend:

A flood of recent terrorist warnings from the FBI make it clear that major terrorist attacks on the U.S. may be imminent— including sniper attacks, bombings and even biochemical warfare.

As you are about to learn, there is no question that more attacks WILL occur. The only question is when—a few weeks from now, a few months, or tomorrow morning.

While you are vulnerable, you are far from helpless. In a moment I’ll share five simple but potentially life-saving steps to take immediately to protect yourself. But first, you must understand the threat:

Saddam Hussein Could Launch
Deadly Biochemical Attacks Against
America Within 60 Days

On December 18, the Associated Press reported, “U.S. intelligence officials believe Saddam will use his biological and chemical weapons if he believes he is about to fall, even in the opening days of a war.”

“Iraq can deliver these weapons with Scud and other missiles, aircraft-mounted sprayers and artillery shells. They expect Iraq to use disease weapons like anthrax, poisons like botulism and ricin, and mustard gas.” (John J. Lumpkin, “Iraq ready to use scorched-earth tactics in war, American officials say,” Associated Press, 18 December 2002.)

Once the U.S. begins its invasion of Iraq (now expected by mid to late March), retaliatory Iraqi biochemical and radioactive attacks against the U.S. could occur at any time.

The greatest threat? Weaponized smallpox. On December 3, 2002, ABC News reported that Iraq may have received “a particularly lethal strain of smallpox” from a Russian scientist sometime in the 1990s.

Dr. Alan Selikoff, a scientist at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, states, “The Aralsk smallpox strain could be easily spread by missile, in the air across wide areas – something not previously thought possible.”

A few missiles fired against the U.S. could set off a nationwide plague, which would cripple, disfigure, and even kill millions of American citizens.


Mr. Wollstein:

I found your Surviving Terrorism report invaluable. Preparing for a possible terrorist attack -- or even a natural disaster -- using your report has helped me see what I need to do to be ready. I *highly* recommend everyone in the USA get this report and by all means get ready -- protect yourself and your family. We are at war!

Randy Cowin
Everson, WA

more testimonies ...


Dozens of Terrorist Groups
Are Planning Attacks on the U.S.

There is also mounting evidence that other terrorist groups are planning biochemical attacks against the U.S. and Europe.

  • WorldNetDaily.com reported that “U.S. military and intelligence sources expect Iran to launch major terrorist attacks against Western targets in anticipation of, or in response to, a U.S.-led attack on Iraq. For more than a decade, Iran and Iraq have backed many of the same anti-U.S. terror groups, including al-Qaida.” (Joseph Farah, “Iran to unleash terrorists in response to Iraq attack,” WorldNetDaily.com, 31 December 2002)
  • On January 3, 2003, the Israel Insider reported that “Members of Hamas’s military wing have been gathering information to help them carry out chemical and biological attacks.”
  • A 23-page manual published on the official Hamas website titled The Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook “…details the preparation of various homemade poisons, chemical poisons, poisonous gases and other deadly materials for use in terrorist attacks against Israelis, Westerners, and ‘anyone else who stands in the way of Islamic Jihad’.” (Ellis Shuman, “Hamas pursuing chemical, biological weapons,” Israel Insider, 1 January 2003)
  • On January 7, 2003, CBS News reported that police in Britain had “…arrested six men of North African origin after finding traces of the deadly poison ricin in a London property.… U.S. officials said in August that the Islamic extremist group Ansar al-Islam tested ricin along with other chemical and biological agents in northern Iraq. The group is allegedly linked to al Qaeda.” (“Brits Arrest 6 in Poison Probe,” CBSNews.com, 7 January 2003)


Thank you for your hard work. I found it very informative and quite valuable. I am concerned that there will be a lot of interest in your work soon -- but for many it will be too late.

Dr. Lawrence Vierra
Austin, TX

more testimonies ...


As Vice President Dick Cheney recently stated: “It isn’t a question of IF terrorists will attack us again, but WHEN.”

Just how serious is the threat? A symposium on bio-terrorism I attended last summer provides the shocking answer…

One Third of the Population of the U.S.
Could Be Killed in a Few Months

On July 26, 2002, I spoke at a symposium at the Fortune 500 company Cypress Semiconductor. There I met Dr. Lance Gordon, CEO of Vaxgen and a nationally renowned expert on bio-terrorism.

Despite my extensive research on bio-terrorism, I was shocked by the inside information Dr. Gordon shared with me.

According to Dr. Gordon, our natural resistance to diseases such as smallpox and other bio-weapons is now incredibly low. Your see, unlike immigrants in the early 20th Century, who were exposed to these diseases all of the time and developed natural immunities, we no longer have any exposure or any immunity. Even the smallpox vaccinations some of us received as children have long since worn off.

So smallpox and other diseases would sweep through America like wildfire.

Dr. Gordon warned:

“Just three terrorists infected with smallpox, traveling on three transcontinental airliners, could set off a smallpox plague that—in a few months—could kill up to one-third of the entire population of the United States.”

Terrorists Already Have Nuclear Weapons

Another huge threat that officials are not discussing is attack by small nuclear and radiological weapons, smuggled into our ports or across the virtually unguarded, 3,200-mile Canadian border. The March 3, 2002 issue of Time magazine warns:

“In October [2001] an intelligence alert went out to a small number of government agencies, including the Energy Departmentís top-secret Nuclear Emergency Search Team, based in Nevada. The report said that terrorists were thought to have obtained a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon from the Russian arsenal and planned to smuggle it into New York City.

“Detonated in lower Manhattan, a 10-kiloton bomb would kill some 100,000 civilians and irradiate 700,000 more, flattening everything in a half-mile diameter.”

The explosion of a single nuclear weapon in a large U.S. city like Washington or New York would be the worst catastrophe in our history—the ultimate terrorist nightmare.

“A [single] exploded nuclear device could fill every burn bed in the United States,” warns Dr. Cham Dalls of the University of Georgia.


Dear Jarret:

As a professional consultant in emergency response management, I found your work to be timely and informative. It should be read by all field operations people as well as the average citizen who wants to be better prepared to face the wide range of emergency events ahead.

Douglas Hay
Boca Raton, FL

more testimonies ...


In my new Special Report, Surviving Terrorism, youíll learn precisely how many suitcase nukes are now missing from the Russian arsenal and what you can do to protect your family.

Donít Count on the
Government Protecting You!

Itís comforting to believe that the government can protect us from all of these threats. Unfortunately, thatís dead wrong.

As an open society, America is extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks on our power plants, water supply, office buildings, food, and more. There is no way for the government to protect us from every possible attack, even if they sealed our borders and had an unlimited budget.

The number of potential threats is huge. For instance, the 7,000-page Encyclopedia of Jihad, discovered recently in Afghanistan, teaches terrorists how to kill and destroy using everything from garrotes and guns to germ warfare and atomic weapons ... how to inject frozen food with toxins to create mass death ... how to contaminate our water ... and how to destroy our power plants.

There are no conceivable measures the government can take to protect us from all of these possible terrorist threats.

That means itís up to YOU to protect yourself and your family.

While You Are at Extreme Risk,
You Are Far from Helpless

Fortunately, there are many practical, inexpensive steps you can take IMMEDIATELY to protect your life, family, property and business—BOTH from possible terrorist attacks AND from new “anti-terrorism laws.” Thatís why I wrote my new, 312-page Special Report, Surviving Terrorism. Iíll tell you more about it in a moment.

First, here are ...

Five Urgent Steps to take IMMEDIATELY to
Protect Yourself from Terrorism and Martial Law

#1. Create a 30-day emergency supply of safe drinking water. Water is your most vital commodity. You can live only a few days without it. So itís imperative that you immediately create an emergency supply of safe water.

One gallon of safe water per person per day is the bare minimum for survival. Most surplus stores can sell you inexpensive, 50-gallon plastic drums. Properly chlorinated tap water can be safety stored for up to three months. Water purification tablets (vital in a crisis) are also readily available from many surplus and earthquake supply stores.

#2. Stockpile essential medicines and life-saving antibiotics NOW. In the event of a biological or radiological attack anywhere in the U.S., the government will likely take control of all medical supplies.

This will lead to nationwide shortages and rationing, making it impossible for you to get the medications you and your family depend on.

Therefore, you should immediately ask your doctor to prescribe an emergency supply of your regular medicines PLUS preventive antibiotics which can be used to treat the most likely terrorist bio-weapons—anthrax and plague.


Mr. Wollstein:

I am a dentist and "Registered Guide" for the state of Maine. Nothing I have read comes close to the gritty information and detail that is contained in Surviving Terrorism. It’s a wake up call for Americans who believe in self-reliance, self-determination, and freedom. Who is the enemy? Our own ignorance. Buy it and listen up!

Dr. Gary Barker
Livermore, ME

more testimonies ...


#3. Consider getting your family vaccinated for smallpox. As explained earlier, a few terrorists on planes could create a nationwide plague before authorities were even aware of it. Be sure to consult with your doctor about potential risks.

#4. Set up an independent way of heating your home. This is particularly important if you live in a very cold area of the U.S. Even a few days without heat could be life threatening.

Good alternatives include pellet stoves and gasoline generators. Last winter I bought a 5,000-watt Honda AC generator from Home Depot. My total cost, including installation directly into my homeís electrical system, came to about $1,200. This little generator simultaneously powers two big refrigerators, my burners, microwave, lights, one TV, a computer, and a couple of electric heaters. A few gallons of gasoline give me power all day.

#5. Create an emergency hoard of gold and cash. If a terrorist attack forces you to flee your home or a terrorist hacker attack disrupts our banking system, you will definitely need cash and/or silver and gold. Make sure you have enough money to live on for at least three months—and preferably for six.

These five steps will help you in a crisis. They could even save your life. But theyíre just the beginning.

Do you know what two actions to take IMMEDIATELY in event of a chemical attack? The five greatest dangers you face under martial law, and how to avoid them? How legally to own precious metals stored offshore without having to report it to the IRS? What drugs to take to slash by 80% your risk of cancer in the event of a radiological attack?

Youíll learn the answers to these and literally scores of other urgent questions that critically affect your privacy, health and freedom in my exclusive new Special Report ...

Surviving Terrorism: The Only Special
Report That Shows You Exactly How to
Protect Yourself and Your Family

Surviving Terrorism Special Report

Surviving Terrorism is the only report that shows you how to protect yourself from BOTH terrorism AND martial law!

It shows you precisely the steps you need to take IMMEDIATELY to protect your family, your business, and your community.

These simple, common-sense measures are also terrific “insurance” from natural disasters

like hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, prolonged power outages, and other threats.

Here are just the highlights of what you will learn in the 312 oversized, information-packed pages of Surviving Terrorism:

The next terrorist attacks ...

  • How, according to the FBI, terrorists already in the U.S. plan to attack our ports, food supplies and nuclear reactors. (pp. 23-22)
  • Ten crucial steps you should take IMMEDIATELY to protect yourself from the next terrorist attacks. (pp. 36-42)
  • The real reasons that millions of Muslims hate America. No, itís not because we have democracy, freedom and MTV. (p. 29)
  • Shocking evidence that thousands of Muslims were warned about 9/11 months in advance. See it with your own eyes in Chapter 1. (p. 28)

Protect yourself from biological and radiological terror ...

  • How vulnerable YOUR area is to terrorist attacks. (p. 297)
  • Recognizing the symptoms of anthrax, smallpox, and other bio-weapons. (pp. 97-99)
  • Five steps to take immediately if there is a radiological or nuclear attack. Four of them cost nothing, and could save your life. (p. 108)
  • Drugs you can buy now that treat anthrax and plague — where to buy them now for a fraction of their normal cost. (p. 107)
  • Last-minute survival tips: Sealing your home from biological and chemical attacks with things you can find at your hardware store. (p. 90)
  • Free and inexpensive first-aid courses that could save the lives of your children and spouse. (p. 42)
  • High-tech, biochemical contamination detectors that you can buy now. Not one person in 10,000 knows about them. I tell you exactly where to buy them. (p. 100)
  • How to make your water safe if there has been a chemical or biological attack. (pp. 136-137)
  • Great chemical, biological, and radiological war self-defense manuals you can get for FREE.

Protect yourself from martial law ...

  • Outrageous new medical martial-law regulations that allow the government to seize your business and quarantine you indefinitely without trial (pp. 69-72), along with 9 simple ways to protect yourself (pp. 79-82).
  • Detailed analysis of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, and how to protect your freedom and privacy. (p. 48)
  • 19 ways to protect your privacy and assets from martial law. (pp. 73-82)
  • How to avoid being hassled, strip-searched or even arrested by airport security screeners. (pp. 118-119)
  • How to protect your computer files and e-mail from government snooping. (p. 77)
  • Five common — yet disastrous — mistakes that could get you arrested or worse. (p. 83)


As a hunter, military veteran, and now lawyer, I felt confident in my knowledge of how to survive various attacks and "worst case" scenarios. However, Surviving Terrorism still provided me with valuable practical advice. Though I hope the need for this information never arises, I would feel far less secure without knowing it -- particularly living as I do within a few miles of "ground zero." And regardless of what actually happens, much of the information is useful in the troubled times we find ourselves in. Thank you again.

Robert L. Scott
Alexandria VA

more testimonies ...


Survival food, water and medicines ...

  • Your 52-week list of essential supplies for survival. (p. 153-155)
  • How to build an emergency water purifier. (p. 137)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Foods that Heal. These off-the-shelf foods could spell the difference between life and death. (pp. 143-147)
  • How to store food and water safely. (pp. 140-141)
  • Nutritious meals for a mere 5 cents each. (No, thatís not a misprint.) p. 289
  • A $20 emergency toilet. (p. 291)
  • A 70-volume survival library for less than $30. (p. 293)
  • Your homeís hidden water reserves. (pp. 135-136)

What to do if your lights go out ...

  • Why we could see nationwide blackouts after the next terrorist attack. (p. 159)
  • How you can generate your own power in many states for less than the cost of utilities. (p. 163)
  • Heating your home in a crisis. (p. 183)
  • Guide to generators, solar power, windmills, pellet stoves and propane heaters, including prices and dealer contact information. (pp. 164-184)
  • Propane, diesel and gas generators. Pros and cons of each. (pp. 164-165)
  • Where to buy solar-power systems you can install yourself — the lowest-priced dealers and the best manufacturers. (pp. 171-172)

Protecting your family, home, and community ...

  • An emergency short-wave radio for $59. (p. 288)
  • Common but deadly mistakes people make when theyíre attacked by thugs. (p. 216)
  • Life-saving security lessons from the L.A. riots and other disasters. (pp. 205-206)
  • How to protect your family if lawless cops invade your home. (p. 222)
  • What you should have in your vehicle mini-emergency kit. (p. 310)
  • How to demolish a knife-wielding terrorist. Self- defense tips from a 7th Degree Black Belt. (pp. 125-130)
  • The best guns for self-defense: Handguns, shot guns, rifles—and the pros and cons of each. (pp. 211-213)
  • How to build a life-saving, “safe room” in your house. (pp. 219-221)
  • Working with your community to protect everyone from terrorist attacks and civil unrest. (pp. 221-222)

Surviving the coming global depression ...

  • How the War on Terror is about to create a devastating U.S. and global depression. (pp. 186-188)
  • Will your business and career survive? (pp. 188-190)
  • No nonsense, 11-step survival plan for small businesses. (pp. 200-202)
  • 19 excellent careers and businesses for the new depression. (pp. 193-196)
  • Will your bank and insurance company survive the coming depression? Find out for as little as $15.
  • Businesses making HUGE profits from the War on Terror. (One consultant is now charging $50,000 a day!) pp. 190-192
  • Imaginative ways to hide cash, gold, jewelry and other valuables in your home, and one mistake you must avoid. (pp. 230-232)
  • The safest and most discreet foreign bank accounts. (pp. 239-242)
  • How to buy foreign, vault-stored gold and other precious metals legally without having to report it to the IRS. (pp. 233-234)

Most dangerous and safest places in the U.S....

  • The 10 safest—and 10 most dangerous! — places to live in the U.S. (pp. 257-258)
  • How to build an economical rural retreat that doubles as a great vacation or retirement home. (pp. 256-264)
  • A unique web site with hundreds of survival havens throughout the U.S., to suit all lifestyles. (p. 259)
  • Places in the world where you can live like a king on $2,000 a month or less. (pp. 264-267)

Surviving Terrorism Could Be the
Best “Life Insurance” You Ever Buy

Surviving Terrorism is the only report you can buy that shows you how to protect yourself both from terrorist attacks and martial law.

A single suggestion could save your life, prevent your children from contracting anthrax or smallpox, prevent you from losing everything you own from new anti-terror confiscation laws, or even save you from life in prison.

The information you receive is also invaluable for protecting yourself from natural disasters — like hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes, power blackouts, and civil unrest and crime.

There is simply nothing else on the market like Surviving Terrorism. Itís literally taken me months to pull together all of this information. And even then, I knew where to look because of my background in preparedness. How long would it take you? Whatís your time worth? And, if you get it wrong, it could cost you a lot more than your time — perhaps even your health, your investments, or your life!

Get It Now for Half Price!

I've been selling Surviving Terrorism in various newsletters and magazines for $199.00. Hundreds of people have bought it at this price. Iím convinced the potentially life-saving information it contains is worth every penny. In fact, this is still the price I am selling it for to the general public (check out my home page here).

However, for a limited time, you can have this life-saving special report for only $97.00. Thatís less than half price!


Mr. Wollstein:

I reluctantly purchased the Surviving Terrorism package, not knowing whether it would really provide useful information. It seems there are just so many rip-offs on the web. However, I was very pleased once I reviewed the main report and free bonus reports. I found the information to be *extremely* valuable and gave me a more realistic perspective on the dangers of terrorism and what I can do to personally to protect my family. I'm grateful for your work in writing the report and have already begun developing plans that will help ensure that we survive and will be in a position to help others should an emergency occur.

Joseph Allen Stein
Lebanon, CT

more testimonies ...


So whatís the catch? Why am I willing to discount this report so dramatically, especially when everyone else had to pay $199 and some people are still paying that? Well, itís really quite simple. I have decided to deliver the report digitally. You can access this report (and all the bonuses) directly from the Internet. (The report is in Adobe PDF format; otherwise known as “portable document format.” This is a downloadable report.) In other words, I have no printing costs and no fulfillment costs. I donít have to pay anyone to take orders over the phone. This way I can pass on my cost savings to you. In addition, Iíll give you ...

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The most successful person in the world I know of for predicting these winning investments has been internationally-

Investing in an Age of Terror Special Report
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However, no need to panic. There is an

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In addition, you will learn the mechanics of buying silver and gold. Mr. Hyatt will walk you step-by-step through a sample transaction, making you an instant expert in the fine art of investing in precious metals.

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According to the National Research Council ...

“We are at risk. Computers are used to store vital information, from financial records to business plans to medical records. Although we trust them, they are vulnerable—to the effects of poor design and insufficient quality control,

The 2003 Computer and Internet Privacy Report

to accident, and perhaps most alarmingly, to deliberate attack. The modern thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrowís terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb.”

In this explosive, thoroughly-up-to-date report, Michael Hyatt discusses:

  • Simple steps you can take now to protect yourself against Internet cookies, viruses, and worms.
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If we experience widespread terrorist attacks at home, you may not have the option of picking up the telephone and calling for help. This is especially true if we experience a LEVEL TWO or LEVEL THREE attack. (I classify terrorist attacks into one of there levels: Level One: local,

Home Defense Strategies Special Report

random acts of violence; Level Two: regional or national coordinated acts of violence; and (3) Level Three: deployment of weapons of mass destruction.) In addition to the terrorist attacks themselves, we could well be coping with criminal opportunists who may try to take advantage of the chaos and disruption which could follow.

Our nationís police forces, devoted as they are, will be very busy. Even now, many of them admit that they cannot defend ordinary citizens like you and me. All they can do is show up after the fact to count the casualties and catalog the carnage.

In this special report, Mr. Hyatt shows you how to take responsibility for your own defense. Youíll learn:

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Congressman Chris Shays (R, CT), who has conducted over 20 hearings on terrorism and biological warfare, warns:

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