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Dr Genius Refers to Geometry Exploration and Numeric Intuitive User System
Copyright 1997-2003 Free Software Foundation
Author: Hilaire Fernandes

NEW: A beta release of DrGenius 0.9.x, see the download section.

What is Dr. Genius?

Dr. Genius is the Gnome interactive geometry software. It allows one to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints. It is useable in teaching situation with students from primary or secondary level.

Dr. Genius is a piece of GNU software. This means you don't have to pay for it but even more importantly you have access to the source code. You can modify and distribute it as long as the same distribution license (GPL) is used.
Dr. Genius is released under the GPL license. To learn more about this license and the Free Software Foundation, visit the GNU web site or read the file COPYING in the distribution.

Minimum system requirements

  • A Unix-compatible operating system (Dr. Genius is developed with GNU/Linux)
  • GNOME 1.4.x
  • All tools needed to compile a typical Gnome application

Other people are/were also involved in Dr. Genius:

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