2003 MiniGame Compo

 Complete Game Results
1. Minima Reloaded golden joystick
Minima Reloaded Score: 8.03 with 35 votes
Author: Robin Harbron
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Cool update! Again one of the best C64 submissions" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Large world, ennemies, quest, cities, funny to play for a while, music ain't bad either." -- Dbug.

"It may be a new version of a 2001 entry, but it deserves to win this year, too!" -- nich.

"Great game! Towns a very great addition to an already fun game! Nice music and nice graphics! Only thing that could make this better is a few more maps. :P Excellent!" -- bhz.

"I'm not happy about one of the best games also being a rehash. But it was a lot of fun and very nicely executed." -- jcompton.

"I played it at the SWRAP Expo. I beat it!, But it was great fun!" -- gregnacu.

"The only real improvement from Minima are the new monsters The rest is nicer but nothing more. Also, I liked Minima's music more." -- pieffe.

"Boring" -- tnd64.

"With the free space it will be better to have joystick control." -- ice00.

"Nice game engine for a great Ultima type game. " -- ottawavic.

"Fun game, additional joystick control would be better" -- MAL.

"One of the best entries, but I really don't think it's as impressive as the original - maybe this is a bit unfair, but it doesn't feel like 2k of extras somehow." -- rus.

"Huge world, substantial improvements over original. Many bonus points for the Monty Python reference" -- mcmartin.

"Fun console-esque mini RPG. Nicely composed soundtrack and well drawn graphics." -- bleh.

"Though I never liked that time of game, I must admit that I played through the whole game. The Graphics and music are ok, the map is huge, but after you beat it, there is no replay value. I am still no fan :-)" -- tjentzsch.

"Undoubtedly the best and the most interesting 4K among C64 entries in this year's competition. I never thought I'd be fond of an RPG game... ;-)" -- Magnate.

2. Amusement Park 4000 silver joystick
Amusement Park 4000 Score: 7.25 with 32 votes
Author: Jonathan Cauldwell
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 4k

"Ambitious!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Very good, I would even say "brilliant" :)" -- Dbug.

"Theme Park in 4K? It's a bit slow, but it's still a marvellous piece of work!" -- nich.

"Wow.. Very cool 4k SimPark clone!! I love the animated patrons and various rides. Maybe onscreen 1-6 hints would be nice to see. Sound would make this really amazing." -- bhz.

"I really enjoyed this, and was surprised by the complexity packed in there. Disappointed when it crashed at a very late stage in the game, but it was good while it lasted..." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Theme Park in 4KB? I would like to see what development would offer." -- teanylistener.

"Clumsy to play but I have to tip my cap to the scope." -- jcompton.

"Theme park in 4k?!? It is a pity that doesn't have any sound effect, and there are just a few attractions." -- pieffe.

"Very inspirational " -- tnd64.

"music will made this game perfect" -- ice00.

"Just amazing." -- Cs.

"Most excellent !!!!" -- GOC.

"A pretty decent Theme Park variant, given the limitations." -- rus.

"Passive, but a very nice sim game" -- mcmartin.

"Quite fun for a while, a bit more variation would help, crashed at 2030+ :-)" -- tjentzsch.

3. Bellringer bronze joystick
Bellringer Score: 7.19 with 37 votes
Author: Geir Straume
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Fantastic game, I love it!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Nice realisation, but very hard to jump (emulator problem ?)" -- Dbug.

"A good game mixing platform action with puzzles and logical thinking." -- nich.

"I liek the animation and smooth scrolling. Good sounds, scoring and time-limit. Maybe a death animation would be nice, and more stuff to pick up." -- bhz.

"Nicely done combination of platform/puzzle." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Great work. With a few extra bells, would have been commercial quality." -- jcompton.

"Nice game" -- pieffe.

"Brilliant C64 game. I love to see full version" -- tnd64.

"good horrizzontal scrolling game" -- ice00.

"Really enjoyed this game, and so did my nine year old daugther!" -- ottawavic.

"Very nicely done! Fun game." -- Cs.

"Good gfx, average gameplay/idea" -- MAL.

"Competently done, but the bell-ringing bit was much too annoying." -- rus.

"Classic feel. Quick but fun playthrough." -- bleh.

"Knights are too difficult to evade. Nice platforming engine, though." -- mcmartin.

"Nice, oldskoolish game with interesting conception and atmosphere - I like it." -- Magnate.

"The first part is a bit crude, but the bell ringing part is very tricky." -- tjentzsch.

"Original and well done -- good job." -- Wyndex.

"The puzzle part is VERY annoying, especially with those bells ringing." -- MagerValp.

4. Whack
Whack Score: 7.14 with 29 votes
Author: Aleksi Eeben
Platform: VIC-20
Category: 1k

"Very cool rogue game, too bad we don't get XP points" -- Dbug.

"An interesting and challenging game; I still haven't managed to find the amulet." -- nich.

"(Games would not run with emu instructions given)" -- bhz.

"Excellent implementation, squeezing all that in 1k - good fun too!" -- Robin_Harbron.

"a rogue-like in 1K only, impressive..." -- ffrances.

"Shouldn't have been as much fun as it was." -- jcompton.

"Very very nice rogue clone" -- pieffe.

"Average BASIC Pacman game" -- tnd64.

"very, very good game" -- ice00.

"Amazing for 1k! I would love to play a 4k version for sure. I have played this game the most" -- ottawavic.

"Very cool game!" -- bubis.

"Good Rogue clone, but I found it rather too hard." -- rus.

"A very credible roguelike!" -- mcmartin.

"Absolutely substandard. Sorry." -- tjentzsch.

"Line of sight and dungeon generator in 1k - I'm impressed!" -- MagerValp.

"Well done; great 1k accomplishment." -- Wyndex.

5. zblast SD
zblast SD Score: 7.07 with 30 votes
Author: Russell Marks
Platform: Spectrum 128k
Category: 4k

"Da Blast! Need to install some ice caps on the poor Z80, I fear otherwize it'll explode..." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Technicaly ok, but there's too much things on screen" -- Dbug.

"A fast, furious and absolutely brilliant shoot-'em-up! Excellent music as well." -- nich.

"Nice shoot-em-up, but colros and graphics seem kind of blocky. Nice tunes and sound effects!" -- bhz.

"Fun blaster, lots of things moving at once is cool, though blockiness lets it down somewhat." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Impressive use of sound/ colour and a playable mad blaster with large graphics." -- teanylistener.

"The cure for the bomber games! A real action shoot-em-up." -- jcompton.

"It was already great even without the music!" -- pieffe.

"A superb arcade blaster with good attack formations. Excellent" -- tnd64.

"good music, graphics, effect and scrolling" -- ice00.

"Really good work!" -- gest.

"Good. Still seems to be missing something tho'." -- GOC.

"Plays like a commercial quality shooter!" -- mcmartin.

"Much too hectic for me, but very colorful graphics and lot of action." -- tjentzsch.

6. MArkanoid
MArkanoid Score: 6.94 with 35 votes
Author: Stefano Tognon & Luca Carrafie
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"It would have get the maximum note if the animation was smoother. Bat is a little hard to see due to the color choice." -- Dbug.

"Colourful graphics, music and several levels of action - an excellent game!" -- nich.

"Nice 4k arkanoid clone! Great music and nice graphics. Some of the motion of the ball does not seem right, perhaps it's just the speed though." -- bhz.

"Nice gfx/music, but flawed collision detection and slow paddle movement (causing me to miss too many power-ups) detract." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Three-channel theme was nice, but sound effects are also nice for this sort of thing." -- jcompton.

"The best music of the compo. The rest of the game definitely needed more work. Mannaggia!" -- pieffe.

"Good game. I like to see this game with a proper title screen and more levels :) Wanna see a full version" -- tnd64.

"Better than the original? No, but for 4K it's a good result" -- ice00.

"Really good music. My daughter just loved the music! Worth making a full blown game of this!" -- ottawavic.

"Well done!" -- gest.

"Nice arkanoid clone, nice gfx, nice music" -- MAL.

"Pretty, but kind of tough to play with a joystick" -- mcmartin.

"Arkanoid has always worked for me. Nice tunes." -- bleh.

"Good implementation, nice graphics, great sound! Unfortunately the collision detection has flaws and the background is irritating" -- tjentzsch.

"Nice Luca's soundtrack!" -- Magnate.

"Great music, but the jerky movement just doesn't work." -- MagerValp.

"Good clone; could use a little smoother movement." -- Wyndex.

7. Play Ball!
Play Ball! Score: 6.85 with 27 votes
Author: Paul Grenfell
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 4k

"Best Speccy game in the compo! Very inspired!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Nice graphics, but i didn't understood everything" -- Dbug.

"A cute and simple, yet enjoyable, game. It's rather easy, but I didn't mind." -- nich.

"Cute game.. nice sound effects.. Nice use of color. " -- bhz.

"Good classic mid-80's style game, I enjoyed playing this one through." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Superb use of colour and graphics with fun animations and a little challange." -- teanylistener.

"This is a game Mastertronic would have sold. That is almost but not entirely a compliment! :)" -- jcompton.

"Very nice Atic Atac clone" -- pieffe.

"Kick ball! (I mean kick ass!) It's a PERFECT example of a game: easy to learn, hard to master. You just have to play it again and again. Nice graphics, fun gameplay. Very well done!" -- Cs.

"Nice idea." -- GOC.

"Cute litte adventure, but it can be rendered unbeatable if you aren't careful with the bomb" -- mcmartin.

"Nice Graphics, controls are a bit tricky. A bit too easy and missing replay value" -- tjentzsch.

8. 4KKong
4KKong Score: 6.80 with 25 votes
Author: Mickael Pointier
Platform: Oric
Category: 4k

"Well, that's my game, but I don't think it's as good as rush hour !" -- Dbug.

"Brings back all the memories of the handheld game; well done!" -- nich.

"A great version of a handheld. Almost an emulator in 4K !!!" -- The_Muso.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"Good "port" of an LCD game, fun for a few minutes." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run emulator." -- jcompton.

"Nice handheld feeling" -- pieffe.

"very nice game with good graphics" -- ice00.

"Hey, I used to have this. :-) Nicely done, but it's a lot harder than the original." -- rus.

"Easy once you get the hang of it" -- mcmartin.

"Nice game, but the Oric "animation" sucks a lot." -- tjentzsch.

9. Mahna-Malysz
Mahna-Malysz Score: 6.76 with 21 votes
Author: Piotr Fusik
Platform: Atari 800
Category: 4k

"Look at this! Even the cows are animated!!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"The idea is funny, and the "joust" like movement is cool. Small animations also are funny." -- Dbug.

"Great graphics and music, but relies too much on luck rather than skill." -- nich.

"Haha, very funny game.. bonus for using the "Benny Hill" theme. Maybe add more stuff to collect - to help the objective a little. Fun though!" -- bhz.

"Fairly nice gfx, but seems like a novelty game." -- Robin_Harbron.

"I couldn't help but think this was a bad joke at first, but it turned into a cute game." -- jcompton.

"Nice music and background idea. Unfortunately this kind of games is not original..." -- pieffe.

"Just cool" -- MAL.

"Very nice background, but main sprites are clunky and difficult to dodge." -- mcmartin.

"Very original idea, but the controls aren't as responsive as they should. With some more polishing this would have been great!" -- tjentzsch.

"This reminds me of Jeff Minter games. Handling could be a little bit better though." -- MagerValp.

10. BoxBoy
BoxBoy Score: 6.70 with 30 votes
Author: Neal Tew
Platform: NES
Category: 4k

"Excellent & Outstanding! By far the best NES entry!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Very good, but from level 2 it's too fast" -- Dbug.

"Hard to understand at first, but once you do, it's great fun to play." -- nich.

"Nice graphics, not completely clear how you are to arrange the boxes in the correct order. Sound?" -- bhz.

"The best of the NES entries, I bothered to play through to the end. Too easy, imo, but pretty good overall." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Wow. I was having a hard time figuring out what was going on at first but this was a nicely executed game." -- jcompton.

"Really nice looking game, background music. Must I say more?" -- tracker465.

"Nice puzzle, with music!" -- pieffe.

"Too fiddly" -- tnd64.

"nice idea. Level 2 is too fast" -- ice00.

"Nice graphics" -- GOC.

"Nifty concept, very clever control scheme, extremely authentic Mario Bros.-era feel" -- mcmartin.

"Good idea and gameplay, nice graphics, a bit too much occasional flicker, the best NES submission by far!" -- tjentzsch.

11. Oystron
Oystron Score: 6.68 with 31 votes
Author: Piero Cavina
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Legendary! The godfather of 2600 homebrews!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Smooth animation, nice appearance effects, but hard game" -- Dbug.

"Colourful graphics, cool sound effects, and some fast shoot-'em-up action." -- nich.

"Lots of action on the screen, nice variation in enemy shapes. Even after reading the instructions, object of the game not completely clear. Maybe the game could atrt off a bit easier?" -- bhz.

"Cool sfx, smooth gameplay, more depth than most shooters." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Definitely up to the spec of the Atari. Doesn't seem to push the limits, but that's okay." -- jcompton.

"Amazing game! Different enemies, various stages..." -- pieffe.

"nice effects" -- ice00.

"Quite a lot of variety for a shooter" -- mcmartin.

"My absolute favourite, the game that made me start programming for the Atari 2600. Cool graphics and effects. A very original, fast paced action gameplay! Though I still suck at it. :-)" -- tjentzsch.

12. Tammerfors
Tammerfors Score: 6.65 with 31 votes
Author: Aleksi Eeben
Platform: VIC-20
Category: 1k

"Not very interesting." -- Dbug.

"A good game with colourful graphics and good sound effects." -- nich.

"(Games would not run with emu instructions given)" -- bhz.

"Nice looking, nice variety with the seasons, gaining extra time is a good challenge. I just found that there wasn't enough time to see some cars which were moving much slower than all others around - seemed a bit like random death, which I don't like. Very well done anyway." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Reminds me of bump and jump, just without the bumping and jumping, unfortunately." -- jcompton.

"How can you avoid the cars, since you see them at the very last instant?" -- pieffe.

"Excellent racer" -- tnd64.

"good graphics and scrolling" -- ice00.

"All that in 1k! I found it had a GameBoy look to it, which I enjoyed. Has the beginning of a good game." -- ottawavic.

"Excellent!" -- gest.

"Nice one!" -- bubis.

"The author didn't bother to compensate for the VIC's awful aspect ratio - he's going to regret that." -- GOC.

"Extremely difficult, but pretty" -- mcmartin.

"Nice graphics, but the gameplay is a bit too simple." -- tjentzsch.

"For 1K game, its visual side and dynamism is really impressive!" -- Magnate.

"Amazing graphics for a 1k" -- MagerValp.

13. Scrolly Stack
Scrolly Stack Score: 6.53 with 30 votes
Author: Russell Marks
Platform: Spectrum 128k
Category: 4k

"Cool concept. But will it ever speed up?" -- Manuel_Polik.

"That game is cool, nice music, clean, reactive, and interesting :)" -- Dbug.

"Very good indeed, but a bit too easy; the difficulty increases too slowly." -- nich.

"Nice game! Very complete, nice tunes, nice sound effects!" -- bhz.

"Enjoyable, though the speed-up curve seemed flawed - too slow for quite a while, then it got too fast quite quickly - would be nice if more gradual." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Superbly implemented simple puzzle with excellent images" -- teanylistener.

"A little plodding and I'm not the greatest fan of puzzlers but it was a very nice effort." -- jcompton.

"A nice puzzle game made better by music!" -- pieffe.

"Nice original puzzle game. Whoever written this is a talented programmer" -- tnd64.

"very good implementation" -- ice00.

"Very addictive. Starts easy, becomes very difficult." -- Jonathan.

"Pretty nice. Also very addictive." -- GOC.

"Pretty, executes the design properly, but the game itself wears thin fast" -- mcmartin.

"IMO one of the best non Atari 2600 entries. I *love* puzzle games." -- tjentzsch.

14. Rush Hour
Rush Hour Score: 6.48 with 23 votes
Author: Fabrice Frances
Platform: Oric
Category: 4k

"Very good intro, codes, lots of tables, scroller, whaouu !" -- Dbug.

"An ingenious, colourful and baffling puzzle game, and it is indeed addictive!" -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"Nice looking Oric game, but I far prefer the control scheme and speed of the Atari 2600 "Jammed"." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run emulator." -- jcompton.

"Graphically better than Jammed, but less levels, and more difficult to control" -- pieffe.

"fantastic "for thinking" game!" -- ice00.

"Levels with more than 9 cars on an axis can be unbeatable (Level 18 - 7244 - did this)" -- mcmartin.

"I like the concept ;-), but the controls are too complicated. Not enough puzzles to last very long." -- tjentzsch.

15. Maziacs1
Maziacs1 Score: 6.43 with 21 votes
Author: Paolo Ferraris
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 1k

"Funny small adventure, I won first time :)" -- Dbug.

"A 1K version of one of my favourite Spectrum games! It's too easy, though." -- nich.

"Random maps very cool for varied game experiences, Game easy to play, but fun to master. I like the hints from the prisoners, and that the hints go away after time! I like that gameplay continues even if you are not moving. I like that you can check the bigger view of the map. I thinkt he Maziacs would look better as red "people" icons, but that's just me - didn't detract from gameplay. "Fog of War" would be nice for more difficulty. Different diffuculty levels would be nice.. Very nice!" -- bhz.

"Great effort, lots of stuff packed in 1k, excellent! This is the 1k winner, imo." -- Robin_Harbron.

"A stellar effort. Concept's easy to follow, lots of fun." -- jcompton.

"Interesting concept, but it's not yours. The gameplay is a bit tedious." -- Cs.

"Good implementation... Loses a lot by not being very original." -- GOC.

"Nice version, very good for 1k. Though the graphics are a bit blocky. :-)" -- rus.

"A very credible little action adventure" -- mcmartin.

"Not my type of game" -- tjentzsch.

16. Qb
Qb Score: 6.35 with 26 votes
Author: Andrew Davie
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Best. 2600. Game. Ever." -- Manuel_Polik.

"I didn't understood everything :(" -- Dbug.

"I couldn't understand how to play this game at all!" -- nich.

"Cute game, fun to play. Nice graphics for fruit and little guy. Sometimes it seems impossible to solve level, based on the types of moves you are able to make. I didn't know the pattern shifted?" -- bhz.

"Addictive, original." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Nicely done." -- jcompton.

"I don't give a vote, because I don't understand it." -- pieffe.

"very good game" -- ice00.

"What's with the brown palette ?" -- GOC.

"Very clever, but I couldn't get the hang of it" -- mcmartin.

"Cool, innovative game idea, converted flawlessly into another great Atari 2600 game! " -- tjentzsch.

17. Orthopede
Orthopede Score: 6.30 with 27 votes
Author: Attila Grosz
Platform: Plus/4
Category: 1k

"Quite good, but the vaissel moves to fast, makes it hard to shoot accurately." -- Dbug.

"Full of action and nice features, but you can't move your ship up and down." -- nich.

"I like that you have live, Score is cool, I like that the mushrooms get shot away incrementally. TED Sounds are great! High score would be cool, I wish you could move up and down like in the real centepede. Also, the game locked up on me once. Over a cool game though, fun!" -- bhz.

"So close to great, but flawed by the lack of up/down movement, which means you *will* lose a life if the "orthopede" reaches the bottom. Nice mushroom shooting, anyway." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Grrr. Lack of vertical movement kept this from being the fun it should have been. Multi-hit shrooms and sounds are good, but..." -- jcompton.

"I liked this more than Kilopede" -- pieffe.

"Good implementation" -- ice00.

"I can't believe this is a 1k game. Wow!" -- ottawavic.

"Just incredible!" -- bubis.

"Funny name!" -- Cs.

"Centipede really suffers with no vertical control" -- mcmartin.

"Good implementation, but the Spectrum version is better. The background sound is very annoying." -- tjentzsch.

"Player moves way too fast, but competent pede clone." -- MagerValp.

18. Space Treat Deluxe
Space Treat Deluxe Score: 6.23 with 31 votes
Author: Fabrizio Zavagli
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Better than Frogger! :-)" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Not really interesting, a variation around frogger." -- Dbug.

"A nice game with colourful graphics and a fairly large variety of aliens." -- nich.

"Very complete game, great use of color and sound - graphics look great. Nice "Frogger"-ish clone. Collecting fruit is weird for a space themed game.. perhaps rescuing a lost ship or something?? Very nice!" -- bhz.

"Frogger with a twist." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Okay, it's basically Frogger but the wavy motion was a nice trick." -- jcompton.

"Addictive !" -- kazkaz.

"A nice frogger clone, with a lot of different situations" -- pieffe.

"quite repetitive " -- ice00.

"Very nice graphics for the 2600, fun to play" -- mcmartin.

"Nice Frogger variation, very colorful sprites and addictive gameplay." -- tjentzsch.

19. Arachno Joe
Arachno Joe Score: 6.10 with 30 votes
Author: Dinu Cristian Mircea
Platform: Spectrum 128k
Category: 4k

"Graphics are not very clear" -- Dbug.

"Excellent game with good graphics, and I don't think it's slow at all." -- nich.

"Nice twist on an old favorite. Not too easy to tell which are the explosives. " -- bhz.

"Well made game, though control scheme made it somewhat frustrating to play. Dig those colour clashes! ;)" -- Robin_Harbron.

"More origonal than many with into screen and good use of simpole gameplay devices." -- teanylistener.

"Very, very nicely done. Good setup, good game." -- jcompton.

"Nice game." -- pieffe.

"good, but no so playable" -- ice00.

"Not bad, a nice idea well implemented." -- Jonathan.

"I think it's kinda crap. Deserves a 7 tho'." -- GOC.

"Not bad, one of the more original entries IMHO." -- rus.

"Clunky play control and tedious gameplay; well-realized levels, though" -- mcmartin.

"I had some fun when playing this, technically one of the the better looking Spectrum game" -- tjentzsch.

20. Jammed
Jammed Score: 6.03 with 29 votes
Author: Thomas Jentzsch
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Fine puzzler! What?!? 600 puzzles in 4K?" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Hey, another "Rush Hour" :)" -- Dbug.

"Better graphics and far fewer levels (perhaps 100?) would be preferable." -- nich.

"I like the interface, very intuitive! I like the win sound! Be nice if the other cars had graphics or at least colors. Be nice if there were more osunds for moving pieces." -- bhz.

"Awesome control mechanics, many levels, well implemented." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Not sure we needed another one of these games." -- jcompton.

"I like puzzles... and there are 600 !" -- pieffe.

"very good car control" -- ice00.

"I'm stunned that you managed to fit that many levels into 4K." -- mcmartin.

"My own submission, good both not the best. Anybody noticed the 600 puzzles? :-)" -- tjentzsch.

"Simple but fun!" -- MagerValp.

21. Semi Stack
Semi Stack Score: 5.89 with 27 votes
Author: Russell Marks
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 1k

"As good as the full version ! Adictive !" -- Dbug.

"A fun puzzle game which is almost better than its 4K sibling!" -- nich.

"Game is much easier to play than I thought it would be with all those instructions, Fun game to play. Sounds would be nice. If a piece is just starting to scoll on to the screen it will not be counted with other pieces, kind of wierd." -- bhz.

"Well done scaled down version." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Extremely playable and simple lights looking puzzle game. So simple it works." -- teanylistener.

"Despite it being harder to control I actually kind of like this version better." -- jcompton.

"Good to see that it hasn't lost its playability from its big brother" -- pieffe.

"Nice puzzle game, but Scrolly Stack is even better" -- tnd64.

"a little more slow motion make this more better" -- ice00.

"The game idea is interesting, and the 1K implementation OK." -- GOC.

"Much more difficult than the full version" -- mcmartin.

"Though the graphics lost a lot, the gameplay is still quite good" -- tjentzsch.

22. SCSIcide
SCSIcide Score: 5.83 with 23 votes
Author: Joe Grand
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Frantic!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Ok, finaly playable, get too fast too early for me :)" -- Dbug.

"Very nice title screen, but I couldn't get the game itself to work." -- nich.

"(Could not get paddle emulation to work) :(" -- bhz.

"Simple but fairly fun, nice 6 digit display routine! ;)" -- Robin_Harbron.

"I had a lot of fun playing this, which is worth a lot." -- jcompton.

"Good simple game" -- pieffe.

"Nice name, original idea." -- GOC.

"Play moves too quickly between too easy and impossible" -- mcmartin.

"This game needs to be played on the real Atari 2600 since you can not emulate paddles. Ultrafast Kaboom! variation with nice additions. Get into the "zone" mode!" -- tjentzsch.

"I couldn't get the paddle emulation to work in z26..." -- MagerValp.

23. Haras
Haras Score: 5.82 with 34 votes
Author: Stefano Tognon
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 1k

"The controls didn't work too well for me." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Very well done !" -- Dbug.

"A fun game, but it's a shame that no score is kept." -- nich.

"I like the "pre-game animated screen", very nice touch! I like the re-use of stock c-set, very well done! The enemies look great, like that they look different! I like the use of color. The sound-effects are great. Great 1k Oils-Well clone! Could use levels and score/hi-score, be nice if monsters moved past x-255. (Author made note of this in doc, but still would be nice!) Cool!" -- bhz.

"Surprisingly good/addictive, this game put me on to the original Oil's Well game." -- Robin_Harbron.

"A nice attempt, although controls were hiccupy." -- jcompton.

"Nice" -- pieffe.

"Not a bad Miner remake" -- tnd64.

"A little difficult to control the movement" -- ice00.

"Awesome game!!!!! Hard as hell!" -- ottawavic.

"Nice Oil's Well clone, controlling could be better" -- MAL.

"Nice use of default graphics characters" -- mcmartin.

"The idea is maybe not that new, but I somehow enjoyed playing this game though." -- Magnate.

"A really good implementation of a nice game idea. The controls could be a little better (down!)" -- tjentzsch.

"Smooth gameplay and pretty fun!" -- Wyndex.

24. PIPES 4K
PIPES 4K Score: 5.80 with 25 votes
Author: Fernando Miguel Barletta
Platform: ZX81
Category: 4k

"Very good game, nice graphics, easy to use, nice presentation. ZX81 rules :)" -- Dbug.

"I didn't realise ZX81 games could be this good, but even so, it is repetitive." -- nich.

"Fun game, very complete, nice title screen. Nice twist on "pipes" game. Sound possible?" -- bhz.

"Well implemented, but far too easy once I got the hang of it." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Ergh. Pretty nasty interface." -- jcompton.

"Nice puzzle game" -- pieffe.

"Don't like this one much" -- tnd64.

"Pipework on a ZX81?" -- Jonathan.

"Good graphic design, for a ZX81..." -- GOC.

"Impressive display for a ZX81, but handling the game was difficult" -- mcmartin.

"Interesting puzzle game, plays ok." -- tjentzsch.

25. Marz
Marz Score: 5.79 with 29 votes
Author: Robin Harbron
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 1k

"Ah, that game again... :-)" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Graphicaly nice, but well "night bombers" like games never have been very interesting." -- Dbug.

"A nice game. If there was room to improve the graphics, it would be even better." -- nich.

"Autostart, very nice touch! Beautiful spaceship sprite! Great sound effects! Great use of colors, looks like sky and buildings! Score and Level are great to have! Nice level ending sequence with spaceship landing! I like the variety of building in each level! I love the difficulty jump after 5 levels!! The autostart is great, but it'd be more awesome if it started into a "pre-game" screen. Could have more detail on buildings. Highscore would be cool! " -- bhz.

"It's a nice Bomber, but it's still Bomber. Kudos on the ship, though." -- jcompton.

"The game gets more difficult but not impossible. Nice sound effects. Not at the level of Splatform, though." -- pieffe.

"Hardly playable at all. I think there may be a bug in this game, due to the fact that game is over when the player reaches the end of the screen. It would have been better if the player moved down, like in normal Blitz games :)" -- tnd64.

"Nice ufo and game" -- ice00.

"Not bad for 1k! A lot trickier than I expected" -- ottawavic.

"a fungame" -- MAL.

"Cute player graphic; levels are uninspired though" -- mcmartin.

"A bit too simple, even for 1K. But the spaceship looks cool." -- tjentzsch.

"Well done, but needs more 'game'." -- Wyndex.

26. Skeleton+
Skeleton+ Score: 5.79 with 29 votes
Author: Eric Ball
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Promising engine." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Funny, but too easy !" -- Dbug.

"Very crude graphics, but the use of sound is interesting and quite clever." -- nich.

"Neat! Fun game to play. I liek how the skeletons more real-time and actually have a direction they are facing! Perhaps more monsters, and maybe stuff to pickup would make it better." -- bhz.

"Not much reward to the action." -- jcompton.

"really fun labirinth game!" -- pieffe.

"interesting idea, even if with a little limitate graphics" -- ice00.

"Clever rendering for a 2600, but the game itself isn't much fun" -- mcmartin.

"This game has a lot of potential, I wish there would be a bit more variety. The skeleton looks really scary." -- tjentzsch.

"Maybe if it had been a 1k game..." -- MagerValp.

27. Gunfight
Gunfight Score: 5.75 with 28 votes
Author: Manuel Polik
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"I'm not going to vote my own game, sorry." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Funny, love the "hats" that get removed." -- Dbug.

"The computer opponent is too easy to beat and it soon becomes repetitive." -- nich.

"Great sounds and music (bonus for Good Bad and the Ugly tune - although it's off a bit) Excellent graphics. I like the multi-hit kill.. and the animated deaths. Great Computer player! Wow!" -- bhz.

"Great fun, nice little tunes, excellent AI." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Very nice! Makes the old Atari shootout game look a bit silly." -- jcompton.

"Quite fun, but too easy against the computer" -- pieffe.

"good fireing system" -- ice00.

"Much better than I'd expected, and probably the best 2600 entry." -- rus.

"Nice AI, very smooth animation and sound" -- mcmartin.

"You *must* play this game with a friend! Endless fun!!! Nice Atari 2600 music too." -- tjentzsch.

"I bet this'd be more fun if I had a friend for 2-player..." -- MagerValp.

28. BreakOric 1K
BreakOric 1K Score: 5.73 with 22 votes
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"It's fast code, and graphicaly nice. Very good one !" -- Dbug.

"Slightly too slow and therefore a bit easy; a faster ball would make it better." -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"A good, playable breakout, well implemented." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"Really playable, but a little boring. The ball speed depends on the direction?" -- pieffe.

"good ball movement" -- ice00.

"Smooth animation, looks very nice, but play control is too slow and deterministic" -- mcmartin.

"Good animation for an Oric, but I am missing some extras." -- tjentzsch.

29. K-Tris
K-Tris Score: 5.64 with 25 votes
Author: Richard Wilson
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Category: 1k

"Very playable and smooth" -- Dbug.

"Arguably the most playable version of Tetris I've encountered on the CPC." -- nich.

"I like the sound on completion of row, colors, boxes and shading, score/level/#lines/next shape is great! Game works and plays well. Would have liked to seen the tetris "shove under" block move, key repeat, and an over highscore is always cool. Great job!" -- bhz.

"Nice looking, full-featured Tetris - but I found the left/right controls very frustrating at higher speeds. I got to level 11 only to lose totally due to poor keyboard response (though I suppose this could be an emulator problem)" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Well, tiny Tetris has been done, but this was a pretty decent attempt." -- jcompton.

"Not a bad tetris, just too many in these contests" -- pieffe.

"No more tetris please. I'm sick of it" -- tnd64.

"Your average 10000000th Tetris clone. Where's the originality in that ?" -- GOC.

"Sure, it's Tetris, but it's a very pretty Tetris" -- mcmartin.

"Plays really well, nice graphics, but the game idea is really getting old now." -- tjentzsch.

"A fine tetris clone, although I kept mixing up the rotate/drop keys." -- Wyndex.

30. dotathon 2
dotathon 2 Score: 5.50 with 26 votes
Author: Russell Marks
Platform: Spectrum 128k
Category: 1k

"Reminds me of the X-Wing training sequence. Cool!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Interesting concept, but without joystick hard to play" -- Dbug.

"Definitely a lot better and more playable than the original Dotathon." -- nich.

"Game works well, achieves the illusion of flying through the squares. It is a bit difficult to play, perhaps I just need to play it more." -- bhz.

"Much better than last year's effort - thanks for the decent controls :)" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Very sophisticated and smooth tunnel game. A root of technology application of hardware." -- teanylistener.

"Reversible Y axis controls on the joystick would be awful nice." -- jcompton.

"Definitely better than the first version, but still too hard, IMO" -- pieffe.

"Very inspirational" -- tnd64.

"quite difficult to see the direction of the tunnel" -- ice00.

"Smooth... still too hard for me tho' :-)" -- GOC.

"Requires iron reflexes, but addictive; steep learning curve but I kept playing anyway" -- mcmartin.

"Too simple, no variations, controls could be more responsive" -- tjentzsch.

"Shouldn't this be lineaton now?" -- MagerValp.

31. Plat 3064
Plat 3064 Score: 5.44 with 34 votes
Author: Tom Walker
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"I hate manic miner, and pixel perfect collision games, but well it's correctly realised" -- Dbug.

"A quite enjoyable game, although it would be even more so with some sound." -- nich.

"Neat start to a platform game, needs more/better colors. Needs sound!" -- bhz.

"Neat, but needs some touch-up - especially annoying are bouncing off the side of a key instead of collecting it and hitting the ceiling and bouncing down too early at the top of level 3." -- Robin_Harbron.

"The action looked like an old game I remember (Dark Tower? Dark Castle?) but was, in the end, not very redeeming as a game." -- jcompton.

"So few levels for a Manic Miner clone ?!?" -- pieffe.

"Jet Set Willy rip off" -- tnd64.

"Quit like some old games. Maybe with decresing energy, this game will look better" -- ice00.

"Lots of action. I also like that I do not have to be exact when jumping for ledges :)" -- ottawavic.

"The graphics isn't so good, but the gameplay makes up for it." -- Cs.

"Not bad. But is level 3 even possible?" -- rus.

"Collision detection is very frustrating" -- mcmartin.

"Reminds me at Alligator Blagger, but without sound and a bit crude graphics the game idea looses quite a lot" -- tjentzsch.

"You turned a C64 into a Speccy :)" -- Wyndex.

"A spectrum game running on a C64, complete with 25 fps movement." -- MagerValp.

32. Skatebob
Skatebob Score: 5.38 with 32 votes
Author: Niklas
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Very fun game !" -- Dbug.

"Good graphics, but a bit repetitive, and why is the score shown in hexadecimal?" -- nich.

"neat game! Nice scrolling effects! Needs Sound, needs more to do." -- bhz.

"Hex display is lame (except for in SCSIcide) - buggy, after dying sometimes platforms appear too high up or far away to reach." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Not much game here." -- jcompton.

"Very nice, but I know this is an "easy" game for the C64. Also, platforms may move when you lose a life in such a way that you get stuck." -- pieffe.

"Now this game, I'd love to see full with hot music, a title screen and maybe some enemies to avoid." -- tnd64.

"Good full scrolling game with very nice graphics. A bitter too difficult." -- ice00.

"I think this is another start to a cool game" -- ottawavic.

"I enjoyed this game. Nice scrolling simulation, too." -- gest.

"Fun to play" -- MAL.

"Cute graphics" -- mcmartin.

"Reminds me of "Zub" a bit... It would have got a higher vote from me if it had some piece of music included." -- Magnate.

"Nice graphics and good idea, though the gameplay lacks some polishing, looks unfinished" -- tjentzsch.

"Horrible controls." -- MagerValp.

33. Pipeline
Pipeline Score: 5.24 with 29 votes
Author: Dominic Morris
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 4k

"The game seems to be bugged, I managed more than once to get "infinite" score." -- Dbug.

"Initially interesting, but the difficulty doesn't increase as you progress." -- nich.

"Nice "Pipes" clone. Need some kind of time-penalty for placing pipes over existing sections of pipe, too easy to just keep spacing until you get the piece you need." -- bhz.

"Well implemented, but much too easy." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Superbly implemented game. Too like others... but in 4KB an excellent achievement." -- teanylistener.

"I'm not especially surprised pipes can be done in 4k, I guess." -- jcompton.

"Nice game" -- pieffe.

"a little bit difficult to move. Good graphics." -- ice00.

"Nice gfx." -- GOC.

"Nice looking, but not a whole lot of actual fun" -- mcmartin.

"The game idea is well known, so I am missing fresh ideas. And I think the Spectrum can do better." -- tjentzsch.

34. Climber 5
Climber 5 Score: 5.17 with 29 votes
Author: Dennis Debro
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"This rocks!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Simple but funny :)" -- Dbug.

"The sound is extremely irritating and by level 5, the game becomes impossible." -- nich.

"Nice title screen! Nice graphics for climber. Decent sounds, although beep-boop got annoying after a while. Be nice to be able to pick up more stuff for points, be nice to have score/high score. Nice if "girders" were more than justa swooping line." -- bhz.

"Simple, but fun for a bit. Gets (near) impossible around level 5?" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Playable but very tedious. The kind of game you would type in then regret the waste of time on." -- jcompton.

"Not really fun" -- pieffe.

"quite repetitive" -- ice00.

"Smooth graphics, very nice for the 2600" -- mcmartin.

"This little guy is looking sooo cute. The game will be even better when it is completely finished. (next years favourite?)" -- tjentzsch.

35. Smash 4k
Smash 4k Score: 5.14 with 36 votes
Author: Richard Bayliss
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Cool music, nice game. One of the best C64 submissions!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Good music, nice graphics, but too fast for me" -- Dbug.

"Becomes too difficult by the third stage, but the music is excellent!" -- nich.

"Neat game, nice ship graphics. Nice tune! Wall graphics need a bit of work, maybe need powerups? Game gets impossibly hard too quickly." -- bhz.

"Dull because of repetition, poor use of 4k - if the "maze" would continue to vary for a really long way then he'd be onto something." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Nice presentation but ultimately not much of a game." -- jcompton.

"Nice music. Basically a demo..." -- pieffe.

"Good music, but I died afeter few seconds. Too many difficult" -- ice00.

"Wicked! great atmoshpere with the music. Be nice to play a complete game of this" -- ottawavic.

"Fancy gfx and sfx, boring gameplay." -- Cs.

"Music = wasted memory. My "8-in-1 BrickGame" has games more complex than this one !" -- GOC.

"Great music, good action but a bit to hard to handle" -- MAL.

"Gets impossible around level 4; map repeats too fast; awe-inspiring soundtrack" -- mcmartin.

"A bit too simple for a 4K game, I know the C64 can do much better. But nice music." -- tjentzsch.

36. Rally 1k
Rally 1k Score: 5.10 with 21 votes
Author: Fernando Miguel Barletta
Platform: ZX81
Category: 1k

"Funny clone of Super Sprint ;)" -- Dbug.

"It may be faster than the previous version, but is that really all?" -- nich.

"Nice scrolling race game for 1k! Difficult to drive at first, but easier once you get the hang of it. The timer is very cool! Maybe generate a bigger driving area? Are sounds possible, if so they would be very cool." -- bhz.

"Much more playable than last year's try, anyway." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Seemed like more of a graphical demo than a game to me, but still, intriguing." -- jcompton.

"Slightly better than last year" -- pieffe.

"The game poses no challenge at all" -- mcmartin.

"A bit too slow and much too short." -- tjentzsch.

"Is this the same as last year?" -- MagerValp.

37. Escape from Pong
Escape from Pong Score: 4.93 with 27 votes
Author: Adam Gashlin
Platform: NES
Category: 1k

"superb game idea :-)" -- aeeben.

"Good idea, nice trajectories, but too hard very fast." -- Dbug.

"Controlling the ball is quite tricky and the game itself is uninteresting." -- nich.

"I like the new idea for pong.. game got too difficult too quickly.. I think the level I got stuck on was actually impossible, the ball stgarted right in front of a red wall - regardless of what keys I pressed it would invariably hit it.. Cool idea though!" -- bhz.

"Nifty idea, quite playable, I had fun getting through the levels on this one." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Way more fun than it should have been. Freaking paddle!" -- jcompton.

"Interesting idea, though the game only looks proper in select emulators." -- tracker465.

"An original idea, but too hard. It would be easier with opposite controls" -- pieffe.

"Crap" -- tnd64.

"original idea, but a little difficult to play" -- ice00.

"Cute little puzzle game, but it becomes an exercise in acute frustration around level 10. Controls are exactly backwards from what I'd like." -- mcmartin.

"Very original concept, a few more variations would be nice" -- tjentzsch.

38. Superfly 1k
Superfly 1k Score: 4.90 with 20 votes
Author: Matthias Luedtke
Platform: Atari 800
Category: 1k

"Didn't managed to get the sprite on screen :(" -- Dbug.

"Lovely graphics, but the difficulty seems to stay the same after 2000 points. " -- nich.

"Nice colors, Animated Helicopter, Sounds! Score and Highscore are always great! Would like to see tunnel vary more, might as well just be obsticles. (see dwCave 2001 entries), Obsticles could be more interesting looking. Nice game thhough fun to play!" -- bhz.

"Couldn't get controls to work" -- jcompton.

"Decent scrolling game" -- pieffe.

"Physics are nice and graphics are clean." -- mcmartin.

"I love the game idea, so I'll submit an Atari 2600 version next year. A bit too slow for my taste" -- tjentzsch.

39. Kilopede
Kilopede Score: 4.89 with 27 votes
Author: Jonathan Cauldwell
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 1k

"Well, another centipede clone :(" -- Dbug.

"Too easy - just keep the fire button pressed - and the sound is very annoying." -- nich.

"Current score is always good, be nicer if it had highscore too. Sound is good. I like that the kilopede speeds up as you kill segments. Pause between level would be nice, Keyboard controls 1-5 are difficult to use if no joystick available. It would be nice if mushrooms got shot away incrementally. Playfield is a bit small for the speeds the kilopede gets too." -- bhz.

"This centipede clone allows up/down movement, thankfully, but has just one shot mushrooms! If only we could combine Orthopede and Kilopede together, we'd be close to perfect..." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Err.. if there is a ZX key<->joy standard, why not use it?" -- carlsson.

"Playable in 1KB, Seen too may times before. Excellent maximised code that asks what can be done with more." -- teanylistener.

"Unlike Orthopede, we have X/Y movement... but wimpy shrooms! Gah!" -- jcompton.

"It would have required a little more work that just a day, but still average." -- pieffe.

"Nice arcade remake" -- tnd64.

"the enemy is too fast" -- ice00.

"An average version of Centipede. Not very original and not up to Jon's standard." -- GOC.

"Requires deadly aim, but lots of fun" -- mcmartin.

"Good implemetation, even some extras!" -- tjentzsch.

"Unplayable due to slow firing" -- MagerValp.

40. tinyzb
tinyzb Score: 4.85 with 26 votes
Author: Russell Marks
Platform: Spectrum 128k
Category: 1k

"Almost as unplayable that the full version, but nice anyway" -- Dbug.

"A good shoot-'em-up, but obviously lacking in comparison with its 4K sibling." -- nich.

"Nice attempt at a 1k shoot-em-up! Crazy crazy crazy!" -- bhz.

"Lots of stuff moving around in a 1k game." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Clever use of 1KB, colour, aniumationa and some interesting use of sprites." -- teanylistener.

"Mindless fun, the 4k version was a treat, this is just an afterthought." -- jcompton.

"Enjoyable game. The wider screen makes it better" -- pieffe.

"Not too bad" -- tnd64.

"too many difficult, but good" -- ice00.

"An achievement in 1K, I suppose... but not very impressive." -- GOC.

"Playable, but barely." -- mcmartin.

"The 4K was hard already, but this one is almost unplayable now. Collision detection looks random." -- tjentzsch.

41. JoustPong 1K
JoustPong 1K Score: 4.81 with 26 votes
Author: Kirk Israel
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 1k

"Promising!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Too hard to move bats to get precise movement, but fun idea." -- Dbug.

"The control method is silly, and beating the computer is much too difficult." -- nich.

"Great! Nice flapping and ping-pong sounds! Current score and "W" for winner is nice. Nice animated flapping paddles! CPU Player that plays well is a bonus with me, very nice! Interesting twist on 2 great games! Bonus for making an A2600 1k game! (Hats off!) Only thing I'd have like'd to see is slower flapping w/ more "joust-like" life on paddles.. and of course a slightly slower ball to accomodate that. GREAT job!" -- bhz.

"Reasonably cool premise ruined by way too sensitive "flapping"." -- Robin_Harbron.

"I won a game !" -- ffrances.

"Nice concept but too difficult to hit anything that isn't at the bottom of the screen." -- jcompton.

"Nice variation of Pong" -- pieffe.

"quite difficult to control the movement" -- ice00.

"Play control is nigh-impossible to handle properly" -- mcmartin.

"Cool game idea and the computer is quite hard to beat. The bumping at the top should be reduced a bit." -- tjentzsch.

42. Munchie Attack
Munchie Attack Score: 4.81 with 31 votes
Author: Joey Parsell
Platform: NES
Category: 4k

"Way better than Hot Seat Harry! :-)" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Fast, but not much of a challenge" -- Dbug.

"A good game with just the right level of difficulty to make it entertaining." -- nich.

"Funny! Need sound. Sometimes unclear what you can eat. (Oh, those are fish standing on end! whoops.)" -- bhz.

"Fun for a while, but much too easy. And I think it should be mentioned in the dox that the idea was taken from the Atari 2600 cart "Fast Food", unless you really thought it was original?" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Nice sense of humor in the setup. Not an especially great game, but fun in its presentation." -- jcompton.

"Very addictive, the best NES game of the bunch." -- tracker465.

"Too simple game" -- pieffe.

"Sucks" -- tnd64.

"quite repetitive" -- ice00.

"Straightforward; nice sprite graphics except for player, but feels kind of empty" -- mcmartin.

"Ok, but too little variations." -- tjentzsch.

43. Dunjon II
Dunjon II Score: 4.75 with 24 votes
Author: Ghislain de Blois
Platform: VIC-20
Category: 4k

"Less interesting in 4k than 1k whack on the same machine !" -- Dbug.

"I'm not a Dungeons & Dragons fan, which is why I didn't really like it." -- nich.

"(Not enough time to evaluate game. :( )" -- bhz.

"I was put off by the difficulty at first, but then figured out a few things, got into it and spent *hours* playing this! Mapped out the whole first level, got about half of the 2nd, and a wee bit of the 3rd done. Still too tough to do much proper exploring deeper down, but I enjoyed those hours of playing :)" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Crazy. Fun. Crazy fun." -- jcompton.

"This is technically impressive, but too difficult!" -- pieffe.

"good graphics for an adventures" -- ice00.

"I wished the map would remain on the screen during combat, but it did have a dungeon feel to it for sure." -- ottawavic.

"Being wildly unbalanced is not a feature, no matter what the README says" -- mcmartin.

"I really don't like that kind of game! Sorry." -- tjentzsch.

44. Stack 'n' Smile
Stack 'n' Smile Score: 4.74 with 19 votes
Author: Nicholas Campbell
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Category: 1k

"Slow and non reactive, that makes the game stressing to play." -- Dbug.

"Nice game, simple to play and understand. Score and Timer are good. I like the colors, especially using dif colors in score and timer text and values text. However the timer counts while the bricks are falling, which is annoying to me. I do not know of the game this was made from, but I think restrictions on where you can swap to/from would be good. A Highscore is always nice. Some kind, any kind of bonuses would be nice. A little more play time would be nice. Nice game though." -- bhz.

"Not enthused about how chunky it turned out, but definitely playable." -- jcompton.

"Not too much fun" -- pieffe.

"Controls need tweaking." -- Jonathan.

"No replay value" -- mcmartin.

"Ok for a 1K entry, the controls suck a lot." -- tjentzsch.

45. Warring Worms
Warring Worms Score: 4.72 with 29 votes
Author: Billy Eno
Platform: Atari 2600
Category: 4k

"Cool variant-on-a-theme." -- Manuel_Polik.

"A tron where you can fire, but bad playability" -- Dbug.

"OK at first, with a wide variety of playing modes, but the interest wears off." -- nich.

"Neat idea.. I like the twist on "Snake" Game needs a bit of work - be nice if walls connected, Randomly appearing walls somewhat annoying, and weird. Gameplay kind of choppy. Limiting ammo for each snake would force players to be more conservative with firing." -- bhz.

"I didn't really find it much more fun than 2600 Surround, even given the different options. Just didn't grab me." -- jcompton.

"poor snake clone" -- pieffe.

"nice idea and good cpu opponent" -- ice00.

"Nice enhancement of Snake/Nibbles/Surround" -- mcmartin.

"A nice worm game with a lot of variations, best when played against a friend." -- tjentzsch.

"Just firing straight ahead wins every time" -- MagerValp.

46. Garden
Garden Score: 4.68 with 22 votes
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"The pathfinding is interesting. Too bad there is latency in the movement :(" -- Dbug.

"Too easy, with a really garish set of colours used." -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"This was fun for a while - the "AI" was a better than I expected, adding greatly to the challenge." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"The keyboard responce is somehow... ugly!" -- pieffe.

"easy game" -- ice00.

"Clever and playable, but the bad guy is pretty easily tricked into dead ends. Blazing fast for BASIC." -- mcmartin.

"Very simple, not very addictive" -- tjentzsch.

47. DUAL 1024+
DUAL 1024+ Score: 4.61 with 31 votes
Author: Darren Hatch
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 1k

"Beat it on the first try, I hope Auto Fire doesn't count as cheating?" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Hardly playable due to the speed of some ennemis and slowlyness of your own ship. Not interesting at all playing at it." -- Dbug.

"Rather mediocre, although the graphics aren't too bad." -- nich.

"Nice graphics for ships and enemies! Souds are great! Like the different speeds and colors for the ships! I like how the enemies speed up! I like the scrolling motion! The "power-up" for triple fire, flashing screen, and eventually getting to the mother ship is very cool for variety! Could use score/highscore though. Also be nice if your ship go move faster left and right, sometimes the enemies go impossible fast. Also be nice if enemies vary x position a bit. Very cool!!" -- bhz.

"Better than last year's entry, but I found the main game flawed - you can just hammer fire repeatedly and eventually get to the end boss. The game should have involved more stuff like the end boss - if only the oncoming ships drifted left/right." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Like last year, scoring element is lacking." -- carlsson.

"Had a cheap feel about it. Not really eye-catching." -- jcompton.

"Better than last year, but still..." -- pieffe.

"Nice shoot 'em up :)" -- tnd64.

"Good graphics and firing system" -- ice00.

"Nice graphics" -- ottawavic.

"This game is *violently* crap !!!! Excellent C64CGC material. If it weren't for Caverns of Kontonia, it would be the worst game *EVER* !" -- GOC.

"Looks nice but a bit boring, staing in the middle and fire let you play for hours, no score" -- MAL.

"Very little variation; your ship is too slow to dodge many attacks, so it becomes luck too quickly. Otherwise solid" -- mcmartin.

"Not very impressive. The C64 can do better." -- tjentzsch.

"A good start -- needs more 'game' though." -- Wyndex.

48. Bowling Master
Bowling Master Score: 4.60 with 20 votes
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"Oh... looks like 2600 bowling!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Funny idea !" -- Dbug.

"The game relies too much on luck and too little on skill." -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"Simple, but had my attention for a while, until I found you're always rated "average" unless you're "perfect" - I quit playing after that, lame." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"Hey! 90 points to get a perfect ?!? Are we kidding :)" -- pieffe.

"nice idea" -- ice00.

"Impossible play control is no better if it's deliberate. Physics and ruleset are overly simplistic" -- mcmartin.

"Ok, but more the gameplay is IMO too random and not very addictive" -- tjentzsch.

49. Djihad Chess
Djihad Chess Score: 4.40 with 35 votes
Author: Heiko Irrgang
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Two bad it's only 2-Player" -- Manuel_Polik.

"There's no AI to play with, and since I was alone at home..." -- Dbug.

"An interesting twist on chess, albeit in highly questionable taste." -- nich.

"Neat twist on Chess. Needs better graphics, needs sound, computyer play would be impressive. " -- bhz.

"I found it too easy to double click and blow myself up - neat idea though." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Questionable taste on the name, but a clever concept. Too bad about the music, since I think making it a better chess game was more important than including a theme." -- jcompton.

"Small pieces, also no real fun." -- pieffe.

"Nice strategy game. Very interesting as well. Music would have been nice though :)" -- tnd64.

"music probably should save this game. Original idea, but no so playable" -- ice00.

"I am not into terrorist stuff and all that" -- ottawavic.

"Nice idea but only a 2 player game" -- MAL.

"Nice pointer control, but should have spent some of that 1.5k left on at least check detection" -- mcmartin.

"Hm, I neither like the name nor the gameplay" -- tjentzsch.

50. The Potion
The Potion Score: 4.32 with 31 votes
Author: Peter Karlsson
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"I didn't manage to do anything with the stone and the squirel, and got lost moving around :(" -- Dbug.

"Initially I found the adventure frustrating, but in fact it's not that bad." -- nich.

"(not enough time for me to evaluate.. I should have started sooner! whoops, sorry.)" -- bhz.

"The init bugs were annoying, but once I figured them out, I enjoyed the exploration/puzzle solving early on. The final puzzle/text took a turn for the worse, though, not making all that much sense. I wonder what Csabo could have done with 4k?" -- Robin_Harbron.

"I wanted to like this one more than I did. The author made a terrible mistake in documentation. It was ALMOST a story I cared about completing, but ultimately, it wasn't." -- jcompton.

"Nice adventure..." -- pieffe.

"A typical text adventure, nothing too exciting" -- tnd64.

"Proabably a good adventures, but I'm not able to play this kind of game" -- ice00.

"See my squirrel quest remarks" -- ottawavic.

"Frustrating." -- Cs.

"No textadventure player so no vote here" -- MAL.

"Pretty good; game over requires complete reset of computer though" -- mcmartin.

"A nice, short adventure. Well, too short :-(" -- tjentzsch.

"I enjoyed it!" -- Wyndex.

51. The Gigabonux
The Gigabonux Score: 4.20 with 20 votes
Author: Simon Guyart
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"The game idea is weird, but it's addictive." -- Dbug.

"Yawn... This gets my vote for the worst game in this year's 1K competition." -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"I spent a fair bit of time on this considering how simple it is - very addictive for a basic text-only game." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"Not too bad" -- pieffe.

"simple but with some good rule" -- ice00.

"Game design is very simple, but I played it far more than I would have guessed I would." -- mcmartin.

"Ultra simple game, not much fun" -- tjentzsch.

52. bomber4k
bomber4k Score: 4.19 with 27 votes
Author: RoboNes
Platform: NES
Category: 4k

"Simple but efficient" -- Dbug.

"Not bad, but it's a bit easy and some sound effects would also be nice." -- nich.

"Nice bomber game, need sound. Bomb seems to fall slow, and sprite jumps down while on screen, looks funny. " -- bhz.

"Shouldn't be 4k - no music/sfx, very simple." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Nothing special on the bombing concept, and very hard to hit things on the left column." -- jcompton.

"Very good arcade game, although the graphics are mediocre." -- tracker465.

"I liked the 1k implementation more... " -- pieffe.

"Average 'Blitz' style game" -- tnd64.

"don't know if it is an emulator issue, but it is too fast" -- ice00.

"The most cloned game in existence !" -- GOC.

"Nice graphics, but challenge is minimal. Not a lot of actual fun" -- mcmartin.

"Maybe acceptable as 1K (Marz!), but 4K?" -- tjentzsch.

53. Squirrel Quest
Squirrel Quest Score: 4.11 with 28 votes
Author: Richard James
Platform: VIC-20
Category: 4k

"The fights are too long and frequent." -- Dbug.

"A slow, dull, repetitive and very uninspiring role-playing game." -- nich.

"(Games would not run with instructions given)" -- bhz.

"Lots of potential in the game system here, too bad the map/quest was so teeny. It was still fun though." -- Robin_Harbron.

"I wanted to like it more on the sheer gall of the scope but it got just too tedious building levels to more four squares." -- jcompton.

"Nice, but too easy, and the implementation could be better." -- pieffe.

"Quite poor" -- tnd64.

"Don't like adventures, but graphics give some better impression to me" -- ice00.

"I must be an idiot, because I could not figure out what to do after 2 minutes, so I gave up... Why can't I pick up a stone?!?" -- ottawavic.

"Far too easy; by the time you can damage monsters at all, they can't hurt you" -- mcmartin.

"I killed the monster, so what? There is not much of a game inside." -- tjentzsch.

54. tb_6502
tb_6502 Score: 4.05 with 20 votes
Author: Vince Weaver
Platform: Apple ][
Category: 4k

"Not bad, but keyboard is not really responsive making it hard to target aliens." -- Dbug.

"I like the title screens and the menus. Gameplay somewhat choppy and difficult. Graphics quite blocky." -- bhz.

"Decent presentation, reasonably fun shooter, though repetition and blockiness detract." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Expected more for the "money."" -- jcompton.

"No emultor" -- richardjames.

"no..." -- pieffe.

"Acceleration controls really need to be finer-grained" -- mcmartin.

"ULTRA-blocky! That ruins the game that might be about average else." -- tjentzsch.

"The controls are a bit of a pain." -- MagerValp.

55. Florbingel
Florbingel Score: 4.03 with 36 votes
Author: Roberto Martin
Platform: Commodore 64
Category: 4k

"Nice idea. I normally really love this kind of game, but this is a bit simple & easy." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Nice idea, but since I don't know the rules that decide who win/lose it does not make strategy really possible" -- Dbug.

"Too easy, and once you've completed it, you won't want to play it again." -- nich.

"Nice start of a "Risk" type game Very slow needs ml for battle resolution. Needs more colors/graphics, and sounds." -- bhz.

"Presentation, scenario and personal nostalgia (somewhat) make up for lack of depth." -- Robin_Harbron.

"If there had been something else... ANYTHING else to it, I would have been a little happier, but as it was it was about as exciting as a dice rolling simulator." -- jcompton.

"almost primitive, but I play it again and again......" -- miller64.

"An easy, not spectacular game." -- pieffe.

"Nice strategy game, damn hard to play though" -- tnd64.

"Interesting ASCII-art game, but no so playable" -- ice00.

"No too bad" -- ottawavic.

"Tedious and unattractive." -- GOC.

"A little bit of defender of the crown but bad presentation" -- MAL.

"No interactivity, no meaningful strategic choices" -- mcmartin.

"Hm, either I missed something or this "game" misses something" -- tjentzsch.

"A decent start, but unfortunately not much "game"." -- Wyndex.

56. Telematch
Telematch Score: 4.00 with 21 votes
Author: Luis Claudio Grosso
Platform: MSX
Category: 4k

"Whoa! I haven't seen this in years!" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Smooth, but that np$msx emulator is quite cryptic to use :(" -- Dbug.

"Unfortunately it's not possible to play by yourself, and it's somewhat dull." -- nich.

"(msx emulator did not run game for some reason. Not enough time to figure out why. :( )" -- bhz.

"Cool if it's a "true" emulator, but otherwise, I'm not interested in more pong. Authentic look though." -- Robin_Harbron.

"As a simulation exercise, interesting I guess. As a game, not really." -- jcompton.

"The MSX is probably the best platform, I would have expected something more (but I still appreciate that there is a MSX entry)" -- pieffe.

"Clean implementation of a lot of Pongalikes" -- mcmartin.

"Very faithful translation/emulation, but playing the games without paddles and a friend sucks. :-)" -- tjentzsch.

57. Galaxy Patrol
Galaxy Patrol Score: 3.90 with 29 votes
Author: Michael Martin
Platform: NES
Category: 4k

"Very frustrating. Yet challenging." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Stars are so densely and randomly place that it's almost impossible to start. No progressivity :-(" -- Dbug.

"So ridiculously difficult that it's pretty much unplayable." -- nich.

"Nice start to a game, but needs better motion for ship, and perhaps more to do." -- bhz.

"Too simple for 4k, but still kind of fun." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Uninspiring implementation of an old and not very exciting concept." -- jcompton.

"Good arcade game, though sometimes it gets a little bit impossible." -- tracker465.

"Difficult, and not spectacular" -- pieffe.

"too difficult" -- ice00.

"Too simple and too monotonous." -- GOC.

"Too hard and too simple for 4K, looks like 1K to me" -- tjentzsch.

58. Re-Connectris
Re-Connectris Score: 3.74 with 23 votes
Author: Anders Carlsson
Platform: VIC-20
Category: 1k

"What are the rules ? I will not download last year file to learn !" -- Dbug.

"One of the worst control systems I've ever encountered; it's almost unplayable." -- nich.

"(Games would not run with emu instructions given)" -- bhz.

"A little weird to get the hang of... not a bad game, though." -- jcompton.

"As last year, I wouldn't play it on a computer (a net version next year?)" -- pieffe.

"Not bad connect 4 game on Vic 20" -- tnd64.

"a normal game" -- ice00.

"Impressive for 1k, although I think all 1k submissions were impressive" -- ottawavic.

"Obnoxious controls complicate what should be a very simple game" -- mcmartin.

"Without a good computer AI (or a friend) this game has no fun. Very simple graphics." -- tjentzsch.

59. Space Probe
Space Probe Score: 3.45 with 20 votes
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Platform: Apple ][
Category: 1k

"Okay for 5 minutes." -- Manuel_Polik.

"Well, it works, but not particularly impressive." -- Dbug.

"Nice looking game, great use of graphics and sound. Opening Cut scene is cool too! It seems to me it is a very hard game to play.. it would be nice to have an easier level one. It would be nice to have lives so that you start in the level again and not have to watch the cut scene over and over. Sometimes I think the shooting would stick and my ship would just fly straight and I'd die. Overall a neat game!" -- bhz.

"Watching that long ship deployment sequence over and over again just to get the chance to die at the hands of unresponsive controls..." -- Robin_Harbron.

"reached level 2" -- ffrances.

"The little stars make it almost unplayable. Could have been a good game but needs more tweaking for playability." -- jcompton.

"completely unplayable. No way to pass level 1" -- pieffe.

"Punishingly slow and not really terribly entertaining" -- mcmartin.

"Very basic and damn too hard!!!" -- tjentzsch.

"Brings back the high school memories; quite difficult to play though :)" -- Wyndex.

"Basic, right? To slow to be playable, and I die for no apparent reason." -- MagerValp.

QWERTI Score: 3.43 with 23 votes
Author: Peter (TheSpider)
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"Interesting, but hard to play on an emulator with an AZERTY keyboard !" -- Dbug.

"Reasonably entertaining, but why should my score be "Too high" all the time?" -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"I was sort of into this until I realized (from viewing the BASIC code) that it *always* says "too slow", which is even lamer than "Bowling Master"." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"I know I have bad reflexes. Also don't emulators produce some delay?" -- pieffe.

"interesting for testing the keyboard" -- ice00.

"Not really a game, and the game is never, ever satisfied with your speed" -- mcmartin.

"Sorry, two fingers only :-)" -- tjentzsch.

61. Tic Tac Math
Tic Tac Math Score: 3.38 with 29 votes
Author: Peter Karlsson
Platform: Commodore 128
Category: 1k

"Not interesting. Perhaps because I hate maths and tic tac toe ?" -- Dbug.

"Mixing noughts and crosses with maths makes for a boring game." -- nich.

"Like the use of math in this twist of tic-tac-toe! Like the use of different colors for pieces and text for players. I like different beeps for correct/incorrect! Nice use of c-128 BASIC! Could have auto-restart though, screen redraws are slow, maybe block out text area and just draw over tic-tac-toe area.. Be nice to have time limit answering math problem, Background color clashes with blue stuff. Nice tic-tac-toe though!" -- bhz.

"A reminder of how slow those BASIC 7.0 draw commands can be." -- jcompton.

"A small variation of a boring game." -- pieffe.

"Maths? No thanks ;) Nice idea though" -- tnd64.

"Original idea" -- ice00.

"You now have me writing a version on the vic for my daughter ')" -- ottawavic.

"Not a bright idea. We all know how basic maths, and we also know that in Tic-tac-toe, if both players play perfectly, it's always a draw." -- GOC.

"Uninspiring twist on a solved game" -- mcmartin.

"Boring, the game idea doesn't last very long" -- tjentzsch.

"At least it's original! :)" -- Wyndex.

"Just way way too slow. And tic tac toe still isn't a fun game." -- MagerValp.

62. Tic Tac Zac
Tic Tac Zac Score: 3.10 with 29 votes
Author: Stefano Bodrato
Platform: Spectrum
Category: 4k

"This was intended for the crap games compo, right?" -- Manuel_Polik.

"Well, if you play in a corner, the game lose !" -- Dbug.

"Is this really a 4K game? It's more like a 1K game, and it's rubbish as well." -- nich.

"Nice that you can actually win. Neat scrolling banners when you win/lose. Good that it has sound effects" -- bhz.

"Why is this 4k?" -- Robin_Harbron.

"Much too easy (?)" -- carlsson.

"Why?" -- jcompton.

"I know why you did it. But..." -- pieffe.

"Nice design, but could have been better :)" -- tnd64.

"good artificial opponent" -- ice00.

"Y A W N" -- GOC.

"At least it's faster than Tic Tac Math, and it has an AI" -- mcmartin.

"As a 1K submission this one might be acceptable, but 4K?" -- tjentzsch.

63. AntiISDA Warrior
AntiISDA Warrior Score: 3.04 with 23 votes
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Platform: Oric
Category: 1k

"Would be probably more "immersive" with redefined characters ?" -- Dbug.

"Too easy to complete - and it should be AntiIDSA, by the way..." -- nich.

"(Oric install not working on my machine)" -- bhz.

"Very simple, but fun for a little while. Too easy though." -- Robin_Harbron.

"Could not run Oric." -- jcompton.

"Not really..." -- pieffe.

"not so interesting" -- ice00.

"I am an ISDA agent. Your game offends us. DIE." -- GOC.

"Smooth gameplay, but it's not terribly entertaining" -- mcmartin.

"Too simple, no real challenge, bores soon" -- tjentzsch.