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Jonathan David Morris column

Jonathan David Morris

Jonathan David Morris is a political satirist based in New Jersey. A strong believer in small government, JDM often takes aim at oppressive taxes, entitlements, and laws, writing about incompetence at the highest levels of culture and government. You can catch more of JDM's ramblings at readjdm.com.

Medicare makes me sick
Jonathan David Morris
December 2, 2003

Nine out of every ten times I go to the doctor, I end up spending two hours in the waiting room flipping through the pages of a six-month-old Sports Illustrated . . .

Pop goes the weasel
Jonathan David Morris
November 25, 2003

So the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is charged with molesting a child. Let me put on my surprised face which, strangely enough, looks just like the face I . . .

Power to the people empowered by the people
Jonathan David Morris
November 18, 2003

Earlier this month, an 80-year-old man named Lester Campbell was mugged while riding the elevator to his Bronx apartment. The struggle went down like a bad . . .

Is Dean the new mouth of the South?
Jonathan David Morris
November 11, 2003

"I knew I was the frontrunner," Howard Dean said last week, "because I keep picking buckshot out of my rear end all the time." This happened on the set of CNN . . .

An interview with Alan Keyes, Part II: "Can God bless America?"
Jonathan David Morris
November 4, 2003

A few short hours after speaking one-on-one with Alan Keyes, I arrived as planned at the Amnion fundraising dinner to hear his keynote speech. Given his . . .

An interview with Alan Keyes, Part I: "A deep moral challenge"
Jonathan David Morris
October 28, 2003

Amnion is a crisis pregnancy group local to the Philadelphia area. Its mission is to provide pro-life counsel to those contemplating, or in some cases coping . . .

Lieberman, prince of thieves?
Jonathan David Morris
October 21, 2003

You may recall that Joe Lieberman was one of three Democratic candidates along with Dick Gephardt and Dennis Kucinich seen begging for forgiveness after . . .

What goes around comes around, or: The case for perpetual recall
Jonathan David Morris
October 14, 2003

Wouldn't it be weird if, a year from now, Californians recall Arnold Schwarzenegger and replace him with Gray Davis? Yeah, I know it's not likely, but I wouldn . . .

Live free or die trying
Jonathan David Morris
October 7, 2003

A few months ago, I wrote about the Free State Project a plan whereby thousands of libertarians and constitutional purists would move en masse to a single . . .

Diversity, drugs, and a racist bake sale: Misadventures in modern capitalism
Jonathan David Morris
September 30, 2003

Last week, the Thought Police thought to send a couple of rent-a-cops over to Southern Methodist University to shut down a get this bake sale. That's right, . . .

Hey, big spender
Jonathan David Morris
September 23, 2003

A common misconception these days is that last week's addition of Gen. Wesley Clark brings the field of Democratic presidential contenders to a total of ten. . . .

America's UN-witting surrender
Jonathan David Morris
September 16, 2003

Rudy Giuliani said something on TV last week and I can't remember which station he was on, or else I'd give credit but what he said was that New York City . . .

Peace through resolve
Jonathan David Morris
September 9, 2003

God's honest truth? As a writer, writing about the second anniversary of September 11th isn't as easy as writing about the first one was. The story arc's not so . . .

A lean, mean fighting machine: Why Dean deserves his party's nomination
Jonathan David Morris
September 2, 2003

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has taken a 38 to 17 percent lead over Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry in a Zogby Poll of likely voters in next January's New . . .

Life after death and taxes
Jonathan David Morris
August 19, 2003

You may have missed it, what with all the uproar out in California lately, but another state with budget troubles, Alabama, is apparently pitting God against . . .

Let there be light
Jonathan David Morris
August 18, 2003

I was in an office when it happened when the lights flickered and the Net went down. And just like that, about a quarter past four, it felt like 9/11 all . . .

Hey, Arnold: we could use you on our borders
Jonathan David Morris
August 12, 2003

Sixty-five signatures and thirty-five hundred bucks. That's all it takes these days to declare your gubernatorial candidacy. And when I say "your candidacy," . . .

Sex and the city
Jonathan David Morris
August 5, 2003

That he joined the GOP to sneak into office notwithstanding, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has an apparent knack for stating the obvious. Such was the case last . . .

Ask questions later
Jonathan David Morris
July 29, 2003

In a joint congressional report released just two days after the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein last week, it was revealed that the US government did, indeed, . . .

The truth shall set you free, Iraq... unless our president lied
Jonathan David Morris
July 22, 2003

By now you know the story of George Washington, who, after chopping down his dad's cherry tree, admitted guilt with the famous words, "Father, I cannot tell a . . .

Reverse McCarthyism is here
Jonathan David Morris
July 15, 2003

You know an issue is hot when the fact that it's an issue becomes an issue all its own. No recent example better exemplifies this phenomenon than the celebrity . . .

Forget Paris
Jonathan David Morris
July 8, 2003

Don't look now, but France is ready to rekindle the Franco-American fire. Two months removed from major combat in Iraq, the French have embarked on an . . .

Constitutionally speaking, vigilance is as easy as 1-2-3
Jonathan David Morris
July 2, 2003

I got a letter in the mail a few weeks back with the words "Final Notice" written in red on the envelope. I soon noticed it was from the NRA. They were looking . . .

Freedom and other such pursuits
Jonathan David Morris
June 23, 2003

It's said that scientists, in testing the big bang theory, might someday spark the creation of a new universe inside a particle accelerator the expansion of . . .

Lost & Unfounded
Jonathan David Morris
June 17, 2003

"Earlier today," an American president once said, "I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British . . .

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