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Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?

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Mary Mostert column

Mary Mostert

Mary Mostert is a nationally-respected political writer. She was one of the first female political commentators to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper in the 1960s. After working in President Lyndon Johnson's failed War on Poverty programs in New York state, she became a Republican. She ran, unsuccessfully, for the New York State Senate and became campaign manager for a number of candidates. She once served as the secretary of "Positive Action NOW!"--a South African women's group that sought to reduce the hostility among South Africa's various racial, religious, and political groups.

In recent years, Mary has researched, written, and edited articles for national talk show host Michael Reagan's Information Interchange on the Internet, and for The REAGAN MONITOR, a monthly newsletter that provides in-depth information on key issues. Her book, COMING HOME - Families Can Stop the Unraveling of America," was published in 1996 by Gold Leaf Press. Mary maintains a political media site, Banner of Liberty. She can be contacted at mary@bannerofliberty.com. Click here for more information.

Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?
Mary Mostert
December 7, 2003

The angry debate over the Republican Medicare Reform bill, which the President will sign into law on Monday has been interesting to me, as a senior who will be . . .

The Democrats' "Bush recession" scare tactic that didn't work
Mary Mostert
December 4, 2003

Six months ago I wrote an article about the economy, using as the title of the article a quote from President Bush, "I believe in the future of this economy." I . . .

Will Medicare reform encourage seniors to become more responsible for their health?
Mary Mostert
December 3, 2003

The angry debate over the Republican Medicare Reform bill, which the President will sign into law on Monday has been interesting to me, as a senior who will be . . .

Millions in other lands are thankful for you -- because you are an American taxpayer
Mary Mostert
November 26, 2003

Greg J. Newell, who was Undersecretary of State during the Reagan administration, spoke last Sunday to a church gathering in my hometown about, what else, but . . .

A new crusade over Bush saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God?
Mary Mostert
November 25, 2003

Recently a reporter asked President Bush in London "Mr. President, when you talk about peace in the Middle East, you've often said that freedom is granted by . . .

Did Chief Justice Marshall collude with lesbian buddies on same-sex marriage decision?
Mary Mostert
November 20, 2003

In a 4-3 decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled two days ago that what you thought marriage was all about, isn't. It ruled that "barring an individual . . .

Hopefully Bush and Blair won't be guillotined for helping Iraq
Mary Mostert
November 19, 2003

Monday, before President Bush flew off to London, which appears to be hostile territory, if we believe the British media, he had a brief chat with a group of . . .

The "fuss," senator, is about you trashing the Constitution
Mary Mostert
November 17, 2003

President George W. Bush is the first President in American history that has been the subject of filibusters to block his nominees for the Judiciary. Democrat . . .

War brewing between corporate media giants and the White House?
Mary Mostert
November 13, 2003

There seem to be actually two wars being fought in Iraq. One is the war being reported by the dominant media, i.e. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, Washington Post . . .

Feminists' unconstitutional plan to end America's independent Judiciary
Mary Mostert
November 12, 2003

Last Friday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco was quoted as saying the photograph of President Bush surrounded by male lawmakers as he signed . . .

Democrats plan to use intelligence info to boost John Edwards campaign?
Mary Mostert
November 11, 2003

Having read the memo written by the Democrat minority staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee I now understand why Republican Chairman of the Intelligence . . .

What part of "the conflict will not be short" confuses Democrats and the media?
Mary Mostert
November 9, 2003

During World War II, when the Democrats in Washington were spending 3 times the amount of money annually as was being collected in taxes, I don't ever remember . . .

What would Ronald Reagan say about CBS' distortion of the Reagans?
Mary Mostert
November 6, 2003

Lately I received a lot of mail about the CBS hit-piece “The Reagans” that was scheduled to air on November 16th. The mini-series, which was produced by Neil . . .

The Sierra Club / Clinton legacy: dead firemen, charred forests, dying economy
Mary Mostert
November 2, 2003

I lived in the California Sierra foothills almost at the edge of the El Dorado National Forest from 1976 to 1999 and had a front row seat in the Great Debate . . .

Child abuse and children without a country
Mary Mostert
November 1, 2003

“A Man Without a Country,” written by Edward Everett Hale in the mid 1800s, is a work of fiction about an army officer who was court-martialed around the time  . . .

Is George Bush unfairly competing with the big 5 media conglomerates?
Mary Mostert
October 31, 2003

It seems that something new and different is happening to news coverage in the Middle East since Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched early this year. This . . .

Will Gen. Boykin get fired for agreeing with Gen. Washington about God?
Mary Mostert
October 30, 2003

The lead sentence in a Reuters report out of Washington yesterday read, “President Bush said on Wednesday he disagreed with a senior military intelligence . . .

The hypocrisy of designating unborn babies as disposable property
Mary Mostert
October 28, 2003

To hear left-wing feminist comments on the Senate vote to stop partial-birth abortion, in which a late term infant is partly delivered but then killed by the . . .

Bush and WMD vs Kennedy and Chappaquiddick -- Who is the liar?
Mary Mostert
October 22, 2003

Last week, on the same day that the United Nations surprised the world by voting unanimously for the Bush Administration’s Iraqi Resolution, Senator Ted Kennedy . . .

Anti-American Anglican archbishop says terrorists have "serious moral goals"
Mary Mostert
October 20, 2003

A lead story this week in the London Telegraph by religion writer Jonathan Petre reports the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, “urged America to . . .

Abortion industry wants sexual abuse laws declared unconstitutional
Mary Mostert
October 19, 2003

There is a law that has been on the books for at least 11 years in Kansas which prohibits sex with a child under 16, making a pregnancy in a girl under 16 . . .

Will Marxist tactics and a rising tide of hate determine 2004 elections?
Mary Mostert
October 15, 2003

On Monday, Ohio’s socialist representative, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, formally announced what we already knew — that he was running for president. Kucinich, is co . . .

Kay’s report and mass graves in Iraq testify Bush was right
Mary Mostert
October 12, 2003

It appears to be the conclusion of many self-proclaimed “experts” in the media and among Democrats that since the recent Interim Report issued by Dr. David Kay . . .

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret weapon -- his wife Maria Shriver
Mary Mostert
October 11, 2003

Before the election on Tuesday, which swept Gray Davis out of office, and Arnold Schwarzenegger into office, I collected some of the poll “predictions” about . . .

Giving young voters a reason to vote
Mary Mostert
October 10, 2003

Last week I was invited to teach four Utah Valley State University classes because of the research I have done for my soon-to-be released book on the subject of . . .

Why can’t we be as proud of our President and military today as we were in WW2?
Mary Mostert
October 2, 2003

I was somewhat dumbfounded this week, in talking to a college-educated daughter on the east coast who flat out refused to believe that Saddam Hussein had killed . . .

The media, not Bush, made the Iraq connection to Osama bin Laden
Mary Mostert
October 1, 2003

On Sunday there was a creative article by Paul Waldman that ADMITTED that George W. Bush not only has NEVER said that Saddam Hussein was involved in the . . .

Schwarzenegger the ONLY candidate that didn't need a script
Mary Mostert
September 29, 2003

I know sometimes I sound like a broken record, but did anyone besides me notice Thursday night how totally and completely wrong the dominant media has been . . .

California recall -- a great opportunity for casinos and drug dealers
Mary Mostert
September 28, 2003

Two court decisions in California this week have been reported as not “helping” the Democrats. Actually, I’m not sure that they actually HURT the Democrats . . .

Bush politely tells UN "stop whining and get to work!"
Mary Mostert
September 25, 2003

In the days and hours before President Bush spoke at the United Nations yesterday, the Associated Press and other news sources confidently told us “The Bush . . .

Wesley Clark, defender of KLA terrorists, joins race to White House
Mary Mostert
September 22, 2003

It appears, from the news that the socialist, pro-drug, pro-terrorist wing of the Democratic Party has found its “dream candidate” to defeat the hated George W. . . .

Are the socialist Democrats already admitting defeat for 2004?
Mary Mostert
September 21, 2003

There is an old Chinese saying, that was in a collection proverbs I had as a teenager, that came to my mind in the past few days as a flurry of hate mail . . .

Is it more important to end human rights abuses or talk about them?
Mary Mostert
September 19, 2003

In July, after the U.S. coalition troops were in firm control of Iraq, the Human Rights Watch released a 17-page report entitled, “Climate of Fear: Sexual . . .

Faith and hard work, not politics and taxes, bring water to Chyulu
Mary Mostert
September 13, 2003

The 2004 Presidential Campaign year began, we are told, on Labor Day 2003. For the next year we are going to hear how only government and electing the right . . .

Did Todd Beamer die to save the White House for a coward like Howard Dean?
Mary Mostert
September 12, 2003

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a “Press Availability” session said in response to a questions on Monday about the $87 billion price tag for this year’s . . .

Should the United States "learn to lose this war on terrorism"?
Mary Mostert
September 10, 2003

As we approach the second anniversary of the terrorist bombings of September 11, 2001, some of the mental confusion of this era is being demonstrated. For . . .

Should Iraq be sentenced to UN peacekeeping for its sins?
Mary Mostert
September 9, 2003

Reuters News Service, which seems to seldom find anything actually good that President Bush or the United States is doing, reported yesterday that “President . . .

Religion based terrorism at home and abroad
Mary Mostert
September 4, 2003

Does anyone remember, after 9-11, the news stories complaining about Muslims, whose faith is supposed to be based on a message of peace, who were not speaking . . .

Choices, not genes, class or environment, most important factor in learning success
Mary Mostert
September 3, 2003

According to a Washington Post article yesterday “A groundbreaking study of the interaction among genes, environment and IQ finds that the influence of genes on . . .

Why was it OK for Martin Luther King to defy an immoral law, but not Judge Moore?
Mary Mostert
August 29, 2003

While most people who have been watching the Judge Moore monument battle know that it was a representation of the Ten Commandments, few have actually heard the . . .

Unity, not Marxist control tactics, built America
Mary Mostert
August 28, 2003

Last Saturday I was a delegate to the State of Utah Republican Convention and watched in some amazement an old-style Marxist take-over attempt, taught . . .

Should minorities be allowed to control the majority’s speech and religion?
Mary Mostert
August 26, 2003

Is Judge Roy Moore’s defense of the Ten Commandments, as we are told by opponents of displaying the Ten Commandments, comparable to the 1962 stance of Governor . . .

Utah Republicans urged to trash the Patriot Act
Mary Mostert
August 20, 2003

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Al Gore has said that the Patriot Act “allows President Bush to ‘send his assistants into every public library in . . .

Hope for intelligent environmental policy with Mike Leavitt
Mary Mostert
August 18, 2003

The ink was hardly dry on banner front page headlines in Utah’s newspapers announcing that the state’s Governor Mike Leavitt had been chosen by President Bush . . .

Schwarzenegger: "Public officials need to do more than just show up"
Mary Mostert
August 17, 2003

The best way to tell what kind of public servant a candidate is apt to make is to take a look at what he or she was doing before becoming a candidate. Not what . . .

Al Gore says Bush, not Saddam is the dishonest one
Mary Mostert
August 8, 2003

My first thought on seeing the picture of one of the thirty plus MiG-25s and SU-25 ground attack jets that were found four months after Australian forces . . .

Unitarian attack on LDS Plaza is about power, not free speech
Mary Mostert
August 6, 2003

A banner headline in the Deseret News, published in Salt Lake City, Utah screams: “Unitarians to file Plaza Suit.” Having been an active Unitarian for more than . . .

Are Republicans contributing to Howard Dean’s campaign?
Mary Mostert
August 5, 2003

The 2004 Election Year could be very good for Republicans. Democrat Senator Fritz Hollings, who will have represented South Carolina for almost 36 years when . . .

Why unions will fund Gov. Gray Davis’ survival campaign
Mary Mostert
August 4, 2003

Over the weekend some friends of mine from California unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep in Utah to tell me they were in town on a mission to purchase a . . .

Roosevelt’s war deficit 300 times bigger than George W. Bush’s
Mary Mostert
August 1, 2003

Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe has really great timing. Every time he releases a statement telling us that the Bush economy is a . . .

The faces of liberated Iraqis change the thinking of a reluctant warrior
Mary Mostert
July 30, 2003

A week ago, Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay were cornered and killed in a shoot-out with the American military in Mosul. Since then much of the media has . . .

Internet journalism -- the guerrilla warfare wing in the media and propaganda war
Mary Mostert
July 26, 2003

When I submitted my Wednesday article, “Should Americans Feel Guilty Or Rejoice For Freeing The Iraqi People? to Toogood Reports I wrote an e-mail aside to the . . .

The 2004 election -- American interests vs international socialism?
Mary Mostert
July 25, 2003

On February 13, 2003, more than a month before President Bush authorized the U.S. Military to begin Operation Iraqi Freedom, six members of the Democrats  . . .

Should Americans feel guilty or rejoice for freeing the Iraqi people?
Mary Mostert
July 24, 2003

For weeks now the American media and the Democrats running for President have deluged the American people with commentary about whether or not President Bush  . . .

"Why America? Because destiny put you in this place in history" -Tony Blair
Mary Mostert
July 20, 2003

I suspect those who have been busy trying to convince the world that Tony Blair should be kicked out of 10 Downing Street for his role in ousting Saddam Hussein . . .

Reconstruction -- after the US Civil War or in Iraq -- takes time
Mary Mostert
July 17, 2003

With the death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq on Wednesday, to total number of Americans killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom now totals 147, equaling the total in the  . . .

Congressional socialists' attack on Bush becomes 2004 Democrat cornerstone
Mary Mostert
July 16, 2003

Rich Galen, who is just about my favorite commentator, observed this week in his “Mullings.org” column, that the Democrats and the media are in a bit of a tizzy . . .

The untold story of Africa -- Americans who care enough to save lives
Mary Mostert
July 14, 2003

Although the President of the United States has been in several African countries in the past few days most of the media has pretty much ignored the real issues . . .

Are liberal Democrats the party of treason?
Mary Mostert
July 11, 2003

I know its summer when news commentators start attacking each other. What else is there to write about on hot, lazy summer days? This summer, it appears, the . . .

Pastor Jim says America’s quest for liberty was "silly," perhaps "demonic"
Mary Mostert
July 9, 2003

Last week, I received a lot of e-mail on articles I wrote comparing to the growing quest around the world for liberty the same quest that led to the signing of . . .

Why the spread of freedom is not "American imperialism"
Mary Mostert
July 5, 2003

I memorized the Declaration of Independence during World War II as a young teenager, and it has been a major force in my life since then. During the 1950s . . .

The anti-war factions in 1776 and 2003 that opposed independence
Mary Mostert
July 4, 2003

Over the last 227 years, since 56 courageous men signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, we often forget, or never knew, that . . .

Bringing liberty to Afghans and Iraqis is messy -- like 1776 in America
Mary Mostert
July 3, 2003

On Monday I received pictures of an American Army ambulance that had been hit by rocket propelled grenade a couple of weeks ago killing one corpsman, along with . . .

A puzzle: Harry Potter and American kids who can’t read
Mary Mostert
July 2, 2003

Over the weekend I received a number of e-mails relating to the threat to America posed by the new 870 page Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix, and a . . .

Affirmative action: "giving those considered inferior a head start"
Mary Mostert
June 27, 2003

The Constitutional battle brewing in Washington surfaced recently in an interesting exchange between Democrats urging President Bush to, in effect, share his . . .

Pro-abortion movement’s "sleeping giant" isn’t asleep, he’s dead
Mary Mostert
June 22, 2003

While those supporting abortion painted glowing pictures of the golden era that would surely follow legalized abortion, thirty years and 44 million abortions . . .

Allowing homosexuals in Philadelphia Boy Scouts drives scouting families out
Mary Mostert
June 19, 2003

While that is not generally discussed in the media, parents are very apt to “discriminate” against groups and organizations that ignore or even approve of . . .

With oil rich Muslim "friends," Palestinians don't need enemies to destroy them
Mary Mostert
June 18, 2003

Almost exactly a year ago, on June 24, 2002, in the Rose Garden at the White House, President George W. Bush outlined a bold new doctrine on the conflict . . .

Should we care about mass murders committed without weapons of mass destruction?
Mary Mostert
June 13, 2003

On C-Span Sunday night I watched Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair field one hostile question after another from the party out of power, the Conservatives, . . .

Senate Democrats’ constitutional power grab set for a showdown in Pryor nomination
Mary Mostert
June 12, 2003

Today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Alabama Attorney General William Pryor, who was nominated April 9th by President George W. to be United States . . .

University study finds computer games hated by moms help improve vision
Mary Mostert
June 9, 2003

Computer games, hated by Moms and loved by the entire male population of America, according to a University of Rochester New York study, could be good for your . . .

Walter Winchell style gossip columns attacking Bush aren't "news" reports
Mary Mostert
June 7, 2003

Every once in a while someone will say something, or write something, that gets stuck in my mind and causes me to wander down a whole new line of inquiry and . . .

Transcript of Vanity Fair interview refutes "Bush deception" charge
Mary Mostert
June 3, 2003

Vanity Fair, a lightweight magazine that concentrates on “people and personalities” has been quoted recently by the Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, the Arab . . .

Pres. Bush: "I believe in the future of this economy"
Mary Mostert
May 30, 2003

On Tuesday, when President Bush signed the Jobs and Growth Act cutting taxes for the third time in two years he said, “I believe in this economy.” Fifty . . .

When the news is good, why isn’t it news?
Mary Mostert
May 22, 2003

Last Saturday in his weekly radio address, President Bush gave America and a worried world some good news: “With the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan, we have . . .

Living by Boy Scout Oath would save millions of lives
Mary Mostert
May 21, 2003

Last week a Miami Herald editorial called “The Price of Discrimination” stated: “If discrimination is the Boy Scouts' tradition, it still is morally wrong and . . .

Texas Democrats’ “childish behavior” may get Republicans elected in 2004
Mary Mostert
May 19, 2003

Occasionally a political news story pops up that is so ridiculous that it is hard to write a serious analysis of it. The fifty-one Democrats in the Texas House . . .

Will Baghdad remain as dangerous as Chicago and Los Angeles?
Mary Mostert
May 16, 2003

On May 9th, the very first question asked by a reporter in a news briefing with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. Tommy Franks, commander, U.S. . . .

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