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The United States of Florida

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Barbara Stock column

Barbara Stock

Barbara Stock is an RN of over 23 years and is fairly new to political writing. She has had articles posted on BushCountry, GOPUSA, AmericanDaily, RepublicanDailyNews, Town Hall, OpinionEditorials, and the Judson Cox Newsletter. She has her own website called Republican and Proud and welcomes comments at dickens502003@yahoo.com

The United States of Florida
Barbara Stock
December 6, 2003

I listened to the democrats rant and rave in Florida at their convention about how they want "revenge" for the stolen 2000 Presidential election. Bush is an . . .

Fighters, fools, and nitwits
Barbara Stock
December 1, 2003

Little Timmy Robbins has written a play. From the reports it is full of the usual anti-Bush, hate-filled rhetoric that has become a left mainstay these days.  . . .

Next left: The Twilight Zone
Barbara Stock
November 22, 2003

Rod Serling was on to something. Perhaps we really can take the wrong turn or have our cars break down in a strange neighborhood and leave reality behind and . . .

The ghost of a President past
Barbara Stock
November 16, 2003

I am constantly bombarded with comments and sometimes rather angry emails from the friendly folks on the left as to why we on the right can't let our "hatred" . . .

The Royal Family's bad seed
Barbara Stock
November 9, 2003

"The world must help us destroy this evil!" Suddenly, now that there have been two attacks in the Homeland of Saud; they see the "evil." Welcome to the real . . .

Will the ban on partial-birth murder stand?
Barbara Stock
November 5, 2003

Before the ink was even dry on the bill banning partial-birth abortions, overwhelmingly passed by both Congressional Houses, supported by the vast majority of . . .

Is dialog with a liberal possible?
Barbara Stock
November 1, 2003

The old saying goes: Never discuss politics or religion at any gathering because you will probably start a riot. It's a wise saying, but what about when you . . .

Visions of the future
Barbara Stock
October 29, 2003

January, 2005: Washington DC. President George W. Bush, like his Father, is a one term President. Now, a Democrat will take over. Sporadic attacks have . . .

Sick of the world's "moral superiority"?
Barbara Stock
October 21, 2003

When you write articles that reflect your opinions and feelings, and others read those words, you get some intriguing responses. I got an encouraging note from . . .

Are liberals aiding and abetting the enemy?
Barbara Stock
October 19, 2003

Nearly every day attacks in Iraq from outside terrorists or Saddam loyalists take the life of an American soldier or Marine. President Bush continues to warn . . .

Angry trolls kill three Americans in Gaza
Barbara Stock
October 16, 2003

Everyone from Hamas to Arafat rushed to deny their involvement in the murder of three Americans in Palestinian controlled Gaza within an hour of the deadly . . .

Pro-choice: Bad grammar-legal maze
Barbara Stock
October 13, 2003

Let's examine the term pro-choice. Today's feminists use the term pro-choice to proclaim that a woman has total control over her body including terminating a . . .

For Democrats to win, America must fail
Barbara Stock
October 11, 2003

Senator Carl Levin, D-MI, came to my town. He came to speak to political science majors at our local college. What did he tell these college kids? "[America] . . .

Clinton cost the Democrats their moral high-ground
Barbara Stock
October 7, 2003

As Democrats and feminists shove each other out of the way in the stampede for microphones to decry and condemn Arnold Schwarzenegger as unfit for public office . . .

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