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Welcome to the Declaration Alliance

The Declaration Alliance is a public policy and issues advocacy organization that aggressively addresses the intensifying assaults that the American Republic continues to endure--at home, and abroad.

Many of our activists signed on to this work during the Keyes 2000 movement, and many more are now joining our ranks. DA and its political action committee DAPAC form the "political" counterpart to the Declaration Foundation, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1996 by Alan Keyes. DA is also the sponsor of, a grassroots resource created to support both the Declaration Alliance and the Declaration Foundation.

DA seeks to influence policy and legislation in several critical areas. Our current focus is on initiatives to:

  1. Overturn Roe v. Wade and restore the right to life.

  2. Include the Declaration of Independence in the curriculum of America's schools--state by state.

  3. Give parents greater control of their children's education.

  4. Restore and secure the right of property in all its dimensions.

  5. Replace the income tax with a simple and equitable national sales tax.

  6. Protect the right to keep and bear arms.

  7. Protect our First Amendment right to free speech and free exercise of religious beliefs

Independent of any partisan considerations, DA has essentially only one political loyalty--the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. Like our Founding Fathers, DA's political action is wholeheartedly devoted to higher purposes than just the gaining of office or the protection of a particular material interest. DA enters the arena to do battle for the liberty and justice that it is our God-given duty to preserve.

At DA, we believe that the principles of the Declaration are eternally true, and form the basis for American life, liberty, and happiness. Please join us in carrying out this conviction in the tumultuous arena of the American political struggle, for the benefit of our country and fellow citizens.

Alan Keyes

"The Key to Political Happiness"
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Our Declaration textbook

You can purchase an online copy of our groundbreaking textbook, America's Declaration Principles in Thought and Action, and download the book in PDF format IMMEDIATELY. You may also order a spiral-bound printed copy which will be mailed to you. (The larger price of the printed version reflects higher costs of printing, binding, and shipping the book.)

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"America's Declaration Principles in Thought and Action"

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