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Alan Keyes' Declaration Foundation launches One Nation Under God project
Kick-off rally Jan. 17 in Dallas, Texas

October 31, 2003
RenewAmerica staff

The Declaration Foundation--a civic educational organization founded in 1996 by Ambassador Alan Keyes--has announced the launching of ONE NATION UNDER GOD, a comprehensive project to restore religious liberty and judicial restraint in America.

The Foundation's grassroots activism arm, RenewAmerica.us, will assist with coordinating and facilitating major

events sponsored by the ONE NATION UNDER GOD PROJECT throughout the U.S., in collaboration with Vision America, America 21, and other supportive organizations and ministries.

The large inspirational rallies will feature Ambassador Keyes as the keynote speaker, as well as Dr. Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America, a national pastoral outreach. These events will honor Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Chief Justice who in August defied a federal judge's arbitrary order to remove a stone Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court Building. Judge Moore's widely publicized courage and integrity have fostered a national grassroots movement in support of the free exercise of religious conscience, and the right of the American people in their states to publicly acknowledge God.

The rallies will also feature local civic and religious leaders who are partnering with the Declaration Foundation to develop education and activism programs in their communities to promote religious liberty and religious expression in American civic life.

On January 17, a "mega" rally is planned for the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas, area, with Dr. Keyes delivering the keynote address. Judge Roy Moore will be honored, and the program will include leaders of government, local pastors, and inspiring entertainment.

Ten Commandments Texas Rally
(Click here)

Organizers in Texas have set a goal of 12,000 attendees.

According to Mary Parker Lewis, Alan Keyes' Chief of Staff, the Dallas rally is "the kick-off event of this grassroots activism project--ONE NATION UNDER GOD. We expect the event to be the first of several massive Ten Commandments rallies that we will hold in state capitals and cities in America, as we seek to mobilize faith-filled Americans to stand up for God in the public square."

The major rallies are planned to continue for as long as it takes to "reverse current public policies that repress religious expression in our nation's public life," said Lewis.

The Texas super event will build on Ten Commandments rallies already held or planned by the Declaration Foundation, Vision America, and America 21 with various religious or political partners in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Utah, and Washington, D.C.

These activist areas offer prime opportunities for staging increasingly large rallies in the future, Lewis noted.

"By targeting key political states throughout 2004," Lewis said, "and then spreading from there in the years ahead to cover all areas of our nation, we will be able to educate Americans about the constitutional protections of religious expression that we enjoy--and must exercise--in our civic life. This effort will target national public opinion, earned media, collaborative activism, and outreach to voters, and will actively seek to educate churches, synagogues, and schools around the country about their rights."

Lewis continued:

"Starting in January 2004, the Declaration Foundation will be working with many organizations to hold larger public events--essentially civic 'revivals.' These assemblies, large city-wide Ten Commandments rallies, will challenge Americans to wake up and become educated about tyrannical, court-ordered religious persecution of Christians and our Jewish brethren, and public suppression of our Judeo-Christian beliefs."

The events will also encourage citizens to organize in pressuring Congress to rein in the unelected, unaccountable judiciary, Lewis said.

Because this effort is grassroots, Lewis emphasized, "its success will depend on active participation by local Christian leadership and businesses, as well as mobilization of that vast majority of Americans who support public acknowledgement of God."

To get involved in the ONE NATION UNDER GOD PROJECT, you can--

  • Sign up as a Ten Commandments rally volunteer.

  • Take advantage of the many resources available at RenewAmerica's Ten Commandments Activist Center to help you organize rallies in your area. (See our menu.)

  • Help with the Jan. 17 mega-rally in Dallas, Texas, by contacting Dianna Nelson-Molix at texasrally@msn.com. (Dianna needs several dozen committed volunteers--plus support from businesses, churches, radio stations, advocacy groups, tech specialists, etc.) Be sure to visit the Texas rally website.

  • Involve your pastor, church, extended family, and co-workers in organizing or helping with rallies.

  • Donate whatever you can to help Dr. Keyes and RenewAmerica coordinate and facilitate these events.

  • Paste this article in an e-mail and send it to all your friends.

Click here to see a letter to pastors regarding the Dallas, Texas, rally

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