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About RenewAmerica

RenewAmerica is Alan Keyes' grassroots headquarters. Its purpose is to faithfully and courageously advance the cause of our nation's Founders.

The site is for ALL people who consider themselves loyal Americans. It has no philosophy, image, or agenda beyond this one unifying premise: America must return to its founding principles if it is to survive.

RenewAmerica, in affiliation with its sister organization the Declaration Alliance, is the political activism arm of Alan Keyes' Declaration Foundation, which Dr. Keyes founded in 1996.

Because RenewAmerica is GRASSROOTS at heart, it remains fundamentally independent-minded, creative, and energetic in pursuing its distinctive agenda in the cause of strengthening America. We welcome your creative energy in that vital cause.

Please join us. We need your strength.

Contact us at editor@renewamerica.us.

Mission statement

The mission of RenewAmerica is to expand the influence of America's grassroots--both among individual citizens and among principled groups--in the cause of preserving our nation. RenewAmerica, however, is not just cooperative, it is inclusive: we seek to bring together in a shared effort all Americans who believe in our country's founding vision.

To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize all available alternative media, as well as build a well-organized network (both electronic and conventional) of dedicated grassroots citizens in every part of our nation. Organizing will be done in connection with the Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes' political organization.

Message from Alan Keyes

Welcome to RenewAmerica.us, and to the community we are building here of Americans determined to make our nation worthy again of the gifts we have received from Providence, and from our Founders. Everything I have done in my public life has rested on the truth that, in America, it is the people who make good things happen, because it is the people who have the Founding principles of America most deeply in their hearts. RenewAmerica.us is dedicated to the vision of a nation renewed by the labor of its common citizens, working together with intelligence and determination.

Working together, we can restore our people's confidence in their ability to govern themselves wisely and well. We can remind the American people that our Founders made no mistake when they wrote that God created us all equal in dignity. Working together, we can begin to remember what it is like for a free people to live together as fellow citizens, as friends, as a free people, under God.

The resources available on this carefully and wisely constructed website are intended as a catalyst for the real engine of reform in America:  the principled energy you bring to the job, and are willing to share with others. Please join me in making RenewAmerica.us the center of your participation in the renewal of American liberty.

Alan Keyes

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