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MSNBC, Donahue plummet

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Boycott MSNBC and NBC

Whereas Alan Keyes' breakthrough television show "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" has been canceled by MSNBC and NBC in an untimely and contradictory manner that simply doesn't make sense;

Whereas Alan's show was canceled in blatant disregard for over 75,000 Jewish viewers worldwide who have publicly demanded--in the face of heavy lobbying by anti-Israeli interests--that the show continue, because of Alan's proven record as a friend of Israel;

Whereas--although "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" was new and therefore still growing and refining--by the time of its cancellation the show had already set a new standard for principled, intelligent, patriotic, God-respecting analysis and commentary in the media;

Whereas Alan Keyes possesses formidable diplomatic, analytical, and rhetorical skills that made his show increasingly relevant, enlightening, and stimulating--leading many viewers to say it was the best show on television;

Whereas Alan's show demonstrated far-reaching influence in the public arena by debating issues that gravely affect not only our nation, but the well-being, freedom, and security of people around the world;

Whereas Alan's show challenged both guests and viewers alike to "make sense" because of his insistence on sound arguments; demonstrable facts; fair-minded, rigorous debate; and consistency with America's founding principles;

Whereas Alan Keyes brought much-needed class, character, and credibility to MSNBC, in ways that fulfilled the network's hollow commitment to offering viewers "fiercely independent voices for a free and independent America";

Whereas "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" pulled ratings that were solid for a new show and fully consistent with MSNBC's share of the market, despite misinformation to the contrary;

Whereas the cancellation of Alan's show was purely an ideological decision by the network, not a matter of ratings, market appeal, or demonstrated potential;

Whereas MSNBC has recently hired well-known liberals--including a pro-Palestinian activist--to take Alan's place or oversee new programming, further underscoring the perception that the network's cancellation of Alan's show was purely ideological;

And whereas MSNBC / NBC is a commercial network that is highly susceptible to public outrage in the form of economic leverage;

Therefore, we, the undersigned, hereby notify MSNBC and NBC that we refuse to watch their programming or to patronize their sponsors so long as Alan Keyes' excellent show remains canceled. By dropping "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" in complete disregard for its strong viewer support and the vital perspective it offered, the network gives Alan's viewers no alternative but to make their displeasure known through boycotting the network and its advertisers.


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