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Fox News gains, other news networks fall

Fox News

Hollywood Reporter
Sept. 4, 2003

Fox News Channel was the only cable news service in August to grow in viewership from a year ago, gaining 20% in primetime and 29% across the entire day, according to Nielsen Media Research . . . (Click for more)

Savage: My Numbers Don't Lie

Jul. 14, 2003

Syndicated talk show host Michael Savage continues to fight back.

Fired recently from MSNBC, the conservative talker is angry with claims made by his former network MSNBC and fellow conservatives, one of whom claimed on Fox News that his TV program had low ratings . . . (Click for more)

Fox News now has 51% cable viewers

Jul. 2, 2003

Fox News

The Nielsen ratings show that FNC keeps improving its lead over has-been CNN.

CNN's audience dropped 13 percent to 412,000 in June, while Fox News' rose 30 percent to 768,000.

FNC now has 51 percent of cable news viewership in prime time. June is the second month in a row it beat MSNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News and CNBC combined.

MSNBC rises during war, still stays in 3rd

Apr. 21, 2003

MSNBC's coverage of the war temporarily lifted the struggling cable network, but the boost failed to find substantial new viewership . . . (Click for more)

MSNBC axes Donahue

Feb. 25, 2003

Those who have followed the decline of MSNBC since the

cable network canceled "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" in June may be interested in the latest turn of events.

On February 25th, the Drudge Report announced that MSNBC has finally dropped Donahue after a seven-month run that failed to generate any significant viewership . . . (Click for more)

MSNBC announces "The Jesse Ventura Show"

Drudge Report
Feb. 6, 2003

MSNBC is set to premiere "The Jesse Ventura Show," a new one-hour live primetime issues oriented talk show, it was announced today by Erik Sorenson, president, MSNBC. Hosted by the former Minnesota governor, the new program will feature topical, no-holds-barred discussion, opinion, debate and interviews on a variety of issues ranging from politics and events of the day to pop culture . . . (Click for more)

"Donahue" back in the basement as network prepares cancellation

Drudge Report
Dec. 11, 2002

MSNBC's Donahue fell back in to last place Tuesday night in the cable news wars, just as NBC News President Neal Shapiro is said to have become convinced the show may be unable to increase its viewership levels, the Drudge Report has learned . . . (Click for more)

MSNBC ratings hit bottom; network flatlining

Graphic by Taco Consumer at FreeRepublic

Drudge Report
Dec. 5, 2002

The joint news operation between General Electric and Microsoft has moved in to critical condition--with audience levels of MSNBC fading to near unmeasurable readings, the Drudge Report has learned!

Overnight Nielsen returns for Wednesday night show MSNBC setting near all-time low viewership for the all-news channel . . . (Click for more)

Will MSNBC Become MSNBCeasing and follow Donahue Down the Drain?

Dec. 5, 2002

First it was MSNBC's Donahue who was predicted to be Gonahue by year's end, now Matt Drudge reports that the cable network itself could become MSNBCeasing.

With MSNBC's ratings in the sub-basement - Drudge reports that last night's ratings had MSNBC's ratings "near an all-time low" and adds that both Donahue and Chris Matthews' Hardball sank almost to the bottom of the ratings scale . . . (Click for more)

Fox News Now in the "Mainstream" NY Times Says

Fox News

Dec. 1, 2002

Fox News is now "the most powerful television news organization in the country, playing a major role in defining what is important and what is not," according to today's New York Times.

The upstart cable news giant is not only dwarfing cable competitors CNN and MSNBC, writes Alex Jones in a Times story "Fox News Moves From the Margins to the Mainstream" Fox now even buries the once mighty network news operations which were ranked a dismal fourth as the major source of TV news in a survey conducted in January by the Pew Research Center . . . (Click for more)

Phil Donahue most likely to exit, stage left

USA Today
Nov. 18, 2002

Phil Donahue's days at MSNBC are numbered.

NBC News executives, under pressure from corporate owner General Electric to improve ratings, are likely to cancel his talk show by year's end . . . (Click for more)

Chris Matthews upset at Donahue
Oct. 7, 2002

Chris Matthews, the tart-tongued host of MSNBC's Hardball, doesn't throw softballs when it comes to critiquing colleague Phil Donahue. Feasting at Washington's La Colline last week with other newsmakers and mentor Art Linkletter, spokesman for United Seniors, Matthews let loose on old Phil. A lunch partner says Matthews complained that Donahue focuses too much on what's wrong with America. "That," he's quoted saying, "is the wrong face for MSNBC." Matthews predicted that if Donahue stays on the air, he could bring down the network.

MSNBC'S 'Donahue' Hits Lowest Nielsen Rating Possible

Drudge Report
Aug. 29, 2002

Phil Donahue has plunged in total collapse on MSNBC with cable viewers, NIELSEN ratings show . . . (Click for more)

Is Donahue Soon to Be Goneahue?

Aug. 19, 2002

With his ratings in a crash dive, critics are speculating on how long it will take the top men at MSNBC to wave bye bye to their widely ballyhooed retread, Phil Donahue.

According to the New York Times, Donahue's show has lost 40 percent of his viewers . . . (Click for more)

Donahue Hits Ratings Bottom

Aug. 28, 2002

"The ratings for TV vet Phil Donahue's new talk show are almost too low to track," writes the New York Post's Don Kaplan . . . (Click for more)


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