Musical Projects

Last update: 22.01.2000

Andy Bloyce, Tom Coppens, Ruud Heij and Jens Peschke.
A CDR album called 'The Case' has been released by Neu Harmony in March 99.
A regular CD release called 'The Cube' will be released by Neu Harmony soon.

Navigator is an interactive electronic  project featuring Tony Anderson, Kent Eskildsen
(Kenton Files) and Jens Peschke plus guest musicians.
A CD is scheduled for alfa centauri 2000.

A project by the Germans Stephen Parsick and Frank Makowski.
We collaborated for the Goldtri Volume Two sampler.
The long collaborative track called "Frozen Radio" will be on the second RAMP CD
which will be released later this year!

A project by the English Guitarist Baron Andrew d'weird and Count Jens von Vierd.
wEirD did a track for the Goldtri Volume One sampler, a full length CD called "A Different Kind of Normal"
is available now!.



Off the rails [18:38] (7,5 MB)
(with the fabulous Idur van Hansequenzen!)
Delayed Time [8:08] (1,3 MB)

Kubusschnitt & wEirD snippets