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On Gay Marriage, Most Say "No"
Exclusive commentary by Chad Allen
Over the past two years, perhaps there has been no greater social debate in America than that of homosexual "marriage". From Rosie O'Donnell to the State of Massachusetts to the continued success of NBC's gay-filled "Will and Grace", it seems that the homosexual culture continues to gain increased media attention.

Is America Safe this Holiday Season?
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Erasing Christianity
Exclusive commentary by Judson Cox
.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton has ruled that the Byron Union School district was not indoctrinating students by requiring them to wear Islamic garb, memorize verses from the Koran, pray to Allah and play "jihad games" as part of a simulation approach to Islamic studies.

Five GIs Killed in Iraq Insurgency Attacks
Striking several times in a 24-hour period in Iraq's restive "Sunni Triangle" region, insurgents killed five U.S. soldiers, including three Friday north of Baghdad and two Thursday in a mortar attack.

Trophy For The Next Election Campaign
Exclusive commentary by Paul M. Weyrich
Right now, the policy wonks and campaign strategists of both parties are on a safari of sorts, hoping to bag the next big idea that captures the interest of the voters next year.

Iraqi Guerrillas Mark Christmas with Shelling
Washington Times
Guerrillas sent more than a dozen rockets and mortar rounds slamming into Baghdad on Christmas Day, hitting hotels, embassies and the vicinity of the U.S.-led occupation authority in Iraq.

Enlightened Citizens: A Dying Breed
Exclusive commentary by Nancy Salvato
I find myself back from where I started, asserting that our country is wanting of an enlightened citizenship, so much so that a heavy dose of civic education needs to be injected into the diet of the United States at warp speed.

Target of Terror Plot: Las Vegas?
Fox News
Air France resumed service between Paris and Los Angeles on Friday after grounding six flights over the Christmas holidays, an action taken because of a terror threat that may have involved crashing an airplane in Las Vegas.

Planned Parenthood's Christmas Campaign
Exclusive commentary by Jason Jones
It is a typical lament: "We have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas." Every year after Thanksgiving we hear sermons on the "true meaning of Christmas." We see signs in front of churches, "put Christ back in Christmas" and we listen for hours at family gatherings to our grandparents complain that the youth today forget the true spirit of the season.

Severe Earthquake Strikes Iran
Washington Post
The temblor struck at 5:30 a.m. (9 p.m. EST Thursday), catching most of the cities' residents in bed, some in ancient mud-walled structures that in some cases date back 2,000 years. Reports from officials who had surveyed the city of 80,000 said about 60 percent of the houses were destroyed or severely damaged.

Rehabilitating Howard Dean
Exclusive commentry by Vincent Fiore
In September of this year, the elite media breathlessly cooed over the emergence of General Wesley Clark as the savior of the Democratic Party. Clark was seen as someone with Clinton-like centrist leanings but with the added extra of bona fide military accreditation. A CNN/USA today/Gallup poll in mid-September actually had Clark beating Bush 49% to 46%.

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Mars landing may have failed
USA Today
An attempt to detect signs of life on Mars produced only silence late Thursday when a spacecraft that had been due to land on the Red Planet on Christmas Eve failed to send a signal confirming that it was there.

Shipwreck Crew Rescued, Then Busted for Smuggling
The crew of a freighter that half-sunk off the Greek island of Santorini on Christmas Eve spent Christmas Day thanking the coastguard for rescuing them, only to be arrested on Boxing Day for smuggling.

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