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CHLEBOWSKI STANISLAW - [2001+2002] / Rank: 5336 (updated: 23-juin-2003)

CHLEBOWSKI STANISLAW top price records:

 Painting: USD 189000 / EUR 140406: "Turkish ladies on the promenade by the Bosphorus"
 Painting: USD 119300 / EUR 91317: "A Turkish lady praying in the Green Mosque, Bursa"
 Drawing-Watercolour: USD 23370 / EUR 17257: "Turkish ladies entering a doorway"

CHLEBOWSKI STANISLAW last works at auction:

The Palace

Coin de Constantinople

Kvinna och barn

Polish Insurrectionist of the 1863 Rebellion

Marchand de volaille

Turc au hookah

Motif architectural


Portrait of a Sultan

Le Caire

Bashi Bazouks in a Doorway

Portrait de Anne Potocka

Oasis, esquisse

Scene in an Harbour near Constantinople

Cour turque

Portrait of the Sultan

Bashi Bazouks in a Doorway

A seated Bashi-Bazouk with a Rifle

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