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Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Free Republic!
Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!

Jump right in:
Most of the visitors to the Free Republic web site are attracted to our very popular (and, warning: addictive) conservative forum which can be found by clicking here or following any of the forum links to the left.

FReep Stuff Merchandise FReep Stuff is back! Just in time for Christmas! Buy gifts for family and friends, show off your FR items to your liberal office mates, or attend a freep in the hottest FRashion. BBQ the liberals (metaphorically, of course) in your Free Republic apron! To ensure Christmas delivery, please place your orders by DECEMBER 15. Click the coffee mug! (Proceeds go to Free Republic Network, a 501(c)(4) non profit corporation, to fund activism projects)

USO Canteen A Few of FRs Finest Freeper Foxhole VetsCoR
A Day in the Life of President Bush Pray for President Bush The Guild The Poetry Branch

Coming Events!
Political Action Conference American 
Conservative Union Young 
America's Foundation Human 
Meet us at CPAC 2004, January 22-24 at the Crystal Gateway Marriot in Arlington, Virginia! Discussion threads.

FReepers Running for Office:
John Armor for Congress One of our very own, the (More er Less) Honorable Congressman Billybob, also known in real life as John Armor, is preparing to run for the very real office of Congresscritter for District 11 of North Carolina. If y'all live in Western Carolina and or would like to visit with Congressman BillyBob to offer your support, you might think of clicking on his button above. Click this link to cuss and discuss the issues with Congressman BillyBob.

Operation Infinite 
FReep Join Operation Infinite FReep / Rally for America! Free Republic has been rallying in support of our President and the war effort since shortly after the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001. Last year, as the inevitable war against Iraq drew closer, more and more of the "useful idiots" of the left began crawling out of the woodwork, organizing so-called "anti-war" protests. FReepers are working to ensure that these communist organized (A.N.S.W.E.R.) demonstrations do not go unanswered. Patriotic Americans are countering these misguided terrorist supporting leftists wherever and whenever they show up. Form a group, grab your signs, unfurl the flag, and prepare to support your country!

  • Rally for America
  • Operation Infinite FReep
  • Support our Troops Rallies
  • Search for more Rallies and Protests

    Support our Troops CD Slideshow A Message from Home! VetsCoR and Free Republic Network have teamed up to produce a 33 minute "Support our Troops" CD slideshow, containing over 500 photos from 90 Support our Troops rallies held during the month of March in 80 cities throughout the USA. The CD is free "With Love and Appreciation" to our active duty personnel and is available to all others for a nominal donation of $5.00 to help cover reproduction and postage costs. Click the VetsCoR banner above for more information.

    Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of 
Operation Iraqi Freedom Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom! Their ultimate sacrifice for others and in service of our country should not be forgotten. We will forever be in their debt and will lift prayers of comfort for their families and loved ones.

    Military Relief Societies!
    If you would like to contribute to Military Relief Societies that help families whose loved ones were injured or killed in battle, please contact one of the following:

  • Army Emergency Relief
  • Navy/Marine Relief Society
  • Air Force Aid Society
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    US Flag Balloon U.S. Flag Balloon! "We are on a mission to increase interest and understanding of the principles and beliefs that created our country and allowed it to endure, grow and prosper becoming a bastion of freedom and equal opportunity for over 200 years. We will be touring the United States flying the U.S. Flag Balloon and giving pocket Constitutions to citizens of this great land. The US Flag special shape hot air balloon is: 53 feet tall, 78 feet wide, 29 feet from front to back & weighs 530 pounds, and yes, it REALLY flies."

Against Voter Fraud FReepers Against Voter Fraud! The whole point of this exercise is to get more conservative voters involved in changing the laws to close loopholes which make it easy to cheat, to promote the enforcement of existing election laws and to take part in the election process at the local level all with the goal of intercepting future fraud campaigns. In other words our goal is to STOP THE RATS FROM HIJACKING THE ELECTION PROCESS AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

    Toys for Tots The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program was founded by Major Bill Hendricks-with the support of the Marine Corps Reserve Unit in Los Angeles in 1947! At that time, they collected 5,000 toys for needy children. It was so successful that in 1948 the Marine Corps adopted it and expanded it nationwide as the U.S. MARINE CORPS RESERVE TOYS FOR TOTS PROGRAM. The Toys For Tots program is the Marine Corps' premier community action program. Click the TOYS FOR TOTS banner above to learn how you can help in your area or to make a donation!

    Important Legal Notice:
    LAT/WP vs Free Republic Settles

    Free Republic has settled the alleged copyright infringement suit brought by The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post and has agreed not to post full text articles from their publications or any of their related subsidiaries and affiliates. Please do not post full text from these sources.

    Any full text articles from LAT or WP or subsidiaries or affiliates will be deleted in compliance with this settlement. Click to see a copy of the Amended Final Judgment in this case.

    Who reads FR?
    Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic during the last six years and our forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world. Oh, we're big stuff all right (Traffic Rank on

    Who runs Free Republic?
    Free Republic, LLC is a non-commercial, limited liability company founded and operated by Jim Robinson, a private citizen of Fresno California.

    Free Republic is not a for profit commercial enterprise in the sense of a traditional business selling a product or service at a profit for its shareholders. We sell no product or service. We have no clients, customers or employees. We do not accept paid advertising. Free Republic is not affiliated with any political party, group, news source, government agency or anyone else.

    Free Republic is not a business, we are a political discussion forum supported by donations from our readers and participants. When and if our readers decide we are no longer needed or viable, we will close down shop and go away.

    Free Republic operates on an approximate $260,000 annual budget (click for breakdown) which includes all equipment costs, bandwidth fees, consulting and labor costs, license fees, insurance, rents, office expenses, advertising, travel, professional fees, and taxes.

    Free Republic is funded solely by donations from readers. Donations and official correspondence should be mailed to: Free Republic, LLC, PO Box 9771, Fresno, CA 93794 (donations are NOT tax deductible).

    Support Free Republic via secure link for Credit Card or PayPal.

    Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and may or may not be the opinion of Free Republic or its operators. Free Republic does not advocate violence or an overthrow of the government.

    ~ Free Republic Memorial Wall ~

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