Imagine a spiritual path...

...with not just one awakened teacher, but many.
...where the aspirant and the teacher are mutually accountable.
...that celebrates our human-ness.
...where awakening actually happens in fairly short order.

Waking Down in Mutality is that sort of path.

It's not for everyone, is it for you?

"Saniel Bonder is one in whom the Conscious Principle is awakened, and he is attempting to forge a new path of mutuality in the midst of ordinary, messy, everyday realities."

óKen Wilber, author, One Taste, The Marriage of Sense and Soul

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to this site!

If you are seeking to find your spiritual center and to integrate a direct realization of infinite Being with all the aspects of your ordinary life, you may find us of great help.

It's very gratifying to me that more and more people are discovering what I have long sensed: our Waking Down work is a breakthrough process of Self-realization in what I call "the sanctuary of Mutuality." Iím delighted, humbled, and thrilled to have a pioneering role in helping bring it into the world. Yet by its very democratic nature this process belongs to all participants together. It's not merely mine. More and more, we are co-creating the work as we go. It's such a deep pleasure and challenge -- we invite you to join in!

Blessings always,

Saniel Bonder