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-- I added a poll for you to tell me what you would like to see on this page... if you choose other, Please! post your thoughts or ideas on the message board located

-- Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I will begin updating more and more soon. Anyways, just added a link to
DB City.

4-26-03 - DragonBall GT Official Site
-- In case you haven't noticed, the official DBGT site has launched at the URL and has been up since April 15.. there are some video clips there and a trailer for the upcoming series...

The videos are currently available in dubbed English in stores now. On the first video, there are 4 episodes totalling 82 minutes, and the second video is 62 minutes, and has 3 episodes.

If you know of any release date for the TV show, contact me

4-9-03 - Movie 8 Release Date
Anime on DVD reprots FUNimation has announced that Dragonball Z movie 8, "The Legendary Super Saiyan," will be released in America on August 26th. Movie 8 includes the introduction of Broly, the evil Super Saiyan who reappeared in Dragonball Z movies 10 & 11.

4-8-03 - Misc. Updates
-- If you have any fan art, or information about DragonBall / Z / GT, or the upcoming live action movie.... please contact me by one of the ways listed, whether it be summarys, episode guides, pictures, art, or even if you have a DB story (fan fiction) that you wrote... I will post it up as soon as possible, if you send it.

-- Repeats of DBZ start on Cartoon Network today... Many of the episodes of DB / Z can be downloaded (dubbed and Japanese versions) from
KaZaa, even some of the DBGT Japanese episodes.

-- The Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks pages will be redone soon... as well as the other characters pages to have thumbnails for much faster load times, and hopefully less downtime. These pages should be up by Saturday / Sunday, April 12 - 13th... thanks for your patience.

-- I will be making episode guides which list the episode name and number soon for DragonBall and DragonBall Z... these should be up by Sunday, April 13th...

-- Many of the pages, have different layouts (or none at all), so I will be working on making all the layouts the same for a nicer look to IDBZ.

-- If you want to buy a poster of DragonBall Z for cheap prices (around $8 - 10)... click

-- The
Roms section will also be updated this week through the weekend, for again, faster downloads... and to have the same look as this page.

4-5-03 - DBZ Last Episode
-- The last episode of DragonBall Z airs on Monday (In the United States) and DragonBall GT's 40 episodes are currently being dubbed in English

-- More information will be up sooon on the last series of DragonBall...

Stay Tuned for more