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Threewave 1.7 in semi-public beta

Posted by SLUDGE on 2003-12-31

We're in the process of doing a semi-public beta. The place to be is #intrstar on

We aren't updating the official server until it's gold, but you can help out the efforts there. The new version contains both bugfixes and some gameplay tweaks, so be sure to get your two cents in!


We're hiring a programmer!

Posted by SLUDGE on 2003-10-09

Threewave is hiring a programmer. I won't redundantly post it all here, but if you are an experienced game developer, check out our corporate site for details.


QuakeCon Bound

Posted by Casey on 2003-08-14

Right now we're packing all of our little Threewave things and getting ready to leave Downtown Canada for QuakeCon. This time we're bringing 6 people, and a schwack of shirts to give away. If we catch you playing Threewave CTF in the BYOC area when we're giving out shirts, you'll get one. We've also donated enough shirts for all 64-ish of the participants in the big CTF Tournament to go home with one.

Take care all, we'll see you in Dallas!


Site Gets Overhauled; You Won't Notice

Posted by SLUDGE on 2003-04-17

The core of this site has been overhauled, modernized and updated in order to make this site a lot easier to update. Although we've been pretty quiet for the last little while, we're going to start supporting everything we put out on this site. Right now, we have a couple preliminary links for Soldier of Fortune on the sidebar which are new. A few corners of this site were getting pretty rotten and crusty, but we'd like to modernize them and get them back up to date in the next little while.

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Quake 1 CTF Tourney

Posted by Casey on 2003-03-23

Riptor and Bosh are hosting a Quake 1 CTF Tournament that is getting started up right quick. If you don't phear websites that play midi in the background, hop on over and sign up for some classic Quake 1 CTF action.

Threewave Software Hiring

Posted by Kalo on 2003-01-27

Threewave Software Inc. is looking for a few individuals to fill positions on our team. These persons will show strong initiative and enthusiasm, as well as demonstrate a passion for producing quality work. Vacant positions are Level Designers and Texture Artists. If you are interested, check out our jobs page for more information.

1.7 Update

Posted by Kalo on 2003-01-26

As Kilderean announced on our forums, we're on our way to 1.7! This update will include bugfixes, the removal of Threewave anti-cheat code, as well as the addition of an offhand grapple(optional). Threewave is looking for testers to find bugs in the new release, so if you're interested please see this thread on our forums for more information.

Note: The above changelist is not by any means final and will most likely change between now and the 1.7 release. Threewave 1.7 will be released as always, when it's done.