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    What is MicroEMACS?
    MicroEMACS is a tool for creating and changing documents, programs, and other text files. It is both relatively easy for the novice to use, but also very powerful in the hands of an expert. MicroEMACS can be extensively customized for the needs of the individual user.

    MicroEMACS allows several files to be edited at the same time. The screen can be split into different windows and screens, and text may be moved freely from one window on any screen to the next. Depending on the type of file being edited, MicroEMACS can change how it behaves to make editing simple. Editing standard text files, program files and word processing documents are all possible at the same time.

    MicroEMACS can be copied and distributed freely for any non-commercial purposes. Commercial users may use MicroEMACS inhouse. Shareware distributors may redistribute MicroEMACS for media costs only. MicroEMACS can only be incorporated into commercial software or resold with the permission of the current author. (C) Copyright 1988 - 1993 by Daniel M. Lawrence.

    This site was created to provide a repository for MicroEMACS binary executables. The reason for the repository is so IT professionals only need to learn a single text editor and can use that editor with any and all platforms on which they work. The menu along the left side of this page provides links to pages which contain the binary executables, documentation, and source code.

    If you find this site useful, please leave a message in our guest book. We appreciate your comments.

    This site is owned/maintained by Dana French. You may contact Dana at the following:

    MicroEMACS is owned/maintained by Daniel Lawrence. To contact Daniel, or for the latest distribution files:

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    For information regarding this page, contact Dana French ( dfrench@mtxia.com )
    Copyright 2000 by "Dana French"